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Weekly Rashifal from 6th Feb to 12th Feb 2023

Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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Weekly Rashifal from 6th Feb to 12th Feb 2023

The weekly forecast (weekly rashifal) of rashis based on planetary placements for the period 6th February 23 to 12th February 23 is estimated to be as under:

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For those born under the sign of Aries, this past week has held promising prospects. You can receive a significant financial gain all of a sudden at the start of the week.

  • Employed: You will develop a relationship with a knowledgeable senior who will later be able to help you join a successful project.
  •  Business: It will be successful to make efforts in the path of career and business. Business progress will also be encouraging, but you should always use extreme caution while transacting with others and avoid placing your complete faith in them.
  • Family: Women will become more engaged in religious work. You will have the chance to participate in any religious or auspicious work by the end of the week. Finding an answer to a significant issue involving the child will be relieving.
  • Love-mates: In terms of romantic relationships, this week is going to be favorable. With a kind partner, there will be more love and harmony.
  • Marriage: The joyful married life will continue.
  • Students: Normal week
  • Health: Health-wise, this week should be as usual.
  • Advice: Recite the Hanuman Chalisa and the Hanumat Upasana seven times each day as a cure.


This week, Taurus people should only make life-related decisions after giving them great thought; else, they might have to deal with unneeded issues.

  • Employed: You will need to work extra hard and efficiently in this situation if you want to finish your assignment on time.
  • Business: Businesspeople may not have a good start to the week, but a surprise profit after the week will make them happy. Land-building disputes will be a major source of worry for you.
  • Family: There will be a lot of work to do at the start of the week, making it impossible for you to spend time with either your family or yourself. The unique aspect is that even the closest of friends would have less collaboration during a hectic schedule.
  • Love-mates: Instead of arguing, try to clear up any misunderstandings in your romantic connection.
  • Marriage: The spouse's health will cause the mind to worry a little.
  • Students: To achieve the desired outcome, students studying for the exam competition must put in a lot of effort.
  • Health: Normal week for you.
  • Advice: Worship Goddess Durga every day and recite the Chalisa as a cure. Give a cow the first roti you make in the kitchen.


For Geminis, this week will be a challenging one. The work may provide some challenges at the start of the week, but by the end of the week, things should be going your way.

  • Employed: Short or long-distance travel for work-related purposes is possible at the start of the week. During the trip, you will need to take excellent care of both your wellness and your possessions.

  • Business: Those who labor outside of their expertise, as well as those who perform commission and target-oriented business, will continue to experience mental stress and restlessness. To achieve the desired success, they will have to put up some effort.

  • Family: Be aware of seasonal illnesses during this time, stick to your daily schedule, and watch what you eat and drink, among other things. The second half of the week will be happier and more prosperous than the first. The thoughts will be content if a significant issue is settled at this time with the aid of a powerful individual.

  • Love-mates: The romantic relationship will be intense. You might receive a nice gift from your significant other at the end of the week.

  • Marriage: The joyful married life will continue.

  • Students: Students' attention may wander away from their academics like this.

  • Health: A normal week for you.

  • Advice: Worship Ganapati every day and provide green moong dal on Wednesdays as a cure.


The Cancerians will experience a mixed week this week.

  •  Employed: This week, they must seek the counsel of their well-wishers or superiors before making any important decisions or moving in any particular path. A blockage in the task being done will cause mental distress at the start of the week.
  • Business: The sources of support for business during this time may be disrupted, and connected to the firm may experience intense rivalry from their rivals. In the middle of the week, labor will be abundant. Running about looking for pointless stuff will take up time during this period.
  • Family: Drive carefully because if you don't, your body will suffer and you'll continue to worry about getting hurt. It may be challenging for working women to strike a balance between jobs and family life.
  • Love-mates: From the standpoint of a romantic relationship, this week cannot be deemed positive. Avoid flaunting your relationship or letting the world know about it this week, and proceed with caution at all times. If you don't, you might run into issues.
  • Marriage: You must make time for your partner if you want your marriage to be joyful.
  • Students: You will feel kind of stressed this week, but no need to worry.
  • Health: Normal Week for you.
  • Advice: Every day, pour water from a copper pitcher onto the Shivling and chant his Chalisa.


