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What Vastu Mistakes May Cause Misfortune In Life?

Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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What Vastu Mistakes May Cause Misfortune In Life?
Feel like you're surrounded by gloom? Or someone nearby is aggressive or unsettling? Everything around us has energy(Vastu). Both are possible.

Whenever we feel joyful for ourselves or others, promotions, great relationships, ideal job interviews, etc., our mood is lifted and we feel good within, which emits positive energy and makes our surroundings happier.

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When someone is upset or down because of family concerns, marital problems, costs, no career advancement, jealousy, infidelity, or arguments, everything around them seems horrible and they feel gloomy. Negative energies are unhealthy because they prevent happiness. Sadness in our households is awful.
So what steps should be taken? What makes one feel good? How can bad energy be eliminated from a house?

How does negative energy flow?

Nobody sends nasty feelings on purpose. We should avoid jealousy and fighting. Peace and happiness are essential. We must investigate what causes these bad vibes.

Negative People

  • A family member's serious illness, which consumes time and savings, produces grief and despondency.

  • An individual in the family is acting erratically and unpredictably. Negative energy can also be introduced into a home by a non-listener or someone who is stubborn.

Negative Environment

  • A fight-filled home where anger is the main feeling.

  • Workplace environments that make it impossible to learn and develop.

  • Feeling tired and lethargic

  • Clutter and mess

Negative Thoughts And Words

  • Self-criticism

  • Having suicidal thoughts

  • Self-complaint Superstition

How to spot negative energy?

Have you ever found conversing tiring? After a chat, you feel weary and angry. This indicates a negative person's negative energy.

You may encounter occasions when you feel trapped in a certain setting. There is no energy or room for growth. Constantly unpleasant emotions. Your health begins to deteriorate as a result of your whining, critiquing, lack of sleep, and stress.

These signs indicate negative energy exposure. Vastu Dosha supposedly causes negative energy. Keeping damaged or unneeded items around the house, as well as having a messy home, results in Vastu dosha, which brings bad energy into the room. Negativity is also attracted to items that are positioned incorrectly.

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Home negative energy removal?

No matter who brings you down or makes you feel bad, you need to learn how to be more positive and get rid of the bad things in your life. This has several pieces of advice and treatments.

Cleanliness encourages pleasant energy. Adding green plants outside helps—salt, lemon, and vinegar clean knobs and doors well. Mopping with sea salt (unless on Thursdays) decreases unwanted effects. Sea salt beneath the doormat helps too.

Salt wrapped in crimson cloth helps ward off evil eyes and boosts revenues. To fix Vaastu problems in bathrooms and toilets, keep a glass filled with salt there. Glass and salt represent "Rahu," which gets rid of bad energy.

Fragrance-aromatic house calms and boosts positive energy. Making the correct environment and fostering a spiritual connection can both be accomplished by burning incense, sage, camphor, fragranced oils, or room fresheners.

Create a cheerful, tranquil environment. Positive thinking! Smile often. Bless others. Release old hatred and grudges. Yoga and meditation relieve poisons, stress, and negativity. A strong mind blocks terrible thoughts. To feel well, exercise and eat healthy.

Natural light and open windows reduce the dark and sad moods. Bright lights and colors instantly modify the ambiance. The air is lifted by vibrant interiors. Balanced colors and directions create a cheerful mood. Red in the south is like blue in the north, northwest, and northeast.

Rearranging furniture, shaking rugs, and rearranging objects provide you with sanity and ease energies.

Prayers and holistic symbols: Having pictures of God or religious items in the house clears the space of bad energies and brings in good ones. Carefully putting an elephant symbol anywhere in the house can help keep bad energy out. Bells, cymbals, and conches dispel stagnant energy. Mantras chanted by hand or on electronic devices bring nice, serene ideas. Applying yantra with the right mantra helps. The pooja room should also face northeast.
Vastu advises for creating a wholesome and uplifting environment

  • Windows should be opened for sunlight and fresh air

  • No shadowy corners

  • North-east aquariums and fountains are lucky

  • No dead plants, poles, or pillars at the front door. Creating dwar vedh

  • No leaking faucets in bathrooms and homes

  • Kitchens shouldn't store medicines

  • Unplug unused appliances

  • Avoid red, black, and grey when decorating

  • Split floors are bad

  • Negative images include conflict, violence, poverty, and loneliness

  • The entrance shouldn't have trash

  • Don't leave rubbish at the door

  • Ban broken cutlery

  • No stairs-level rooms

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