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Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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The weekly forecast of rashis based on planetary placements for the period 16th May to 22nd May and is estimated to be as under:

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Employed - Success in govt. sector and chances of promotion. Supported by luck and fortune. 

Business – Businessmen shall have a good time. You will undertake business-related trips, which shall bring you success and you shall also meet important people. Useful for business. 

Love – The full aspect of Saturn and Mars on the 5th house, the problem between love mates shall occur. Conflicts. 

Married – Married, shall be happy with love increasing. 

Student – Students shall probably face challenges but due to the presence of the sun and Rahu in the zodiac sign, favorable times shall follow. Many could study abroad. 

Health – A complete aspect of Venus and Jupiter in the 6th house, health shall improve. Elders shall be better. Issues in mothers' health. 

Advice – Visit hanuman mandir on Tuesdays. 


Employed - The benefit to employed from the transit of sun in 1st house. The good fruit of hard work. Job changes may happen. 

Business – Business people could have heated arguments with partners and this could harm business and finances. Keep control. 

Love partners – The full aspect of Venus and Jupiter on the 5th house will keep the relationship intact despite tensions. Mixed time for married. 

Married – The aspect of Jupiter in the 7th house will increase love in marriage. All disputes shall end. 

Student – Good week for students. Jupiter will have complete aspect on the 5th house. 

Health – Healthwise benefited by having venus lord of the 6th house with Jupiter in the 11th house. Ailments shall be diagnosed. Ailments shall also be cured. Pay attention to diet and take nutritious food. 

Advise – make kheer of sugar and rice, offer to mother on Friday and partake.


Employed - Employed shall work hard and make a name for themselves. Some opponents can try to harass you but you shall overcome them. 

Business – Favorable week. Investment can lead to profit. Have good relations with a business partner.

Love – Love mates shall openly express love. Love marriage is possible. 

Married – Married will feel happy. Ability to fulfill responsibilities. Important household work would be done. 

Students – Good week as circumstances shall be favorable due to the placement of venus lord of the 5th house with Jupiter in the 10th house. 

Health – The transit of the sun in the 12th house shall rid you of ailments. Do not neglect food and health. 

Advise – Offer water to Lord Surya regularly. 


Employed - Challenging for employed. Disagreement with seniors could become an issue. An aspect of Saturn on the 10th house, you should keep reconciliation with the seniors. 

Business – Good week for business. Chances of long-term deals. A female friend can make a good contribution to the business. Position of 7th house lord Saturn in the 8th house.

Love – Favorable time for love mates due to mercury situated in 11th house with sun, and having a full aspect on 5th house. 

Married – Married also shall be happy. Peaceful. 

Student – Interruption in studies is possible. Fickle mindset. Seriousness will be lost.

Health – Mars conjunction with Jupiter in the 9th house and sun transiting in the 11th house will bring relief from ailments. Courage and strength. 

Advise – Worship Lord Shiva. 



Employed - Sun transit in the 10th house and mars in the 8th house with Jupiter will result in cooperation with fellow employees employed. Opponents will try to create issues but due to the placement of the sun in a good position, you shall have the upper hand. 

Business – Businessmen shall also have a good week. Time is good for foreign business and good to invest in the business. 

Love – Jupiter lord of the 5th house will be in the 8th house with venus and therefore trust and partnership will be high in love mates. 

Married – Saturn in the 7th house can create issues between spouses. Mental stress. Ups and downs in married life. 

Student – Jupiter lord of the 5th house will be in the 8th house with venus. Therefore good period for students. 

Health – You may have mental stress and eye-related issues in health. Be careful. However, you shall feel capable of fighting any disease. 

Advise – Recite Harivanshpuran on Sunday. 


Employed - Promotion possibility for employed. A combination of hard work and mind shall give good results. Full benefits in govt. sector. Honors possible. 

Business – Businessmen shall have good results. Investing will bring future gains. The position of Jupiter venus and mars in the 7th house will improve the relationship among business partners. 

Love – Strong bonds of love between love mates. Help partner overcomes hesitation. Talk openly. 

Married – A normal week for a married. A spouse can face minor health issues. 

Student – Students associated with sports shall succeed. Others need to work hard as Saturn lord of the 5th house will be in the 6th house. 

Health – Minor ailments due to the presence of Saturn in the 6th house. Do not think unnecessarily. Mental stress could result. Suns transit in 9th house, fathers health will improve. 

Advise – Offer durbha to Shri Ganesh Ji.  


Employed - Employees shall see a decline in stress in the workplace. Work will increase. Promotion is likely. Full cooperation of colleagues. 