For those who are under the sign of Leo, this past week has been fortunate.

  • Employed: For those who are employed, the start of the week is likely to be quite fortunate. There will be opportunities for his promotion and financial gain during this. There will be more interaction with higher authorities.
  • Business: The total wealth will rise if you can add another source of income. The middle of the week will see the planning of some new work. If you've been looking to purchase and sell buildings and land for a while, this week may be the moment for it to happen.
  • Family: An individual from the family will provide you with happiness. In a property and building dispute, the outcome will be favorable to you.
  • Love-mates: The romantic relationship will be intense.
  • Marriage: Marriages can also result from romantic partnerships. The joyful married life will continue.
  • Students: Normal week for you.
  • Health: Normal health will prevail. The health of an aged person living in the home may continue to cause the mind some minor anxiety.
  • Advice: Perform daily worship to Lord Shri Vishnu by donning a saffron tilak and reciting the Vishnu Sahastranam.


  • Employed: Virgo natives should use extreme caution this week among coworkers who frequently try to disrupt your job. This week, it might be best to disregard other people's comments rather than become engaged with them.

  • Business: This week, avoid making any important business decisions in a hurry. Take any well-advise wishers if you're unsure; otherwise, it would be best to put off making that choice. The second half of the week will continue with low income and heavy spending. As a result, your budget can be off. You could have to run in vain for the task throughout this period.

  • Family: Family members must use extreme caution when investing in new schemes.

  • Love-mates: Your romantic partner will eventually become your ally.

  • Marriage: The joyful married life will continue.

  • Students: Scolars may become sidetracked from their studies.

  • Health: This week, Virgo natives’ health may continue to be a little shaky. Distress can result from seasonal changes or the advent of any chronic disease.

  • Advice: Pray the Chalisa every day and present red flowers to Maa Durga. On Friday, give girls white candies to receive blessings.

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The themes of this week for those born under the sign of Libra are joy and prosperity.

  • Employed: You will start hearing wonderful news about your work at the start of the week. If you've been waiting a while for a transfer or promotion, your desire may come true this week.
  • Business: Unexpected business successes will make you happier.
  • Family: Because of the purchases of comfort-related items at the start of the week, there will still be a happy vibe in the home. Even though your spending will rise as your income does, you will only use this money for certain fortunate tasks.
  • Love-mates: In a romantic relationship, intimacy will get closer. Family members may approve of your love marriage.
  • Marriage: Any significant success of your partner in life during this time will greatly contribute to your happiness and the happiness of your family. You will continue to have a pleasant marriage and have the opportunity to enjoy time with your spouse.
  • Students: You will be able to finish a major assignment in the second half of the week with the aid of your closest friends.
  • Health: Normal week for you.
  • Advice: The cure is to perform daily Shivling worship and chant his Chalisa.


Scorpio natives will have a mixed week in terms of relationship, employment, and business.

  • Employed: Your thoughts will be slightly disturbed because of unnecessary traveling and spending. At work, your rivals might try to obstruct your progress. Your money and time will also be wasted on pointless stuff at the same time.

  • Business: The second half of the week might offer some respite from the first. The business-related travel made at this time will be fortunate and result in the desired outcomes. With the aid of a pal, a brand-new project will be planned.

  • Family: Relatives and family members may disagree on a certain issue. Avoid using inappropriate words and acting inappropriately during conversations to avoid regret afterward.

  • Love-mates: Avoid making any significant decisions while feeling very passionate in a romantic relationship.

  • Marriage: To ensure marital bliss, spend more time with your partner.

  • Students: People who want to pursue careers overseas will no longer face obstacles.

  • Health: You must pay special attention to your health at the start of the week. You could contract seasonal illnesses during this period.

  • Advice: The cure consists of reciting Sunderkand daily, worshipping Hanuman Ji, and donning a vermilion tilak.


