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WEEKLY RASHIFAL – 14th to 20th FEBRUARY 2022

Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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WEEKLY RASHIFAL – 14th  to 20th FEBRUARY 2022
The weekly forecast of rashis based on planetary placements for the period 14th to 20th February is estimated to be as under:

Here Is Your Weekly Rashifal


The combination of Saturn and mercury present in the 10th house will give success in the field of work. Jupiter and Saturn aspects in the 7th house will bring favorable results in business. The 7th aspect of Jupiter and sun ( as the sun will be transiting in Aquarius sign on 13th February) in the 5th house will give you success in the field of employment and education. During this week love relationship will be strong. Some upheavals in family life. Need to indulge in physical activity to keep fit. 

Advice:- Involve family members in puja rituals and seek their support.

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The presence of Jupiter in the 10th house will give desired results for working people. Good time for businessmen. There may be some problems in starting a new business because of the presence of Ketu in the 7th house. Jupiter and the sun will bring success in the field of education. Love life is smooth. Students will benefit this week. 7th Aspect of mars on 2nd house may increase family problems. Check-up and proper treatment will get rid of your eye problem. 

Advice:- On Friday go to the temple and offer kheer to goddess Mahalaxmi.


Change in the lives of employed people. Chances of transfer in the job because of the conjunction of Venus and Mars. Good week for businessmen as Jupiter and sun in the 9th house can bring long business-related journeys. Students shall get success by the grace of Jupiter. The aspect of Saturn on the 2nd house causes tension in family life. Love will grow with the conjunction of Venus and Mars. Due to the transit of the sun with Jupiter in the 9th house, there would be some health improvement. 

Advice:- Give green fodder or spinach to the cow.   


The conjunction of the lord of the 10th house, mars, with venus in the 6th house might cause problems in the life of employed people. Expected success in the field of business due to the aspect of Saturn on 9th house. The conjunction of Sun and Jupiter is likely to increase family happiness. Love relationships – Unfavourable week. Students - Ketu's position in the 5th house is not favorable. Health – Fatty substances in food should be avoided. 

Advice:- Offer argh to Surya dev as this will also help you gain money. 


The sun will enter in 7th house due to which natives can get rid of debts. Chances of promotion for employed. Favorable week for those in business. Businessmen will get rid of existing debts. Peace in the family in the house. With the conjunction of venus and mars in the 5th house, love life will be good. Students will get good results due to the conjunction of venus and mars in the 5th house. Health – Feeling better physically you will also keep mental stress away.  

Advice:- Worship sun daily.

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Jupiter's presence in the 6th house will aspect on the 10th house. Will give you success in the workplace. Employed will rise in authority and position. Mixed time for businessmen. For expansions and new plans, one will have to wait. Due to the presence of mercury and Saturn in the 5th house, students will have to suffer. Venus and Mars in the 4th house is the sign of family discord. Love relationships will also suffer. Sun in 6th house will prove beneficial in health. Give priority to health and nutritious food. 

Advice:- Give green fodder to the cow. 


Will work hard with zeal. Employed will get success according to their hard work. The position of planets will be beneficial in business. The full aspect of Jupiter and sun sitting in the 5th house on the 11th house – business will progress. Students – Sun in the 5th house will benefit students. Love will increase in married life. Not much tension in love due to the presence of Jupiter in the 5th house. Health – Eat home-cooked and avoid fried food. 

Advice:- Offer red-colored flowers to the goddess in the temple.


The promotion of working people will increase income. Businessmen's income shall also be normal. For strengthening, finances find a new way to increase income. Good week for married people due to the placement of venus and mars in the 2nd house. Not much of a good week for love relationships. Students will get success in competitive examinations. Eating on time and disciplined lifestyle is essential. 

Advice:- Give jaggary gram to monkeys on Tuesdays.


Employed can get the promotion. Ups and downs for traders and businessmen. Take steps to expand the business. The presence of venus and mars in 1st house will cause a spoiling relationship with a partner. Love life will also face difficulties. Good time for students of law and finance. You will feel the capability to fight disease yourself. Exercise regularly. 

Advice:- Chanting the beej mantra of Brihaspati dev will be beneficial.


Due to the aspect of Saturn and Jupiter on the 10th house, employed will face ups and downs. Be careful at the workplace and take assignments seriously. Stability in business due to the presence of sun with Jupiter in 2nd house. Due to the presence of Rahu in the 5th house, some differences with a love mate may occur. Ups and downs for married people too. Students shall also have trouble with their studies. You are advised to be cautious regarding diseases related to the stomach. 

Advice:- Donate jaggery and gram on Tuesdays. 


With the arrival of the sun with Jupiter in 1st house, you will work on a plan to change your job, and you can be successful. A new job will suit you and your work will be appreciated. Your stature may increase. Good time for business people due to the aspect on Jupiter on 7th house. Due to the aspect of mars in the 5th house, there may be conflicts in love relationships. Sun coming on 1st house with Jupiter – an indication of disputes between partner and you. A normal week for students. Health – Stay alert about changing weather. 

Advice:- Giving food to dogs will be beneficial for you.  


Ups and downs for those employed. People in business will be benefitted and their financial condition shall remain stable. Presence of sun with Jupiter in 12th house – spending on worship and other religious work. Ups and downs in love relationship due to Saturn and mercury position. Some conflicts between spouses. However, sweetness will increase as the sun moves into the 12th house with Jupiter after 13th February 2022. A normal week for students. Disease-related issues will reduce. 

Advice:- Chant beej mantra for Guru Brihaspati.

Writer – Mala Chatterjee

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