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Do you spend long hours just sitting? Try these yoga poses

Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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Do you spend long hours just sitting? Try these yoga poses

Over the past two years, many of us have moved less and stressed out more. Here are some basic yoga postures and moves to help you recover from too much sitting.

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You may have seen yourself seated a lot more during the past two years, whether it was because you started working at home, built an internet company, obtained your Uber license, had a kid, or had to sit down for extended periods for any other purpose (Netflix, anyone?). In other words, reducing physical activity while increasing mental stress.

You may be familiar with tense shoulders, back pain, pinchy hips, strained eyes, and the merging of personal and professional life into one never-ending sit-a-thon if your home office (or a similar) setup is less than ideal.

Many of us have heard the saying, "Sitting is the new smoking," and while we don't like flashy headlines, sitting for extended amounts of time may be bad for our health.

To avoid and treat working from home aches and pains, we've put up a survival guide that includes yoga positions and exercises to de-stress your body and mind.

1. Hip Flexors

When it concerns stiff hip flexors, prolonged sitting is the primary suspect. Whether you have great posture or are slouching, prolonged periods of sitting can shrink your hip flexors.

The muscles known as "hip flexors" help the pelvis stay balanced over the legs. The iliopsoas, which combines the iliacus and psoas major, the rectus femoris, one of the quadriceps, and the sartorius, are the three primary ones.

Hip flexors can be relieved and released by taking a few easy steps that assist balance the legs, pelvis, and back, such as:

  • Low Lunge 
  • Bridge 
  • Happy Baby

2. Psoas-specific

The psoas has mild sensations. This hip flexor is located in the lower lumbar area, extends down the pelvis to the femur, and prefers to engage in repetitive holding patterns, especially while sitting a lot. Most of us had never heard of it till a yoga instructor mentioned it.

When you walk, the psoas is in motion, flexing the hip joint and lifting the upper leg toward the torso.

The psoas, which is intimately connected to emotions, usually responds to quiet attention, tolerance, and persistence. And to support that, here are some yoga poses.

  • Tree
  • Pigeon
  • Reclined Butterfly

3. Shoulders

Nearly every yoga position and a lot of everyday living include the shoulders. Their flexibility and movement, or lack thereof, continuously impact us, especially because many of us are stoically slumped over phones, laptops, and steering wheels for extended periods.

As fundamental as strength is, flexibility and mobility are as crucial. The following yoga positions will stretch the tiniest fibers between your joints:

  • Melting Heart Pose
  • Cow Face pose
  • Melting Heart

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4. Back

The spine may bend and stretch (forward and backward), bend sideways (lateral flexion), and twist. Loads of sitting, especially if done while hunched over a computer, promote flexion but eliminates any other motions.

By giving the regions that stabilize the spine power and flexibility, adding side bend, back bending, and twisting to the normal forward movement of sitting helps to improve posture and minimize back discomfort. These asanas in yoga do that:

  • Extended Side Angle 
  • Revolved Head to Knee Pose 

5. Eyes

Do you have weary, itchy, burning, or dry eyes? Do you have a foggy vision? The majority of our eyes are suffering from screen usage, whether we're working from home or binge-watching Netflix. In addition to physical symptoms like stiff shoulders and back discomfort, tired eyes can cause headaches and make it difficult to concentrate.

With consideration, relaxation, and yoga, we can treat eye strain. Try the following eye exercises:

  • Move. Look a few times each in the directions of up, down, left, right, and diagonally without moving your head.
  • Close/Blink.
  • Close/Blink. Regularly lowering your eyelids will keep your eyes moist.
  • Warm. 
  • Place your hands over your closed eyes after rubbing your palms together.
  • Look directly.
  • Keep your eyes focused and maintain eye contact without blinking.

A few yoga positions might also help your tired eyes:

  • Downward-facing dog 
  • Dangling 
  • Child's pose

Treat yourself to a sitting break, whether you have a minute or an hour. Try some of our yoga recommendations, or simply get up, shake it off (figuratively speaking! ), or engage in a little dance-off. "You put your entire self in, your entire self out, your entire self in and you shake it all about."

EndNote: Office yoga therapy!

If you've been spending a great deal of time sitting down, whether it has been at a desk, kitchen table, or couch, this exercise is for you. With lots of wonderful stretches, bends, and chances for relaxation, we will concentrate on our cores, glutes, and back during this session. I hope it will be the perfect reset that your system has been requesting!

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