For those born under the sign of Sagittarius, this week will be uneven.

  • Employed: You'll be weighed down by work on the first day of the week. To reach your goal, you will need to work harder and longer. The power-government-related tasks that have been stuck will go more quickly.
  • Business: You must run a lot this week if you want to achieve the desired results at work. The ability to obtain money will still be possible despite the challenging conditions.
  • Family: There can be a disagreement with a family member about anything in the middle of the week. However, you must take great care to ensure that this difference does not in any way lead to conflict.
  • Love-mates: Bitter and sweet disagreements in your romantic partnership will not only make it stronger, but they will also give you courage when things become tough.
  • Marriage: Your involvement in religious and social activities as a couple will rise at this time.
  • Students: With the aid of a friend, there will be a chance to join a successful course in the second half of the week.
  • Health: Normal week for you.
  • Advice: Worship Shri Vishnu and chant Narayan Kavach every day as a cure.


At the start of this week, Capricorns will have plenty of opportunities to advance financially but bear in mind that you could also lose it if you're careless or lazy.

  • Employed: Employees will receive less assistance from seniors and juniors at work. You will need to put in more effort in this situation to accomplish the unfinished business from your past and present. Otherwise, this work will cause you a lot of trouble in the future.
  • Business: Businesspeople will find this period to be fortunate as well. will achieve desired business profit. Your status and regard in society will rise during this time.
  • Family: The friendly family environment will continue. The parents in the home will fully cooperate and assist you. The efforts performed in the work search will be fruitful during this time. You can perform any auspicious work at home.
  • Love-mates: Unmarried couples' unions can be arranged. Anyone can enter a single person's life. A recent friendship may develop into love.
  • Marriage: Your thoughts may continue to be a little preoccupied with your spouse's well-being.
  • Students: With the aid of a friend during the week, all of your significant concerns will go.
  • Health: You must take care of your eating and health habits.
  • Advice: Feed the birds and recite Bajrang Baan to Hanuman ji every day.


This week will be challenging but it won't endure forever, though, and everything will turn out well for you in the end.

  • Employed: You could need to drive far or close to home at the start of the week for work-related purposes. There will be more spending than income at this time. Your budget may become slightly messed up as a result.
  • Business: With the aid of a powerful individual, the power-government-related task that has been stuck will be finished in the second half of the week. Investments made in a previous program will result in enormous profits. People in business will be able to benefit from the market boom. They will become more credible in the marketplace.
  • Family: More funds will be spent on comfort-related items towards the conclusion of the week.
  • Love-mates: The romantic relationship will be intense. Any significant success involving the love partner will make the mind joyful.
  • Marriage: There will be times when you can enjoy time with your Spouse.
  • Students: You may find this week's beginning challenging, it is a relief that your closest friends and family will be quite supportive in removing it.
  • Health: Normal week for you.
  • Advice: Offer ashes on the Shivling while reciting the Shiv Chalisa every day. On Saturday, donate black clothing.


For Pisces natives, this past week has been fortunate and fruitful.

  • Employed: You would be able to meet your goal earlier than expected thanks to the full collaboration of both superiors and juniors at work. For those who are employed, new sources of supplementary income will emerge. The wealth that has been accumulated will rise.
  • Business: You will make the needed progress in your business this week. Those conducting business abroad may find this week to be quite advantageous. Business trips will boost your money and business, it will be shown.
  • Family: Any auspicious ritual can take place within the family. Some wonderful news will come from the female or child side by the end of the week. Because of this, the home will have a joyful mood.
  • Love-mates: There will be passionate love relationships.
  • Marriage: For working married women, this is going to be a very lucky time. Respect in the home will rise along with it in the workplace. The joyful married life will continue.
  • Students: You will be able to attain the desired achievement in all areas of life starting at the start of the week thanks to your courage and fortitude.
  • Health: Normal health will prevail.
  • Advice: Recite the Shri Vishnu Sahastranam each day as you worship Lord Shri Vishnu for relief.

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