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Weekly Rashifal 14th to 20th Nov. 2022

Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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Weekly Rashifal 14th to 20th Nov. 2022

The weekly forecast (Weekly Rashifal) of rashis based on planetary placements for the period 14th to 20th November 22 is estimated to be as under:

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  • Employed - Venus departure on 11th November and mercury on 13th to 8th house followed by sun on 16th November and also influence of Ketu and aspect of Saturn on 7th house will allow plans at work place. Numerous strategies but time required to select best plan, and implement. 
  • Business – Get ready to execute plans to take business forward. Do not invest as this may be harmful.
  • Love mates – Ups and downs. After Venus sun and mercury move to 8th house and despite obstacles you will be closer to love mate. Growth in intimate relationships and love.
  • Married – The Sun mercury Venus in 8th house. Saturn Rahu influence on 7th house as well as on Ketu also. Tensions.
  • Students – The Sun mercury and Venus in 8th house, research education would be good.
  • Health – The Sun mercury Venus in 8th house, mars in 3rd house, blood and skin issues and anal issues can bother. Pay attention to food and drink. Follow doctor advice.
  • Advice – Offer water with kumkum in copper vessel to sun daily.


  • Employed – sun mercury Venus and Ketu in 6th house will provide benefit according to hard work put in. Some opponents will be there but they will not be successful. However cannot put stress. Avoid mistakes and such opponents. You will succeed.
  • Business – Businessmen shall face retrograde mars entry in Taurus sign mid-November and aspect your 7th house. Rapid progress in business. Big order and or profitable deal possible. Will make you strong.
  • Love mates - Good this week. Jupiter on 5th house influence. Could get married. Succeed in communication with love mate.
  • Married – Lord of 7th house mars, will be in 2nd house. Retrograde stage. Mars aspect on 7th house will increase tensions. Increase in anger which would harm relationship.
  • Students – Good week. Jupiter aspect on 5th house.
  • Health – Lord of 8th house, Jupiter, shall be present in 11th house. Physical illness. Take care. Smallest issue must be taken care of – stomach, skin, boils, pimples, watery eyes.
  • Advice – Chant beej mantra of Venus.


  • Employed – Mercury Venus and sun will move to 6th house, employed shall be saved from those planning against you. However, stay cautious and alert.
  • Business – Business people want to grow business and you shall get support of dignitaries to move forward. Retrograde mars will transit from 12th house after mid November and its aspect shall be on 7th house. Profit in business through foreign channels.
  • Love mates – Venus mercury and sun in 6th house. Needs and desires of partner need to be understood. Then you can handle relationship otherwise there could be trouble.
  • Married - Retrograde mars 8th aspect on 7th house in married people. Arguments and conflicts may increase.
  • Students – Ketu in 5th house will affect concentration.
  • Health – Skin allergies, watery eyes etc can trouble women. Take medical aid. Take care of eating habits.
  • Advice – donate mustard oil on Saturdays.


  • Employed – Jupiter in 9th house conditions in office shall improve according to efforts. Transfer indicated if you are interested in transfer. Jupiter in the house of fate will enable you to make correct decision resulting in favorable times in office.
  • Business – Business people shall face ups and downs.
  • Love mates – Mars retrograde will enter 11th house and there will be trouble in relationship. But this will be resolved with your efforts.
  • Married – Lord of the 7th house, Saturn, will be in 7th house. Favorable times for married but stressful family environment. Jupiter aspect shall resolve issue. Sun in 5th house ending conflicts and ego.
  • Students – The Sun in 5th house. Good for studies.
  • Health – Transit of Mars from 12th to 11th house, better status of health. Jupiter aspect on 1st house will help fight any health issues.
  • Advice – Chant om namah shivaya at least 108 times daily.


  • Employed – Be careful and do not over speak at work place. Wrong advantage may be taken and hurt you. Better work at place of work if these little matters are controlled. Venus and mercury in 4th house, big assignment will be assigned to you. 
  • Business – Businessmen shall have to work hard. Lord of 7th house in the 6th house. Hard work will be beneficial with Saturn supporting. Benefit from business related investment and also expansions. Growth in business envisioned.
  • Love mates – Mars will transit in 10th house and its aspect will be on 5th house. Cause of turbulence in relationship. Avoid conflicts. Relationship can be saved by staying calm.
  • Married – Saturn in 6th house. Stress. Jupiter on 8th house will help you support of in laws. They will assist relationship back on rails.
  • Students – Lord of 5th house in 8th house, research related studies will be better than others.
  • Health – Saturn in 6th house. Aspect on 8th and 10th house. Jupiter in 8th house. All these might give health related issues. Long lasting disease which you need to be alert of. Discipline your life.
  • Advice – Serve your father and seek blessings daily.

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  • Employed – Retrograde mars in 9th house. Employed shall have chances of change in work. New job likely. Gov. Sector job transfer. Venus and mercury and sun will go to Scorpio sign in 3rd house workplace relationship will be good. Colleagues shall help.
  • Business – Businessmen will need to work hard to the path of success. You will feel elated, but, do not trust business partner blindly since Rahu in 8th house.
  • Love mates – mars in 9th house, smooth relations.
  • Married - Jupiter in 7th house. Favorable results. Retrograde state of Jupiter and rahu in 8th house with Saturn aspect in 7th house, unwanted stress possible.
  • Students – Saturn in 5th house in Capricorn. Not good for studies.
  • Health – Venus and mercury in 3rd house, in Scorpio, health will be better. Relief from prolonged diseases. Sore throat issue. Meditate to maintain good health.
  • Advice – Saturdays feed flour to ants.


