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Is Evil Eye Real As Per Astrology?

Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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Is Evil Eye Real As Per Astrology?

On most happy occasions, we have witnessed an elderly female or male member of our family taking something out of the house or off of a member of the family, moving it to another location, and then discarding it outdoors.

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Some people hurl the items outdoors, others tear them up and chuck them, while yet others set them on fire. All of these are methods that may be used to cleanse oneself of bad energy. These unique practices have been carried on for several decades now to protect us against malevolent forces. We cannot turn a blind eye to the presence of those who are envious, nor can we turn a blind eye to the existence of evil. According to my observations, there are a great number of people who are capable of bringing about the demise of anything or anybody simply by thinking about doing so; their words come to life, and their sights are lethal. Some people are conscious of their abilities, while others are unaware of them. Some people with negative attitudes who hold positions of authority don't want anybody else to have a prosperous life, and because of this, they constantly direct their negative thoughts onto other people and put up roadblocks for them to overcome. These kinds of effects are referred to as "Evil Eye Effects" by us. When people like this encounter another person and immediately have unfavorable thoughts, it causes issues in their lives. Therefore, the completion of particular rituals are required to avoid this.

In general, we have seen that: 

  • Some people put an unsafe spin on freshly built building sites.
  • Some people place lemons and hot peppers at the entrance gate.
  • Some people hang photographs of snakes in the foyer.
  • Some place a black pot on the roof, etc.

Who Is Most Prone to Being Affected by the Effects of the Evil Eye:

How one might be impacted by evil eye impacts, how to save ourselves and how to protect our company, security from the effects of the evil eye, the reasons for the effects of the evil eye, and the cures for those effects How one might be impacted by evil eye impacts, how to save ourselves and how to protect our company, security from the effects of the evil eye, the reasons for the effects of the evil eye, and the cures for those effects Following is a list of people who are more likely to be adversely impacted by the effects of an evil eye:

The kundli of someone who has the RAKSHAS gan.

  • whose ascendant is not very strong.
  • individuals whose horoscopes feature Grahan yoga.
  • whose Rahu and Ketu are afflicted or otherwise unfavorable
  • who have strong and unfavorable planets in their horoscope, such as Saturn, etc.

Therefore, if the stars are not very strong and there are negative yogas present, a person might easily become stuck and suffer. There is a widespread belief among many people that somebody has engaged in witchcraft, although this is not always the case.

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Effects of the evil eye:

  • There is friction between the couples 
  • The company suffers financial losses.
  • Several members of the family are afflicted with illness.
  • The breadwinner endured a great deal of suffering.
  • Accidents do happen and life is upset.
  • Relationships based on love came to an abrupt end.
  • Relationships can be fraught with difficulties.
  • There are times when one is forced to quit a good job.
  • Even adults occasionally find that they have abruptly lost their appetite.

The effects of the evil eye might have a very wide range of consequences. To maintain the safety of our lives, it is very essential to practice preventative measures.

Suggestions that can help you avoid the effects of the evil eye:

  • Don't put on airs or act superior in any way.
  • Don't make every conversation on how successful you are and what fresh things you've accomplished.
  • Always make an effort to provide food for guests who arrive at mealtimes, whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  • Remove some of the food and give it to the animals, such as cows and dogs.
  • Consult an astrologer about putting a powerful yantra in the ceiling over the front door.
  • Carry out the utara of Lemon promptly.
  • Holy water should be sprinkled over the entire house at the appropriate moment, and it should also be applied to family members.
  • On a day that is considered to be fortunate, apply kumkum in the form of swastikas on the front door.
  • Seek the advice of an experienced astrologer, educate yourself on the relative positions of the planets, and become familiar with various cures to lead a prosperous life.


The influence of the evil eye is detrimental to one's life, making it imperative to rid oneself of it as quickly as possible. If you want to have a prosperous life, you should pray every day and seek out the benefits of heavenly forces. Anybody can be impacted by bad energies, the reasons for the impacts of the evil eye, and what can be done to protect ourselves, our businesses, and our families from these energies.

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