Business – Good times for business. New doors would open and new projects. 

Love – Mutual understanding will be high between love mates. 

Married – Marriage is probable due to Saturn in the 5th house. The full aspect of Ketu on 7th house, married life will be full of stress and strain. With the presence of Rahu in the 7th house, differences can also occur. 

Student – Students shall need to work hard in their studies. The presence of Saturn in the 5th house can create obstacles. 

Health – Mars with Jupiter, ruling lord of the 6th house, and venus can create blood-related ailments. Spend time with friends and family to relieve stress. 

Advise – Recite the beej mantra of Saturn. 


Employed - With the complete aspect of Jupiter on the 9th house of fortune And the transit of the sun in the 7th house, relations at the workplace shall be good and congenial. Work shall be appreciated. Congenial behavior with colleagues will be in your interest. 

Business – New techniques and plans shall help to advancement in business. Ripples in a business partnership. 

Love – However, Love mates should share all matters to strengthen bonds. 

Married – Married shall face ups and downs due to the presence of sun and mercury in the 7th house. 

Student – Students will have a very good period due to the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in the 5th house. 

Health – Likely to suffer a sprain due to the transit of mars in the 12th house. Avoid long trips. Care of food during journey required. 

Advise – Recite Hanuman Chalisa daily. 



Employed - Progress for employed. Possibility of benefits from the cooperation of seniors. Promotion. More responsibilities. 

Business – Businessmen shall have a pleasant time. An established business will give returns. Profits. 

Love – Trust will strengthen in love mates. This is due to the movement of the sun in the 6th house. 

Married – Weightage to each other and understanding. Married shall have an average week with mercury ruling lord of 7th house turning retrograde in the 6th house. Ups and down possible. 

Student – Competitive exam preparation may be achieved by students due to the presence of venus with Jupiter in the 4th house. 

Health – Sun in the 6th house and Rahu in the 5th house will result in worries regarding the health issues of siblings. Mental stress. 

Advise – Worship Shri Hari Vishnu and offer yellow sandalwood.


Employed - Traveling is possible for the employed. Honored by seniors. Promotion possibility due to conjunction of 10th house lord Venus with Jupiter in its sign in the 3rd house. 

Business – Due to the conjunction of Sun and Mercury in the 5th house, favorable time for business. Work hard and new business avenues shall open. 

Love – Mercury in the 5th house, retrograde, and conjunction of Jupiter in the 3rd house with venus will make it necessary to control speech with love mates. Even humor can be wrongly taken. Careful about commenting. 

Married – Due to the full aspect of Jupiter in the 7th house, married life will remain full of love. Sweetness. 

Student – Students shall be benefitted as they will overcome issues. 

Health – Due to Jupiter being posited with Venus in its sign, the transit of the sun with mercury will be soothing for health. Health shall improve. 

Advice – On Saturdays recite neelshanistrotra. 


Employed - Good times for the employed. Job seekers shall get good opportunities. Impending promotion shall happen. Opportunities in foreign land shall be there. 

Business – Due to the conjunction of sun with mercury in the 4th house, business is good. Efforts shall lead to success. Travelling will bolster success. 

Love – The romance between love mates shall grow. The relationship may be serious and you can get married. Speak clearly and boldly of your heart. 

Married – Due to the conjunction of the sun with mercury in the 4th house, and, the aspect of Saturn in the 7th house, some issues may arise for married. Love could decline and increased soreness occurs. 

Student – Students shall have a good time due to the 5th house lord mercury in the 4th house. Success is possible in all spheres. 

Health – The complete aspect of Jupiter on the 6th house, rid of intimate diseases. Could however suffer from weight-related diseases. Avoid movement in sunlight. 

Advise – Light jasmine oil lamp at hanuman temple every Tuesday and Saturday.  


Employed - Transit of Mars with Jupiter and venus in the 1st house employed may achieve success. However, wrong decisions could be possible in excitement. Avoid. 

Business – Businessmen will be benefitted as Jupiter venus and mar full aspect on 7th house. Good profits are likely. 

Love – Possibility of minor conflicts between love mates. 

Married – The full aspect of Jupiter mars and venus in the 7th house is, time favorable for married. Full support and cooperation from spouse. 

Student – Students shall also have a favorable time due to the full aspect of Jupiter on the 5th house whereby students' focus shall increase. 

Health – The full aspect of Saturn on 6th house disease of joints could trouble. Some may get relief from latent diseases. 

Advise – Observe fast on Tuesday.  

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