  • Employed – Work better during this time to get results. Jupiter in retrograde state in 6th house. Will make you work hard. Grab every opportunity which comes your way.
  • Business – Rahu in 7th house will pave way to success in business. Implement various strategies in business to succeed.
  • Love mates – No decisions in haste. Give time to partner. Understand. Situation shall improve.
  • Married – Retrograde mars will enter 8th house, chances of arguments. Lack of harmony.
  • Students – Normal week.
  • Health – Surgery likely. Do not be careless regarding health. Yoga, meditation etc. beneficial.
  • Advice – On Saturdays, light mustard oil lamp under peepal tree and take 7 rounds of the tree.


  • Employed – Hard work shall bear fruit for employed. Strong position and progress. Increase in income. Favorable for career. Mars will enter 7th house, better time. Opponents shall be winning over.
  • Businessmen – Venus and mercury in 1st house. Further improvement in business. Sun will also be in the 1st house. Strategies related to govt. sector shall be good.
  • Love mates – Saturn aspect on 5th house could test you towards culmination. Help each other and strengthen relationship.
  • Married – Venus and mercury aspect on 7th house from 1st house. Love will grow. Devotion will develop.
  • Students – Jupiter in 5th house good for student’s studies.
  • Health – when Venus mercury and sun in 1st house and mars in retrograde state in 7th house, negative effect on health. Be cautious. Treat issues.
  • Advice – recite hanuman chalisa on Tuesdays at hanuman temple.


  • Employed – Mars in the 6th house will create minor challenges. However you shall overcome. Opponents will try to be active but you shall overbear.
  • Business – retrograde mars in 7th house, relationship with partner could be bitter. Maintaining better relationship could result in good profits. Improvement in conditions when retrograde mars in 6th house mid November.
  • Love mates – entry of Venus mercury and sun in 12th house will improve relationship and love. Reduced tensions. Spare time for each other.
  • Married – mars transit in 6th house reducing tensions. Better status of relationships.
  • Students – Rahu in 5th house, mind shall be confused.
  • Health – mars in 6th house. Venus mercury sun in 12th house. Health shall not be good. Imbalanced diet can make you sick. Consult doctor.
  • Advice – offer yellow sandalwood to lord Vishnu and apply tilak on forehead.


  • Employed – Entry of retrograde mars in 5th house mid November, employed shall get opportunity for change. Trying to switch jobs, you shall succeed. Some challenges at new job. Shall overcome and move ahead in career.
  • Business – Full aspect on Saturn on 7th house will help you try harder and perform better. New and better for improving and growing. Ultimately benefit to business.
  • Love mates – transit of Venus in 11th house mid November, aspect on 5th house, growth in relationship. Closer to each other. Mercury in 11th house mid November enhancing bonds further.
  • Married – Saturn in 1st house aspect on 7th house, discipline between spouses. Importance to each other. Understand each other. Jupiter will also aspect 7th house with its 5th aspect. There will be feeling of dedication and love.
  • Students – will perform well. Mars in 5th house in retrograde state, ups and downs too.
  • Health – Avoid fatty and fried foods. No major illness. Will feel fit but contact doctor if anything ails.
  • Advice – perform Jal Abhishek on Shivling and offer akshat flower on shiv ling.


  • Employed – Will enjoy at workplace and environment shall be favorable increasing productivity. Sun enters 10th house mid November strengthening position and possible promotion. Respect and responsibility too.
  • Business – Lord of 7th house, sun, in the 10th house, will send you to long journey on business. Progress in business with new contacts helping in business.
  • Love mates – Mars to 4th house in retrograde motion resulting in peace with partner. Happiness love and trust shall increase.
  • Married – Good times as no planets influence shall be there. However, Saturn in 12th house could create tensions. Be patient.
  • Students – Mars retrograde in 5th house; students could be impulsive and aggressive.
  • Health – Mars in 4th house and aspect of sun Venus on 4th house shall raise some health issues. Stay alert for any ailments. Yoga and meditation will be good.
  • Advice -   Donate pomegranate and red lentils on Tuesdays at temples.


  • Employed – Transit of mars in 3rd house will increase confidence and courage preparing for challenges. Good relations with colleagues required.
  • Business – Full aspect of Jupiter on 7th house and Saturn influence on 11th house, good results in business. However, do not argue with partner. Be patient. When Sun mercury and Venus will enter 9th house, business trip for new contacts.
  • Love mates – When mercury Venus and sun will enter 9th house, love life will be blissful. Bonds strengthened. Plans for future can be done.
  • Married – Jupiter full aspect on 7th house. Favorable. Differences will be resolved. Better person for each other.
  • Students – Jupiter 5th aspect on 5th house. Good results.
  • Health – The Sun mercury and Venus in 9th house. Improved status. Better health. Ketu in 8th house could lead to blood or anal problems. Take care and treatment on time. Go for morning walk and jogs.
  • Advice – Havan for peace and prosperity at house.

Writer – Mala Chatterjee

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