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Weekly Rashifal from 30th Jan to 05th Feb 2023

Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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Weekly Rashifal from 30th Jan to 05th Feb 2023

The weekly forecast (weekly rashifal) of rashis based on planetary placements for the period 16th January 23 to 22nd January 23 is estimated to be as under:

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  • General: Aries natives have good fortune this week. You will begin to see the realization of your dreams on Monday.
  • Love-life: For those who are still single, this week's start will be quite fortunate. During this, they might meet someone they like or get their marriage back on track. The power-governance stuck will move faster with the assistance of a powerful individual.
  • Business: For those conducting business in partnership, the second half of the week will be fortunate. The business will only be profitable during this time, but you'll be working on growing it.
  • Employed: During this time, commission-based employees may land a significant contract. The respect for working women will rise with any noteworthy accomplishment, both at work and at the home.
  • Students: Your passion will grow and your mind will be content when you see the full benefits of your efforts.
  • Marriage: Love relationships will be intense, and there will be trust between people that will expand a joyful married life.
  • Advice: The cure is to worship Hanuman Ji every day and leave the house by donning the vermilion tilak that is given to Hanuman Ji when he leaves for any important task.


  • General: This next week will have both happy and sorrowful moments for Taurus natives. Ancestral property disputes may worsen, but it would be preferable to attempt a resolution through mutual discussion rather than filing a lawsuit.
  • Love-life: Progress in romantic relationships slowly and without a rush. 
  • Business: This week, businesspeople should stay away from risky investments.
  • Employed: Employed persons should exercise caution around co-workers in the second half of the week. They can try to hinder your job throughout this. Don't tell anyone about your plans till you complete them.
  • Students: Students could become disinterested in their academics in the middle of the week. They will only be able to achieve the required accomplishment, though, with additional labor and effort.
  • Marriage: The thoughts will be preoccupied with a household issue at the start of the week. Take some time away from your hectic work schedule for your family to make your marriage pleasant.
  • Advice: Worship Goddess Durga daily and recite the Chalisa as a cure. On Friday, give a girl kheer or other white candies.


  • General: This week, a startling catastrophe could result in a significant chance for Gemini.
  • Love-life: If your relationship with your significant other has soured due to something, misunderstandings will be resolved this week with a friend's assistance, and your love life will resume its normal course.
  • Business: From the standpoint of your business, this moment will be advantageous for you. However, you should use extreme caution while dealing with money.
  • Employed: Employed persons may receive significant field responsibilities that require them to put in extra effort and work long hours. However, your effort will not go unnoticed and will show to be highly beneficial for advancing your career. However, those who are employed shouldn't delegate their duties to others.
  • Students: By the second half of the week, those pursuing higher education or studying abroad will learn some encouraging news.
  • Marriage: Opportunities to have enjoyable times with your spouse will present themselves. This week, you need to be on the lookout for seasonal diseases to prevent health issues.
  • Advice: The cure is to perform daily durva offerings to Ganpati and recite the Ganesh Chalisa.



  • General: This week, the well-being of an elderly family member will be on the mind at the start of the week. Home repairs and other expenses may be higher at this time, causing your budget to become unbalanced.
  • Love-life: You can have an unforeseen need to travel far or close to home towards the conclusion of the week. The trip will be enjoyable and improve new relationships.
  • Business: Cancerians will experience less luck than they had anticipated, and some challenges in their business will significantly increase their mental worry.
  • Employed: You will need to wait a little while if you want to obtain a significant job or responsibility. However, this week will also lead to the creation of new revenue streams.
  • Students: Your progress will be fine good this week if you don't pay attention to little issues.
  • Marriage: Normal week. You will continue to have sour-sweet disagreements. Through life's ups and downs, your relationship with your life partner will develop.
  • Advice: Offer milk and Ganga water to the Shivling as a remedy, and recite the Shivmahimnastotra every day.



