Which Vastu tips to follow in a rented house?

The most simple response is that the energy of any location will impact the individuals who live within it. So, if you live in a leased flat(house), the energies will affect you rather than the owner. Keep that in mind at all times.

The setting

The rental home’s location is an essential factor to consider before making a decision. Aside from being conveniently accessible from your workplace, the property should be located away from unfavorable energies such as a hospital, graveyard, or overly congested area.

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This is significant because one of the most essential factors considered by Vastu is the unrestricted movement of good energy surrounding your living area.
As a result, search for open and green areas or near a body of water.

It is also preferable to avoid structures that are close to mobile towers. This is because the radiations emitted by such towers are hazardous to your health and may also disrupt the usually beneficial energy fields surrounding your apartment.

Internal Organization-

Internal placements of restrooms, main entry door, kitchen, pooja room, bedrooms, and so on will significantly impact your life. Of course, pursuing perfection in terms of Vastu in modern-day property is difficult, but you can always examine certain crucial elements before concluding it.

The primary entry door's location

As they say, the main entry door of a flat is the fundamental difference between excellent and terrible Vastu. The entry door serves as a conduit via which external energy enters the flat.
A well-placed main entrance will allow the universe’s tremendous forces to enter your home and fill it with incredible energy. On the other hand, a poorly positioned main entrance might cause health and financial difficulties.

Most individuals believe that they must only seek North or East facing flats. Vastu experts have convinced them that a South or West facing flat is always negative and should be avoided at all costs. This is a great lie, and the truth is that a South-facing house, according to Vastu, may bring in a lot of riches and success.

According to Vastu, a West-facing residence is also ideal for merchants, businesspeople, stock brokers, property dealers, IT experts, etc.

Vastu-compliant kitchen placement

One of the most essential components of the apartment is the kitchen, which is a little portrayal of the cosmic fire.
A Vastu-compliant kitchen may provide the tenants a steady income flow and good physical wellness. On the other hand, a poorly positioned kitchen might result in legal issues, money losses, and stomach issues.

The South or South East direction is a great Vastu position for the kitchen in a leased property. According to Vastu, even a North West kitchen is suitable. However, never select a flat where the kitchen is positioned in the north or southwest corner.

A North kitchen might stifle company and professional success, whilst a South West kitchen can disrupt relationships.
When selecting a flat, it is also crucial to consider Vastu-compliant kitchen colors, kitchen slab color, and wall and cabinet colors.

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Vastu-compliant bathrooms and toilet placement

Toilets are used to dispose of human waste. According to Vastu, the placement of the toilets and bathrooms in an apartment signals our subconscious mind to get rid of all that is undesired in our lives.

The system will only work correctly if garbage is appropriately disposed of.It is critical to understand this because if we position the toilet in an inappropriate location, it will drain the beneficial energies of that area.

Checking the ideal placement of the toilets and bathrooms, according to Vastu, is thus an essential component of the apartment choosing process.The next issue that arises is if it is feasible to find an apartment in which all of the toilets are appropriately positioned. And, because it’s a leased apartment, you can’t even move the bathroom or destroy a single wall. This is where an expert Vastu consultant can help.
There are practical and simple Vastu remedies accessible today do not require destruction.

As a result, you don’t need to move a single brick to rectify the Vastu doshas caused by improperly situated toilets and baths.

Look for units in the North East and South West corners that lack toilets. The NE-SW axis is the backbone of the house and must be free of negative energy such as those emitted by bathrooms.

Vastu-compliant bedroom placement in flats

The bedroom is where you spend most of your time. As a result, its location is crucial when determining whether or not to rent a property.
Unlike the widely held belief that the master bedroom must be in the South West, we believe that bedrooms in all four cardinal directions may be outstanding. Just make sure you follow the right Vastu principles for the bedroom.

And, if, like most people, you’ve heard that a South East bedroom is terrible and leads to heated conflicts, disregard that information.
These are simply foolish statements made by immature Vastu experts who study the same books on the market and generate an opinion that is drilled into your brain.

The reality is that a bedroom in the southeast may be beneficial to both your physical and emotional wellbeing. However, if you have a cardiac condition, such as hypertension, we recommend avoiding such a bedroom.

A North bedroom might be ideal if you work in banking or finance. An East bedroom is perfect if you’re a politician, performer, or socialite.A South bedroom is ideal for attorneys, athletes, members of the military services, and others. A West bedroom is also suitable for a tradesperson, businessman, or IT expert.

The use of Vastu hues and wall paints

Colors have been shown to have substantial psychological impacts on our subconscious thoughts.
Different colors excite different sections of our brain and can elicit various emotions in people. Colors contain vibrations that may affect your life in a favorable or wrong way.
We even go so far as to argue that the improper color scheme in your apartment might bring melancholy and even accidents and financial losses.

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