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Weekly Rashifal From 9th Jan. to 15th Jan. 2023

Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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Weekly Rashifal From 9th Jan. to 15th Jan. 2023

The weekly forecast (weekly rashifal) of rashis based on planetary placements for the period 9th January 23 to 15th January 23 is estimated to be as under:

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  • Employed – Mars placed in 2nd house, Taurus sign, Sun in 9th house, Saturn in 10th house. Struggle in career. Name and fame could be affected. Travel will fail to generate any returns. Networking may also not be very helpful. Should stay strong and stay attentive to any criticism. 
  • Business – Be cautious and do hard work.  
  • Love mates – Do not show any romantic discontent. Will increase sadness. Communication will help settle all conflicts. 
  • Married – Average. Pushed to break routine. Effort required maintaining good relationship. Time required and appreciation. This will harmonize relationship. 
  • Students – Good week. 
  • Health – Full focus on diet required. Exercise regular. May overexert. Might affect health. Plan accordingly. 
  • Advice – Worship Lord Hanuman and Maa Durga for career. For marriage distribute besan sweets to teenage girls on Wednesday.


  • Employed – If not cautious, trouble in career for employed. Some inclined to take incorrect steps to gain. This will land you in trouble. Ketu in 6th house, you will overcome competition. 
  • Business – Utilize time and planning well. Concrete plans and execution. Take help of expert. 
  • Love mates – Venus in 9th house. Turbulence. Lack of love possible.
  • Married – Mars shall have some effect. Mars in 1st house and aspecting the 7th house.  Be cautious. Misunderstanding can be caused. Malefic planet aspect on 7th house.  
  • Students – Good week as Jupiter 7th aspect on 5th house. 
  • Health – Ailments possible. Take care. Yoga meditation fluids healthy diet required. 
  • Advice – Tree planting shall give good results. South direction will benefit you.


  • Employed – You may feel burdened. May seek balance in employment. Changes you would bring should be done with due diligence. Involve lot of travelling too. Yet this may not be beneficial enough. Some tiffs with seniors. 
  • Business – New business avoid. Decisions to be put on hold for the time being. Take advice from friends and family. 
  • Love mates – Mixed results as Ketu in 5th house. Rahu aspecting 5th house, not good for love mates relationship. 
  • Married – 7th house ruled by Jupiter. Sun and mercury in 7th house. Ego issues. Avoid issues. 
  • Students – Ketu in 5th house. Decisions should be correct. Take care. With intelligence. 
  • Health – Good results this week. Balanced diet and exercise regularly. Do not take strain. 
  • Advice – Water in copper vessel should be consumed. Green lamp on study table.


  • Employed – Mars will be transiting in 11th house. Beneficial results in name, fame, and money. Fulfill materialistic desires. Job change for better opportunity possible. 
  • Business – Face little issues as Jupiter in 10th house. Some hurdles in business. But issues would gradually decrease and new opportunities in business.  
  • Love mates – Good results. Singles and find ideal match. 
  • Married – Ups and downs could be faced due to Saturn in 7th house. Misunderstanding and ego. 
  • Students – Mars aspect on 5th house, restlessness in studies and brash behavior with lack of concentration. 
  • Health – Good health. Still take good care of health. Some dental issues. Take care.
  • Advice – Meditation daily for at least 5 minutes. Offer food to disabled.


  • Employed - With Saturn in 6th house may have some differences with superiors. Do not get in to conflicts which will have negative results. Insecurity in career.
  • Business – Do not invest big amounts. Ketu aspecting 7th house. Loss outcome.
  • Love mates – Good week. Close to each other.
  • Married - Little ups and downs. Things will be sorted.
  • Students – Sun, Venus in 5th house. Good results.
  • Health – Long illness will be relived from. Take care of eyes. Avoid addiction of any kind. Alcohol or cold drinks to be avoided. 
  • Advice – Sandalwood fragrance at work place. Offer food in hospitals and orphanage.