  • General: The folks born under the sign of Leo will have a good week. People having political affiliations will become more influential in society.
  • Love-life: You will have the opportunity to have wonderful times with your love partner and all misunderstandings that may have arisen in your relationship will be resolved.
  • Business:  For businesspeople, the 2nd half of the week will be lucky and fruitful. Any significant transaction made during this time will generate a substantial profit later. The encounter with a powerful person at the start of the week will serve as a channel for entering future profit schemes.
  • Employed: The seniors will maintain their grace at work, and the juniors will exhibit full collaboration. This week may bring about the opportunity that long-time job seekers have been hoping for. Overall, you will have favorable outcomes from the job you attempt this week.
  • Students: Normal week for students.
  • Marriage: Your spouse might give you a surprise gift.
  • Advice: Every day, offer arghya to the Sun by immersing roli and Akshat in waters and chanting at least one rosary of the Gayathri Mantra.




  • General: For the sign of Virgo, this week will be uneven.
  • Love-life: This week is lucky for romantic relationships. With the romantic companion, tuning will be improved.
  • Business: This week will be a little less profitable for business owners than anticipated. Although investments made during this period can result in enormous rewards down the road, avoid taking unnecessary risks and, if you are working in a partnership, gain the trust of your partner before moving forward.
  • Employed: To fulfil the goal reached work, Virgo natives will need to work even harder and longer hours. Those who are working abroad may receive some encouraging news in the 2nd half of the week.
  • Students: You will work extremely hard not only in your studies but in every area of your life that is related to it to succeed.
  • Marriage: Married life will continue to be joyful. You will have the chance to take part in several auspicious events during this week.
  • Advice: The cure is to recite the Goddess Durga's Chalisa every day and to provide green clothing or money to a needy person on Wednesday.

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  • General: This week, those born under the sign of Libra will need to control their excitement to prevent losing their faculties. If you have been putting off buying or selling land, constructing a structure, or purchasing a vehicle, for example, it can be finished by the 2nd half of this week.
  • Love-life:  Individuals who are already involved in a love connection will be more in tune with one another if an individual can enter their lives. 
  • Business: Avoid putting off any job till tomorrow and keep your speech and actions under control. Otherwise, the nearly successful outcome could become out of control. You could need to commute long or short routes for work-related purposes during the week. 
  • Employed: If you disagree with someone at work, communicate your disagreement gently; otherwise, your poor behavior may serve as strong evidence that you are mistaken even when you are correct. Working women will have more success this time around.
  • Students: Students will possibly go on a trip enjoy and benefit from the trip.
  • Marriage: Even amid harsh and sweet disagreements, married life will continue to be happy.
  • Advice: The cure is to chant Rudrashtakam every day while worshipping the Shivling with white sandalwood.



  • General: For Scorpions, this week will be characterized as being rather fruitful. A senior household member's health will cause concern during the week, and some significant unexpected arrivals in the 2nd half of the week could ruin your budget.
  • Love-life: From a love-affair perspective, this week cannot be deemed favorable. Take any action in this direction extremely cautiously in this circumstance. Do make time for a great marriage despite your busy schedule. 
  • Business: Entrepreneurs could have to contend with fierce rivalry from their rivals. Aim for significant earnings rather than big losses throughout this time. Don't blindly trust your partner if you conduct business in a partnership.
  • Employed:  The task at work can suddenly grow at the start of the week, requiring you to devote more time to it. You must use extreme caution with those who frequently try to obstruct your efforts during this time. Income will come from a variety of places during this time, but expenses will be considerable. 
  • Students: Normal week for students. 
  • Marriage: You will have mental relief towards the end of the week when all significant concerns about the child are resolved.
  • Advice: Recite the Hanuman Chalisa and the Hanumat Upasana seven times each day as a cure.



