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Gupt Navratri: Ideology, Customs, and Advantages

Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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Gupt Navratri: Ideology, Customs, and Advantages
In Gupt Navratri, Lord Durga is to be worshipped. These Navratri are not for commoners; rather, they are particularly for those involved in tantra and sadhana. Nine different goddess forms are still revered today. Similar to how Goddess Durga is adored in nine different forms during Navratri, Goddess Gupta is worshipped during Navratri and the seeker invokes gifts and strength by performing pooja.

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Maa Durga is the only name that anybody thinks of when we discuss Navratri since people praise her Nine avatars in order to obtain blessings. The two Navratris that fall in Chaitra and Shardiya may be the only ones that most people observe, although Magh and Ashadha are still unknown. Like the well-known four seasons of India, Navratri occurs four times a year. The two that occur in "Magh," which falls between "January and February," and "Ashadha," which falls between "June and July," are referred to as "Gupt Navratri." Ashadh Navratri, which begins on June 30 and ends on July 8, is currently in progress.

The mystery of Gupt Navratri

The mystery of Gupt Navratri Since Goddess Durga is also known as Shakti, all of her various manifestations are worshipped during this festival. When a worshipper does a goddess' shakti puja, all of their difficulties are removed, and they receive the blessing of triumph. Like regular Navratri, Gupt Navratri also occurs twice, first in Ashada month and later in Magh month.

The devotee worships during Navaratri to increase the potency of sadhana and tantra. Performers of this pooja are those who adhere to tantra and sadhana. These days, the puja procedure is identical to that of a typical Navratri. Similar to how nine different goddesses are worshipped during Chaitra and Shardiya Navratri, ten different goddesses are adored during this Navratri.

When is Gupt Navratri observed?

The 10 terrible forms of Goddess Mahakali, also known as the Maha Vidyas, are worshipped by devotees during this Navratri as a hidden sadhana for those who wish to learn the depths of Tantra Vidya. But it's not "Tantra Vidya"; Maa Durga's fervent followers also maintain fasts for the full nine days. Additionally, it is said that participating in Gupt Navratri will make all of your difficulties disappear and bring you happiness and fulfillment.

What Date Is Gupt Navratri?

Gupt Navratri is commemorated twice a year, once during the "Maagh maas" called Magha Gupt Navratri and once during "Ashada maas" known as Ashada Gupt Navratri, according to Hindu scriptures.

The Ashada Navratri is held during the months of June and July, while the Magha Navratri is celebrated during the months of January and February, according to English calendars.

What causes Gupt Navratri to happen?

Gupt Navratri is so named because it is incredibly hard to adore the goddess during it, and the goddess' puja is also performed in secret. In this puja, Akhand Jyoti is kindled. Goddess is revered both in the daytime and at night. During this period, those who practice hidden sadhana worship the 10 forms of the goddess. For nine days, the Durga Saptashati Path is performed. On Ashtami or Navami days, the fast is only deemed over after young girls are worshipped.

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The Philosophy of Gupt Navratri

During Gupt Navratri, many manifestations of the goddess Durga called "Shakti" are secretly worshipped. The primary tenet of Gupt Navratri is whether the goddess is honored covertly and away from public view. Sadhus and tantriks primarily celebrate it for tantra sadhana to appease the Goddess of Shakti.

During Gupt Navratri, hidden rituals are carried out in which the goddess is worshipped using secret sadhana in order to appease the ten forms of the goddess Durga throughout this time.

It is thought that by worshipping the goddess during this festival, devotees can grant all of their wishes, however, the rites must be performed in secrecy because the success of the pooja relies on how much secrecy is involved.

The various Devi Durga formations that are revered at Gupt Navratri are as follows:

  1. Kalika Maa

  2. Indra Devi

  3. Sundari Bhuvaneshwari of Tripura

  4. Chitramasta Mata

  5. Bhairavi Tripur

  6. Dhumravati, Maa

  7. Baglamukhi Mata

  8. The Maatangi Kamla Devi

The mantras recited on this auspicious occasion tell the story of Goddess Durga's creation, the manifestation of all the Gods' energies in her to battle Mahishasura, and her triumph over the world's bad forces.
Gupt Navratri restrictions are more stringent

Gupt or Hidden Navratri days are more stringent than regular Navratri, and there are specific guidelines that must be followed. While observing Gupt Navratri, one must be careful not to make the following errors:

- During these 9 days of the fast, the devotee is not allowed to wear anything black.

- Leather items should be absolutely avoided.

- It is forbidden to trim hair at this time, even if you're planning on attending the "Mundan" ritual.

- According to Hindu traditions, sleeping during the day is unlucky, hence the devotee must avoid doing so.

- The believer must sleep on the ground for the entire nine days and refrain from sitting on high-raised objects like chairs.

- During these nine days, the devotee is recommended to only drink fruit and vegetable juices and not common salt or grains in any form.

The two items that one must avoid are onion and garlic, but the Sadhak must also refrain from eating anything that isn't vegetarian.

- It's crucial to burn the Akhand Diya for Gupt Navratri; it must burn for the full nine days without blowing out. It's crucial to periodically top off the lamp with ghee.
Suitable fare for Gupt Navratri

As stated, throughout these nine days, ordinary salt must be avoided. Fruits and milk-based foods are OK. For this Gupt Navratri, a few dishes include kheer, halwa, juices, and smoothies. During the Gupt Navratri, one must consume buttermilk, yogurt, and coconut water to stay hydrated. Sama ke Chawal, Sago, and meals consisting of buckwheat flour, water chestnut flour, etc. are options for those seeking a full lunch.

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