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<strong> Passionate Venus transits in Pisces - What will change? </strong>

Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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<strong> Passionate Venus transits in Pisces - What will change? </strong>
Venus transits Pisces at 07:43 pm on February 15, 2023. Venus will move from Pisces to Aries on March 12. Venus, the giver of all physical pleasures, is exalted in Pisces and gives all kinds of luxuries, making this a favourable transit. Vedic astrology emphasizes the transit of Venus in Pisces because the planet Venus is in the zodiac sign of Jupiter, the god of wisdom, and both planets provide fortune to natives.

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In Vedic astrology, Venus transits in 23 days and changes signs. Its brightness makes it the morning star. Venus rules Taurus and Libra. Venus will transit through Pisces, impacting all living things. It is thought to be debilitated in Virgo and exalted in Pisces. When will Venus transit Pisces and how will it affect your zodiac sign.

Venus is connected with luxury, cars, happiness, prosperity, riches, and extravagance. Good horoscopes bring love. Attracts people. Lakshmi Van has everything. However, those with a weaker Venus in their zodiac struggle with sexual debility, interpersonal differences, love relationship conflict, and pleasure-seeking. Venus gives natives wealth.

  • Aries

Venus enters your twelfth house as it transits Pisces.

Venus in the 12th house will increase your expenses but also supply enough money to pay them. Avoid unnecessary expenditure. Waste money and your debt will grow. This time will be used for buying comforts and fulfilling wishes. You will win. This transportation aids your career. Unbalanced diets might cause health problems.

  • Taurus

Venus, your zodiac and sixth house lord, will transit Pisces and enter your 11th house.

Venus transiting Aquarius in the 11th house will increase your revenue. Your desires will be accomplished, and the tasks that were hindered will now be done slowly and profitably. You may succeed in buying a new car while focusing on it. Your romantic relationships will grow at this time. Children will cheer married people. Students will perform well and be willing to learn. Work may raise you. This transit will benefit the business.

  • Gemini

Venus dominates your 12th and 5th houses, and the Venus Transit In Pisces will occur in your tenth.

Jupiter, the zodiac lord, will be in your 10th house when Venus enters. Venus transit may disrupt work. The conjunction of Jupiter and Venus may make you arrogant, allowing you to overlook that you are the best and to let down others, bringing you problems. Avoid office gossip. Only by focusing will you succeed. Private life will be joyful. Family life will satisfy. House decoration costs money. Love relationships may fluctuate. Workplace romance is possible.

  • Cancer

Venus rules Cancerians' 4th and 11th houses, and Venus Transit In Pisces will occur in your 9th house.

Jupiter's presence and Venus's transit in the fortune house will promote fortune. We'll fix it. Unexpected funds will arrive. Work that has been delayed due to lack of money shall be completed immediately. You could be thrilled. Since there are many employment openings, you can change jobs. You can join any religious group as your mind becomes more spiritual. Honor and respect await you. Siblings love this time. Spending time with friends will provide delight.

  • Leo

Venus Transit Leo's eighth house is Pisces. This is your third- and tenth-house lord.

Venus in the ninth house can bring financial surprises. More money may be available. Your financial condition may improve as you realize favorable returns on prior investments. Religion will preoccupy you. This period will yield deep research. You can attend your in-laws' wedding or childbirth. You'll succeed in uniting your in-laws and your family. Corporations will grow. It may need medical care. Work will be fine despite some ups and downs. This time will help you realize your dreams.

  • Virgo

Venus Transit In Pisces will happen in Virgo's 7th house, which Venus rules.

Venus in the 7th house makes marriage blissful. Your marriage will strengthen. Close old distances. Problems will be fixed. You'll be happy. They'll finish everything together. During this time, your spouse's business will succeed. The business will rise. Walk with your husband. Promotion is possible. Better health. Your charisma will shine, attracting people.

  • Libra

Venus transits Pisces in Libra's 6th house. Venus dominates your zodiac and ninth house.

Venus exalted in the 6th house gives you a competitive edge but raises your costs. Your bills could rise. It takes work to fulfill the intellect. Employment will improve. Business worries are unwarranted. Possible international travel. Companies will accept investments. Because a serious health issue may emerge, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle. Be careful if you have diabetes—it can get worse.

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  • Scorpio

Venus transits your fifth house, Scorpio's seventh and twelfth houses.

Venus Transit strengthens your relationship. If you're single, a new person may boost your connection. Your relationship will improve. The partnership will combine love and romance. Love marriages can be discussed. This transit boosts revenues. Study abroad. Students will flourish academically. You'll succeed. Life partners strengthen love. Increased fertility. Enjoy this time.

  • Sagittarius

Venus, the lord of Sagittarius' sixth and eleventh houses, will transit Pisces in your fourth house.

This transportation improves your comfort and fame. New cars and properties are possible. Your family function may bring more members and create a happy environment. Your mother's health may decline, so monitor her. You may also buy house furnishings and décor. You can meet any dwelling demand and provide comfort. You will focus on your job and family, trying to balance them.

  • Capricorn

Venus, the 5th and 10th house lord, becomes a Yogic sign for Capricorns. Venus transits Pisces in your third house.

This transit will be spent with friends and you will spend a lot of money. Short-distance travel will increase, bringing joy. Meet family. You might also travel with your spouse. Your colleagues will help you and support you. Business is good and will grow. This transit will also advance your siblings.

  • Aquarius

Saturn rules Aquarius, while Venus, the lord of the 4th and 9th houses, is a favorable planet for this sign. Venus Transit In Pisces will be in your zodiac sign's 2nd house.

Venus's transit will let you enjoy delicious, beautiful, flavorful, and mind-blowing foods. You can attend parties. You'll make buddies. Family life will improve. Harmony will triumph, but don't let your pride show in your remarks or people will view you harshly. Bingeing or having an improper diet for tasty food may cause health problems. Toothaches and oral ulcers may annoy you. This could boost your career. Property sales will profit. Long trips will pay off. Increased bank balance. Marriage, family events, and births may occur.

  • Pisces

Venus dominates Pisces’ 3rd and 8th houses. Venus Transit In Pisces occurs in your first house, your zodiac sign.

Venus's transit will alter your mood. People will be drawn to you after listening to your gentler speech. People will admire you. This transit will boost your health, which was degrading. Chronic diseases will decrease. This transit also benefits your marriage. Your marriage will grow closer. Corporations will grow. Your company and expansion ambitions will succeed. You may start a business now and prosper.

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