  • General: This week will be favorable for you overall if small issues are overlooked. You must, however, organize your time and finances for this to occur. Your major emotional and physical issues will be resolved by the end of this week. 
  • Love-life: The love connection will be more intense, and trust and understanding will grow. You'll get chances to enjoy happy moments with your romantic companion.
  • Business: Your major issue will be resolved with the assistance of a powerful government official. Long-term business expansion planners will find that this period is advantageous for them. There will be opportunities for successful business outcomes.
  • Employed: People who are employed will have the assistance of both junior and senior professionals. People involved in social service may be recognized for some work at the start of the week. Your thoughts will be more focused on religious activities during this time.
  • Students: If you have been sick for a while, this week will be good for your health which will stabilize your study schedule.
  • Marriage: The joyful married life will continue to be good.
  • Advice: Chant Shri Vishnu Sahastranam and worship Shri Vishnu every day by offering basil leaves and yellow flowers.


  • General: People born under the sign of Capricorn will find this week to be advantageous. The time is right for a career. There will be a chance to take part in any auspicious program during this time.
  • Love-life: In terms of romantic relationships, this week will turn out to be lucky. If you wish to propose to someone in front of others, you can emphasize your point by doing so.
  • Business: You can learn some useful facts about careers and business at the start of the week, which will make your family happier overall. If a court case was ongoing, the outcome might be in your favor. Your choice will turn out to be the right one during this period for any issues relating to your home and family.
  • Employed: The seniors and juniors will both stand by them. There will be a rise in accumulated wealth and new sources of income. It is possible to realize the desire for a promotion or transfer. There is a chance of making an unexpected excursion to a sacred location in the 2nd half of the week. 
  • Students: The barriers that stood in the way of people who wanted to study or conduct business overseas can be taken out.
  • Marriage: The joyful married life will continue. Normal health will prevail.
  • Advice: Offer ashes and Shami Patra to Lord Shiva every day as an act of worship. Chant the Shiva Mantra while wearing a Rudraksha mala.


  • General: For Aquarius natives, this past week has been fortunate and advantageous.
  • Love-life: With a love partner, there will be more cooperation in the partnership. Opportunities to share joyful and humorous times with your spouse will present themselves. Better coordination will occur.
  • Business: Businesspeople also have luck this week. You would be able to make the desired income in your business right away this week. The trip taken for work purposes during the week will be profitable and enjoyable. There will be an improvement in your marketability. Any investment you make now will boost your chances of making money later. However, it would be wise to seek the counsel of your well-wishers first.
  • Employed: People who are employed may be given a large position or significant responsibilities. There is a probability that your pay and esteem will go up. This week, your wish for a change at work may come true if you have been considering one for a while. Maybe you'll have better opportunities.
  • Students: You will have a meeting with a knowledgeable person early in the week. It will provide you the chance to participate in any future profit-related program.
  • Marriage: Opportunities to share joyful and humorous times with your spouse will present themselves. Better coordination will occur. 
  • Advice: Worship Hanuman Ji every day and recite the Chalisa as a cure. On Saturday, light a four-faced flour lamp beneath a Peepal tree.


  • General: Natives of Pisces should refrain from trading near-term gains for far-off losses at the start of this week.
  • Love-life: You can unexpectedly take a trip to a tourist attraction with close friends in the 2nd half of the week. The trip will turn out to be enjoyable and engaging. Due to the arrival of a beloved family member at home towards the end of the week, there will be a joyful atmosphere.
  • Business: Avoid making important decisions when under the influence of someone else's seduction or emotions. Ignoring people's minor inconveniences is suitable wherever you are, including your home and place of employment.
  • Employed: It will be advantageous to keep your friends and coworkers close this week. One could need to go to court about the issue involving the land OR building. However, it will be in your best interests to resolve this disagreement by negotiation outside of court.
  • Students: Maintain a safe distance from anyone during this time who tends to drag you into some sort of major confusion.
  • Marriage: The companionship and love will be intense. You and your companion will have good cooperation. Opportunities to have enjoyable times with your spouse will present themselves. Normal health will prevail.
  • Advice: Worship Suryanarayan daily by offering Arghya and reciting Vishnu Sahastranam.

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