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  • Employed – Employed may have differences with seniors. Avoid. Saturn in 5th house. Rahu in 8th house. Little insecurity. Change of job may come to mind. 
  • Business – Through communication bring benefits. Harmonious relations with partners. Healthy conversation. 
  • Love mates – Motivated and fulfilled. Cooperate with partner. Partner will held in strengthening your bonds. 
  • Married – Excellent knowledge of each other.   
  • Students – Saturn in 10th house. Minds will be fluctuating.  
  • Health – Rahu in 8th house. Health concerns. Closer attention required physically and emotionally. Food intake should be good. Avoid driving or be cautious. 
  • Advice – Yellow flower in the east of your house and also offer water to Lord Sun.


  • Employed – Sun and Mercury in 3rd house. Endeavors and abilities shall be useful. Receive good news. 
  • Business – Wealth increase. Beneficial times for changes in business. Patient work. 
  • Love mates – Complicated but will be sorted. 
  • Married – Favorable and unfavorable outcomes both. Post obstacles, good period. 
  • Students – Normal week. 
  • Health – Mars aspect 2nd house placed in 8th house. Concentrate on health and also of your family members. Maintain routine, exercise and balanced diet. 
  • Advice – Offer white sweets in temple. Respect older women and give them milk to drink on Mondays.


  • Employed – Sun and mercury conjunction in 2nd house. Employed shall be prosperous. Growth. Salary increase. Job offer from abroad. 
  • Business – Effort and skill needed in business. Know what you are doing before investing and ensure before investing and wanting to continue. 
  • Love mates – Jupiter in 5th house. Happiness and harmony. Closeness. 
  • Married – Mars in 7th house. Conflicts. Be supportive to spouse efforts. 
  • Students – Jupiter in 5th house. Good results. 
  • Health – Rahu in 6th house. Some issues due to change of weather. Engage in exercise and yoga. Take care of health. 
  • Advice – Recite Hanuman Chalisa Tuesdays. Drink water in silver glass.


  • Employed – No rash decisions at work place for employed. Patience in professional life required. Delays in work, clients could be possible. Patience required. 
  • Business – Normal week. 
  • Love mates – Rahu in 5th house of love and romance and aspecting by Saturn. Do not vent frustration of partner. Try changing to meditations instead. Tension anger and irritation shall be controlled. 
  • Married – Irritation on better half. Avoid. Maintain harmony. 
  • Students – Rahu in 5th house. Awestruck minds and fantasies shall create mind issues. 
  • Health – Mars in the 6th house. Defeat all health issues. Medical conditions shall improve. Be patient. 
  • Advice – Use green color in work place. Chant Beej Mantra of Jupiter.


  • Employed – Obstacles on way to success. Your skill shall overcome. Challenging to control all with your authority and power. Employed may land into politics with co workers. 
  • Business – Saturn aspect on 7th house. Sense of responsibility. Discipline in business. 
  • Love mates – Will be able to maintain focus. Some related hobbies. Unexpected turns in love life. Communicate. 
  • Married – Maintain marital facades. Jupiter aspecting 7th house. Chance to define life with spouse. 
  • Students – Higher education prioritized. 
  • Health – Will improve. Balance between physical and emotional. Energy. 
  • Advice – Give black chana to birds. Offer food to poor on Saturday.


  • Employed – Good progress in work place by employed. Mars aspecting 10th house – boost in fame and wealth. 
  • Business  - Normal week. 
  • Love mates – Some difficulties. Ease and comfortable as the time progresses. Some issues of relationship so communication is the answer to any indifference. 
  • Married – Well. 
  • Students – Work hard to achieve goals.
  • Health – Avoid ailments by good physical and emotional health. Past issues shall clear. 
  • Advice – Tuesdays offer food to construction workers at site.  Grass to cows on Wednesday.


  • Employed – Sun and Mercury in 10th house. Professionally good. Reap rewards of prior work. Some job insanity. Promotion in PVT. Sector. 
  • Business – Continue in the work. Choices available for other business. Choices later too. 
  • Love mates – Deeper friendship will have good results. May culminate with marriage. Good life. 
  • Married – Understanding and love with spouse Jupiter in 7th house. 
  • Students – More efforts required due to return on confidence. Might perform better than anticipated. 
  • Health – Pay attention to body as pain and fever possible. General precautions. 
  • Advice – Offer sweets to Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays. Water to Lord Sun.

Writer – Mala Chatterjee

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