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<strong>Father planet Sun in Aquarius! Will your life turn around?</strong>

Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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<strong>Father planet Sun in Aquarius! Will your life turn around?</strong>

Sun enters Aquarius at 9:21 am on February 13, 2023. Saturn will conjoin the Sun in Aquarius. Venus will join Aquarius. Saturn and the Sun will be closest to Venus. The Sun-Saturn conjunction will have substantial repercussions on all zodiac signs. The father planet Sun will stay in Aquarius till 6:13 am on March 15, 2023. Sun enters Pisces. This annual February transit is significant. Sun transits in Saturn-ruled Aquarius are significant. The Sun transit in Aquarius will affect each zodiac sign differently. Read this entire blog to learn how this transit will affect your zodiac sign. Sun is the king of the nine planets. We all know that Earth spins around the Sun, which gives us energy and light throughout our lives. This energy powers our bodies and lifestyles. This keeps our lives going and makes the Sun the world's caretaker.

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The Sun is the center of the planetary system and the horoscope's father and health element. Sun signifies strength, state, and dominion. Politics and leadership skills are enhanced by the parent planet Sun. Aquarius is an air sign, and the Sun emits fire. Start new projects during the Sun transit in Aquarius. If you want to succeed in life, today is the time to start. The Sun transit in Aquarius will benefit you if you utilize your intelligence and nudge. The person will have an integrated personality and help you succeed by guiding your thoughts.

Sun-Saturn Conjunction & Aquarius Sun Transit

Saturn's father is the Sun. Saturn, however, brings frigid winds. Thus, the Aquarius conjunction of the two planets will not be beneficial. Saturn governs discipline, while the Sun gives self-confidence. Thus, if you avoid ego and practice discipline, the Sun-Saturn conjunction will benefit you.

  • Aries

Sun rules the fifth house for Aries. This Sun transit in Aquarius places the father planet in your eleventh house. Wishes come true when the Sun enters your eleventh house. In life, various arrangements will reveal your hidden talents. Career promotion and recognition will follow. However, the conjunction of the Sun and Saturn will cause overconfidence, which could cause problems. This approach may damage your work connections with seniors. Thus, you may suffer loss and financial difficulties. This transit will provide financial power and financial gain. This period will be for your social ascent and share market gains. Pilgrimage and travel bring calm and joy. Since your health may be vulnerable, stay attentive. Meet new individuals and broaden your social circle. Join an institution. Aries will benefit from the Sun in Aquarius.

Remedy: On Sundays, feed bull jaggery and give the Sun water and gum in a copper pot.

  • Taurus

The Sun rules Taurus' fourth house, and with its current transit into Aquarius, it will rule your tenth. The Sun's eleventh house transit will affect your work. Sun in the tenth house strengthens, giving you a solid position in life. Career success is possible during this time. You will get respect and leadership in your career. This will also boost your promotion prospects. Workspace jurisdiction will rise. Natives working in government will have even more possibilities to lead a team. This will boost your finances. You will have many money opportunities, and if you use them wisely to strengthen your finances, you will continue to have strong earning opportunities. If you get egotistical, you may suffer the repercussions. This transit will provide normal family life and family-related expenses. Sun and Saturn in your tenth house will make you work harder and make sure it's apparent. This will improve your career, but your relationship with your father will be tense. Take care of him and avoid arguments. If he's sick, get him medical help.

Remedy: Respect your father and avoid criticizing the government

  • Gemini

Gemini's ninth house will experience the Aquarius Sun transit. Third-house lord Sun. The harder you work, the better the results. Society will appreciate and elevate you. You'll go on a pilgrimage and become interested in religion. Long-distance travel may occur. Traveling with family and friends keeps you busy. You may fight with your father if his health declines. Career-wise, this is normal. Avoid starting new employment and you'll find an excellent mentor. This phase will be helpful for your physical and mental well-being. Sun-Saturn conjunction raises wages and mental stress. Your siblings may get sick, but don't count on luck. Only by working hard will you improve in all aspects of life and earn good outcomes.

Remedy: Do Rudrabhishek on Sunday to benefit from this transit. Also, give Shivling wheat.

  • Cancer

Cancerians' second house ruler, the Sun, will transit into their 8th house. This transit requires extra attention for your belongings. You may lose or steal time during this era. Finances will be usual. The conjunction of Sun and Saturn in your ninth house may cause you to lose money if you invest. Some natives may not get ancestral property and may face obstacles. However, this may be temporary and you will succeed in that, but you may be irritated about it now. Mental tension may grow, so watch your health. Your in-laws may also be tense. Avoid arguments and speak kindly throughout this time. Avoid useless travel during transit to avoid issues. If these natives are in research or research-related fields, you will receive fantastic outcomes and shine. During this transit, you can perform a fellowship overseas.

Remedy: Offer water to the Sun daily and chant Shri Suryashtakam.

  • Leo

Leos rule their first house with the Sun. Sun enters the seventh house during Aquarius transit. Since the Sun rules your zodiac sign, this transit is crucial. This seventh-house transit may strain your marriage. Your relationship may deteriorate. If you don't handle this well, your disagreement may escalate. You and your partner may go to court over this increase in fights. Sun-Saturn conjunction in your seventh house. Be careful and considerate—you're smart and can get out of this. This time will help your business, but you may get into legal trouble. You may receive a tax notice or be held liable for your work, which may be illegal. Avoid conflict with customers and business partners. You will eventually overcome these obstacles and improve your work. Financially, you'll be fine, but socially you may suffer. Take care of your partner's health. Beware of strangers and watch out for friends. Friends may betray you. Backaches may occur during this period. After hard effort, native workers may be promoted.

