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New Year Rashifal 2023

Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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New Year Rashifal 2023
The New Year is special because three major planets are changing there Rashi Shani, Jupiter, Rahu. Rahu - Jupiter Chandal Yoga will form this new year.

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Form Aries, Saturn will transit on 11th house it is a good time for them to earn money as we know that Saturn is considered good at 3,6,11 and it is a time of desire fulfilment for Aries natives. On April Jupiter will transit on Aries which can give marriage for Aries people fortune will favour when after April Jupiter will conjunct with Rahu it is not good but for film industry it is good. Good time for foreign travel


  • Natives should not indulge in irreligious talks.

  • Chant "Om Namah Shivaya" daily


Good year for Taurus natives. Saturn will transit in 10th house which can makes the native workaholic and Jupiter will transit in 11th house which shows increase in income and Jupiter is a signification of this 11th house and its work is to expand things. After April when it will move, Vipreet Raj yoga will be formed with Rahu. It can increase the expenses on disease. Good time for foreign travel, import – export and IT related work. Buying a home in April will be good and house will surely come. Donation is good for them otherwise money will be spent in unnecessary things.


  • Plan a foreign trip

  • Donation at any hospital


Since two-three years there was struggling time for Gemini natives but, this year, they will have relief. It is a wonderful year for them. Good time for foreign travels, business, for marriage after April is the good time. Natives will receive love from their dear ones. It is good time for starting something new.

Things Gemini natives should avoid:

  • Don’t get carried away with money related material

  • Avoid illegal deeds


  • Keep your words in check year-round.

  • Gemini natives must worship Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays at his temple.

  • Avoid awkward conversations as well.


It will be a mixed year for Cancer natives as Saturn is in the 8th house for them and Jupiter is in the 9th house till April. There will be a little impact on them but after April when Jupiter move from the 9th house; the impact will increase. They will experience a decline in their energy levels. Saturn is in the 8th house and is not considered good in April. When it is in the 10th house, it can create problem. Natives should be alert at their work place. Jupiter transit is good for them. After April, the natives can get a high paying job for which they were trying for 2-2.5 years.


  • Do not indulge in office politics as it can be harmful for the natives.

  • Natives should visit a temple more often.

  • Practicing Pranayama will be good.


Good time for Leo natives as Saturn is transiting in the 6th house from its sign and will move to the 7th house. It is not considered bad for them and Jupiter is in the 8th house, which will transit in the 9th house from April in Aries. Jupiter is there in its friendly demeanour. They should revisit their decisions because previously, they have taken many wrong decisions because of their ambition. Good time for marriage from January for Leo natives. Natives will face problem in their marriage because Lagna lord is Sun and the 7th lord is Saturn who opposes each other. Good time for temple visit, spiritual travels, and writing. Good time for business.


  • Natives should not find mistakes in their spouse and trust him/her.

  • Good time for meditation since Jupiter is going to be in the 9th

  • Natives should not fight with their spouse as it may drain their energy.

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Saturn is transiting and is in the 6th house which will be favourable for the natives. Natives have to work hard as Saturn is slow planet but will give result slowly. Natives should take care of their health. Good times for the natives- January, February, March, and April. Since Rahu is in the 8th house and Jupiter will conjunct Rahu in April, the Rahu- Jupiter chandaal yoga is formed.

Things not to be done

  • Don’t induce in illegal deeds

  • Natives should be careful in property dealing otherwise they will be cheated.

  • Natives should not indulge in share market; they may lose in it

  • There can little problem in relationships.


  • Work hard

  • Natives should take care of their mothers.

  • If their money (income) is lost, they will receive it.

  • Chant ‘Om Namoh Narayana’ daily morning


Difficult time is going to end as Saturn’s dhaiya is going to over. Natives will get relief just like Gemini natives. Natives might face separation in marriage because native may think that the marriage is not working properly. Good time for self-realisation and for starting something to explore more about themselves. These might be problems be there in married life as the spouse’s confusion.

Things not to be done

  • Natives should not go overboard finding mistakes

  • Natives should not avoid being lazy, and try to be energetic.


  • Try to stay away from red-colored items and clothing.

  • Donate bananas or besan laddoos to a charitable organization or temple.

  • Every morning, pour water over the Sun.


Good time for the natives as Jupiter is in the 5th which is considered good. Saturn is in the 4th house which is not considered good but since this Saturn is swarashi it becomes good. Good time to change career streams or to start something new. Natives will also get relief from aliments. Good time read something new. Also beneficial for politicians. If the natives want to completely change their job/ business, it can be done. If the natives are expecting a baby, they may succeed this year if other combinations in their chart are favoring.

Things not to be done

  • Avoid becoming lazy


  • Avoid eating any meals that aren't fully cooked during the day.

  • Keep an eye on your feelings and disposition.

  • Worship Lord Kalbhairav every day or every Monday.

  • At least once a week, try to offer prayers to your ancestors on a regular basis.


Good time for the natives as Sade-sati is ending in January and they will be free from Saturn’s effects of 7.5 years. Good time for the natives in terms of changing home, traveling, and work. Natives will feel confident after Sade-sati if they have become under confident.


  • Chant the "Gayatri mantra" to help you calm your nerves.

  • Try meditating and chanting the Moon mantra to please the Moon.


Sade-sati is going on last phase in the native’s chart. Jupiter is in the 3rd house which can be a good time for buying house. The restriction will be there till the Sade-sati gets over, but the natives will shine in their workplace. However, they may face problems related to wealth and may feel discontent.

Things not to be done

  • Natives should not give money for credit.

  • Natives should check their food habits.


  • Fasting on Thursdays will aid the locals with their financial problems.

  • Worshiping Lord Ganesha throughout the year

  • Chant "Hanuman Chalisa" on Tuesday to get rid your professional hurdles.

  • On Saturday, donate blankets to the poor and needy.


Sade sati is in the 2nd phase so the married lives of the natives will improve. If there is something wrong going on with the natives’ marriage, Jupiter will give them protection. If the natives were not able to get desired results they will start getting them now. Natives should obey their Guru or mentor and take care of their parents. Good time for wealth and their health is on track. Natives should try to take part in religious activities.

Things not to be done

  • Natives should not do things in overexcitement.

  • Natives should not take burden on themselves.

  • They may be forced by people to do things in which they are incapable of, but they should perform as per their capacity.


  • Don't eat cold food late at night.

  • Don't forget to offer coconuts to Lord Shiva every Saturday.

  • Wednesday, give the cows some grass.

  • For success in the workplace, regularly read the "Hanuman Chalisa".

  • Make a trip to the Hanuman temple to improve your financial situation.

  • Offer water to Surya Deva early in the morning.  


Now is a good time to start repaying loan because the Sade-sati is starting. Job promotion can happen at this time too. Natives should be particular about their eating habits as it was not at par since last year, otherwise they might face a decline in their health. Since Sade-sati is starting, Natives may have emotional issues, but new people will come in their life, they should try to accept them and be familiar with them.


  • Natives must be careful about their family because Rahu-Jupiter chandal yoga is forming in the 2nd house

  • Focus on other aspects of life; don’t be religious too much.

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