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Effects of Mars in Different Houses in Astrology

Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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Effects of Mars in Different Houses in Astrology

Mars in Different Houses

Mars in the 1st house:

As per the Kaalpurush chart the house represents the Aries sign. Mars is powerful in this house so the native will be very energetic, self-centered, hyperactive, and has a winning attitude. The natives of this sign will be action-oriented, physically fit, brave and strong.
This is a perfect position for soldiers and sportspersons. The person may be aggressive and short-tempered depending on the position of Mars in the chart. They are clear of their path and once they decide on achieving something there is no stoppage to it.

They tend to make harsh decisions that may be harmful to them.

If there is an aspect of a benefic planet the native will be committed, focused, and successful. Any malefic influence can create anger and desire. As it is placed in the 1st house may give health issues to the native.

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Mars in the 2nd house:

This placement of Mars, makes the native a very good orator. This is the House of speech the native will be, and it should take expressive and can speak on any topic. They attract people through their speech and winning attitude these people are ambitious and laborious.
This placement also makes the native aggressive and may use harsh and abusive language. They earn through the metal industry, share market, lottery, and investments. If badly placed, it can give loss of father if the son is ill-placed. This placement also forms the mangalik dosha, so it is recommended that the spouse of the native is also Mangalik.

The native will be found off bitter and spicy food which may affect the stomach and give acidity and related issues.

Mars in the 3rd house:

This is the House of courage and the best placement of Mars. The native will be with confidence and energy. They will be able to manage any situation or circumstances with proper thinking and action. They can speak and express themselves clearly and share knowledge with others.

This placement of Mars also makes the natives adventurous which would be dangerous for them. They must show courage and struggle to win. Mars aspects the 6th house which helps to destroy enemies. Due to the confidence, they may become adamant and force their opinion or decisions on others.

If Mars is in a debilitated sign, it gives opposite results and creates conflict with the younger sibling. The native will love adventure, traveling, sports, and not be interested in religious matters.

Mars in the 4th house:

As per Kaalpurush Kundali, this is the position of debilitated Mars. the native will be deprived of pleasures and have problems related to marriage and happiness. The native will be away from their homeland and have a bad relationship with his mother.

If well placed on Mars, the native will experience gains from wealth, property and have a comfortable and lavish lifestyle.

Mars affects here emotionally, and he may have a restless mind. The native may be aggressive and dominant. He will be family-oriented but may have a difference of opinions with his younger siblings. He may have issues with family members because of our egoistic attitude.

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Mars in the 5th house:

This placement of Mars shows the native will be off athletic personality and a sportsman in nature. He will be very energetic full of confidence active and vigor. He will take risks in life and may use immoral ways to achieve prosperity if there is a negative impact on the house.

He may acquire all the materialistic pleasures and comfort and will be respected by his family members. If Mars is well placed it will make the person aggressive, abusive, and have low self-esteem. They will take pains to achieve in life.

The native will face minor accidents lose money in shares and gamble.

This is a house of children and represents the stomach area, the native may face problems related to childbirth or problems related to children.

Mars here may block the Purva Punya so the native may not be able to enjoy its fruits.

The 1st, 5th, and the 9th houses are to fire element houses, any malefic in these houses give a bad impact on the mind. The remedy is required to acquire good results.

If 5th house Mars is exalted or own sign it is good, if they are more planets in the house, it impacts the intellect. Mars aspects the 8th house from this house indicates the spouses may have health issues. The 8th aspect is on the 12th house the native will have a showoff attitude and spend a lot. This placement is an indication of going abroad to study.

The remedy is to pray to Lord Hanuman and perform Rudra Puja for peace.

Mars in the 6th house:

This position of Mars gives the native lot of energy and effort in their work. They can beat enemies and can earn through ability and hard work.

They will be sincere, focused, and have determined towards their work and motivate others. He would not like to compromise on his principles have a firm attitude and is not flexible. They may be annoyed more frustrated if have things don't go their way or someone criticizes their work.

This is an evil house, if Mars is afflicted, the native misuses powers, has anger, conflicts, and ego.
Mars aspects the 9th house which can create conflict with the father or shows the loss of a father at an early age. The father may also face challenges at the workplace. The aspect also indicates court cases that can be won easily.

If Mars is strong people rule the world it's a good placement for the military, police, and medical profession.
Mars in the 7th house:

The 7th house is associated with marriage, spouse, partnership, and promotion.