Remedy: Recite Aditya Hriday Stotra daily and Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra for added benefits.

  • Virgo

Virgos, the Sun rules your twelfth house and will transit into your 6th house. Sun transit in the 6th house is good. This phase may yield job success. The Sun-Saturn conjunction may annoy your opponents. These two planets establish Shatru Hanta Yoga in the 6th house and defeat opponents. However, the conjunction of these planets is unfavorable, and your opponents may become more active at the start of this transit. Your bills may skyrocket, making you unstable. Your business requires long-distance and international travel. This transit may affect love relationships, so take care of your health. This transit may start with health issues. Stomach, digestive tract, and left eye difficulties may occur. This transit will eventually resolve these concerns. So, be patient and hopeful to succeed. This transit will bring positive business benefits and financial prosperity. This transit benefits students.

Remedy: Start repeating the Gayatri Mantra on Sunday mornings.

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  • Libra

Librans' eleventh house ruler, the Sun, will transit into their fifth house. The Sun transit in Aquarius will increase your finances and give you cash opportunities. The conjunction of the Sun and Saturn in the house of intelligence will allow self-reflection and boost your earning potential. You'll examine whether you've learned from prior mistakes. If not, this time you can learn from them and go ahead with them. Love your mate unconditionally and avoid past mistakes in love. This creates your happy love narrative. Due to a lack of concentration, students will earn average grades. Take care of your health since acidity, gastritis, digestive tract, gastric, and liver difficulties may arise. Eating well keeps you healthy. If you desire to move jobs, this period will help.

Remedy: Yoga, Suryanamaskar, and no salt.

  • Scorpio

Scorpio Saturn will join the Sun in the fourth house, making this transit unfavorable. This may cause family strife. Family discord and jealousy may occur. Protect your parents' health. The Sun transit in Aquarius may increase household spending. You'll need to strive to balance your family's emotions. This time may be consumed by family issues, affecting your employment. Maintain a professional-personal divide. Mental illness, lung infection, knee pain, headache, or bodily ache may occur. This is a critical time for blood pressure patients. Yoga and self-care help. Love your mum and see a doctor if she gets sick.

Remedy: Grow a white star sapling and water it for family and career success.

  • Sagittarius

The father planet Sun rules the ninth house (Dharma Trikon) for Sagittarians. Transiting into your 3rd house. The Sun-Saturn conjunction in the 3rd house is fortunate. Saturn also benefits the third house. This may cause health difficulties for your siblings. Coworkers will support and tease you. Short-distance travel may stress and harm you. Relatives may cause conflict. This Sun transit in Aquarius offers government sector opportunities. You'll succeed in business and improve financially as you work hard. New people will help your business. To avoid conflict and advance in their careers, natives should treat their coworkers nicely. Property sales will bring you money. It will finish this time. You can start new health habits now. This path leads to success. You'll find love and make new friends.

Solution: Recite Shri Ram Raksha Stotra every day.

  • Capricorn

This transit occurs in your zodiac signs' 2nd house. The Sun is the 8th house lord of your zodiac sign. This Aquarius Sun transit in your 2nd house will help your finances. You'll eat well. The Sun-Saturn conjunction will boost finances and jewelry and generate family issues. These natives must avoid arguments and speak carefully during this time. As you can see, hostility and loudness in your voice can harm relationships. You can eat well, but the excess will cause issues. Dental pain and right-eye epiphora may occur during this Aquarius Sun transit. You must work to improve your life. You'll find an inheritance and secret money. This transit will harm your relationship, so prioritize their health. This is a good time to invest in a firm, but make sure you understand the market. This will benefit earlier investments. Your job will increase and profit.

Solution: Recite Shri Aditya Hriday Stotra or Shri Surya Ashtakam every day.

  • Aquarius

The father planet Sun rules Aquarius' eighth house. This Aquarius transit will affect your health and mindset. As the Sun-Saturn conjunction approaches live a healthy lifestyle. If you're indifferent to your health, it could cause problems. Fever, headache, body aches, and fainting may occur. This transit may cause marital changes, but your partners' support will improve the connection and your bond. Business will be good. Your business will grow and prosper. Your distress will rise, but so will your determination to overcome it, making all problems simpler. Stay even-keeled since being egotistical could hurt you. Staying grounded will help you succeed in business and love. This travel will improve your immunity and social life.

Solution: Wear a Sun pendant. Wear it before 8:00 am Sunday.

  • Pisces

Your sixth house is ruled by the Sun, which will transit your twelfth house in Aquarius. This time, rising bills may stress you. You may not be able to get around at first, but this is your chance to travel abroad. Overseas travel will succeed. Uncontrolled and unforeseen expenses might strain your finances, so control them as much as possible. This Aquarius Sun transit will boost your business. Your abroad contacts will help your business. Work will keep you traveling. This may cause health issues and emotional stress from unwarranted worry. Be cautious with your opponents and meditate to profit. Mental and physical health will improve. Leave your troubles and follow a spiritual road to seek the divine's refuge. Focus on labor to succeed.

Remedy: Fill a copper vessel with water on Saturday night and place it near your pillow. Give some water to a red-flowering plant on Sunday morning for benefits.

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