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What are the major teachings of Garuda Purana?

Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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What are the major teachings of Garuda Purana?

Garuda Purana is one of Hinduism's 18 spiritual mahapurana. This Purana describes Vaishnavism literature extensively. Based on the Hindu god Vishnu, it contains a wealth of new and essential information.

This Purana also provides life and death realities. This Purana's lessons are creative and will help you see life differently. It explains Hindu philosophy. It teaches that gods exist inside and outside human bodies.

Garuda Purana contains teachings and sayings. This Purana also tells about death and the afterlife. This Purana is intriguing and rich in moral principles. Discuss its lessons.

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  1. Share death's secrets

Garuda Purana Teachings discuss life after death, which is unique. It also includes death & aftermath, rebirth, soul journey, etc. These lessons are interesting since science can't explain death. Garuda Purana explains them well. Hinduism has 16 Sanskaras. Anyeshti is based on burial rites.

  1. Garuda Purana punishments

Garuda Purana has 19,000 shlokas. This is separated into two parts: Purva khanda and Uttara khanda. These shlokas depict the consequences of human crimes. Yamraj decides on punishments.

  1. Death-body separation

A soul loses its power to survive after a funeral. The soul is free after death. Souls have no limits. Now the soul can go freely. The soul can visit its favorite sites for 7 days after death, such as the garden, office, and college. During that time, a soul stays around possessions like children, money, etc.

  1. Visiting ancestors

Hindus pray for a dead soul on the 11th and 12th day after death. A soul can then reunite with family, ancestors, friends, etc. All ancestors meet a new soul in paradise. All these things happen when we visit a friend after a long time.

  1. Garuda Purana's rebirth moral

Our rebirth depends on the agreement. Egg formation determines our life, parents, mother, etc. Then we entered this lovely cosmos. Horoscopes determine birthplace. It's a life plan. Garuda Purana route affects life and death.

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  1. God's gift is life

According to Garuda Purana, God gave us this valuable life. Sins decide afterlife punishments. These punishments deserve damnation. It's a vicious spiral since you can repeat birth and punishment.

  1. Anti-Vedic activities are sins

Garuda Purana says a person's misdeeds harm his whole community. Sins have been signed. Brahman killers become consumptives, cow killers hump-backed, etc. A lady murderer will have several ailments.

  1. Unfortunate women who offend their husbands

A woman sins against her living or deceased husband. She won't marry for her future birth. Worship your husband. God can forgive and bless her. If she is reborn, she'll be happy. Wise women consider spirituality, mantras, and God's marvels.

  1. Ramayana Yoga and Brahma Gita instruction

Garuda Purana's final chapters discuss Yoga. It includes Brahma Gita's morals. It explains Asanas' poses, benefits, etc.

Mindfulness, self-knowledge, enlightenment, Samadhi, etc. are discussed. All of these are important for a healthy body and mind. These things battle long-term and short-term sickness.

  1. Discusses science and illness

Some chapters include human and animal diseases. It also describes disease therapies. Here's horse veterinary care.

These chapters assist heal sickness and identifying infections. These strategies and formulas are beneficial for chronic illness. You'll also learn about several drugs.

All these Garuda Purana Lessons have value. These teachings offer a distinct perspective on life and death. Many additional teachings exist.

Garuda Hindus revere Purana saar. It's old. It covers God, life, asuras, philosophers, science, arts, healing, etc.

Hinduism includes idol worship, pantheism, history, philosophy, love, superstitions, rites, festivals, etc.

Garudapurana benefits

  • Mantras and shlokas can be chanted.
  • It eliminates sins and crimes.
  • Makes people kind
  • When understood, it removes all fears.
  • If you chant Bhagavad Gita and Garuda Purana, you'll gain mental serenity.
  • It increases people's responsibility.
  • From birth to death, it details the soul's journey.
  • Explains sins' punishments.
  • It teaches us about diseases and treatments.
  • It teaches Yoga, Asana, Pranayama, meditation, etc., and their values.
  • Interesting Garuda Purana teachings abound. It explains life and death. Because good descriptions are scarce. Everyone should grasp and utilize its importance.

    Good work can transport you to paradise, which is intriguing. Garuda Purana can help you spiritually. You can easily reach your goals.

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