Mars is the planet of courage, energy, aggression, and strength, the placement of Mars may give differences or arguments in a relationship. Mars in this house forms a Manglik dosha so it is advised that a Manglik native marries a Mangalik person to nullify the ill effects of the same.

The native will be independent and have a strong fighting spirit and have a dominating nature which helps him to face competition in business. This is the house of Venus as per Kaal purush chart indicates beautiful spouse or business related to creativity. Afflicted Mars can give disturbed relations with the business partners.

Mars aspects the 2nd house shows the native will stay away from his extended family or kul. The aspect of the ascendant house makes them impatient or violent people.

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Mars in the 8th house:

This house is related to longevity, in-laws, secrecy, fears, transformation, and occult sciences. The placement of Mars in this house is not considered good unless it is in its exalted or own sign. This house is also associated with the struggle one faces in daily life and the courage to manage the same. This placement also gives Manglik dosha, so the native should marry a Mangalik person to nullify the ill effects.

This combination may be bad for the spouse as a malefic aspect on Mars in the house can give health-related issues to the spouse which may also lead to death (2nd from the 7th house so marak house for the spouse). The native may have a disturbed relationship with the spouse and her side of the family.

The native may have secretive nature. If Mars is in conjunction with Venus, the native may have secret relationships or be attracted towards the opposite sex.

If in a debilitated sign the native may refuse his share of a property and divide it among his siblings. If there is an aspect of Jupiter the native will choose the path of spirituality. For Sagittarius ascendant, Mars the 5th lord in the 8th house, the native will be interested in mantra and meditation.
The native may have a strong intuition power which helps them to judge and understand people easily. The native may face minor accidents or injuries.

Mars aspects the 11th house which can be beneficial as the native working independently They may have strong desires which they fulfill with strong determination and hard work.
Mars in the 9th house:

The 9th house is related to higher learning, spirituality, pilgrimage, and long journeys. This is also the house of luck and fortune.

The placement of Mars in its sign or exaltation or a friendly sign can make the person fearless, have a strong opinion, and do not need guidance from others. He may be impatient and dominating in nature so expect others to follow him.

The native will be fond of traveling and adventure trips. He may be interested in sports and other extracurricular activities as Mars aspects the 3rd house from this house.

The native may be an atheist and not follow the norms of society. They may have differences with their father or teachers as they do not like to follow instructions or orders. The father of the native can be dominating and short-tempered. They may also have bad relations with younger siblings. The native may lose money in property dealings.
Mars in the 10th house:

The 10th house is related to the job and profession Mars if well placed gives positive results related to the house.

The power or energy of Mars helps the native grow and achieve social status through his karma. Mars being in the Upachaya and digbal house helps the natives to achieve success through their efforts, hard work, sincerity, and fearlessness. He may be a workaholic and may push others at the workplace which may not be appreciated by his colleagues.

If Mars is in conjunction with a malefic planet in this house the native may be cruel and not treat people well. If the Moon is afflicted may create conflicts with their mother or may leave his homeland. Mars aspects the 1st house which can make them aggressive and have high energy.

The placement of Mars in the 10th house can give professions in the field of Military, politics, electricians, and electrical engineers.
Mars in the 11th house:

The placement of Mars in this house will give success and progress in life to the native. The native will have various sources of income, popularity, and fulfillment of desires.

Mars aspects the 2nd house which makes a strong Dhan yoga if well placed, the native may earn through lotteries, sudden wealth or profits. He will be materialistic and spend a lot on friends.

This placement of Mars aspects the 6th house of competition the native can defeat his enemies and go to an extreme level to achieve his goals.

The native will be very calculative and always look out for sources to make money so may not hesitate to earn through illegal means but not be caught.

If ill-placed the native faces problems related to friends and will be an angry person.

The native will be the eldest or youngest child in his family as per the gender.
Mars in the 12th house:

The 12th house represents detachments, foreign lands, foreign travel, hospitalizations, and jail. This is the house of giving and letting go of things associated with life and moving towards moksha or liberation.

This is a bad placement for Mars as it creates anger, jealousy, and aggression. This placement causes Manglik dosha which is not good for married life and can cause friction and disagreements with the spouse.

If Mars is placed favorably the native will travel aboard frequently or may settle in a foreign land for growth. Exalted Mars can take the native towards the path of spirituality and give a deep understanding related to it. The native may be a doner if there is an aspect of a benefic planet.

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