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Weekly Rashifal from 23rd to 29th Jan 2023

Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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Weekly Rashifal from 23rd to 29th Jan 2023

The Weekly Rashifal is here, there are some important transits going to take place in the coming week. The movement of the planet will decide various aspects of native life. Let's see what it holds for different zodiac signs.

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  • Employed - Coming week is an excellent time for new employment opportunities, natives thinking about job change can take it further.

  • Business - Boost business with new plans and bring profit. Prioritize your work accordingly.

  • Love mates - You might have a faceoff with an old lover. Adventurous things might happen. You might suffer mental trauma.

  • Married - Homes will be receiving positive energy and good times in the life of married couples can be seen.

  • Students - Dream of Flying abroad will become a reality.

  • Health - Good health this week. You will be fortunate and healthy so take new steps in the same direction.

  • Advice - You can perform Yagna for Rudra on Thursday.


  • Employed - With the recent transit of Saturn then employees or employed people can expect plenty of benefits in the office and opportunities lined up for them.

  • Business - Business will bring profits. You will get support and motivation from your parents. Investing in your real estate business would bring you long term profits.

  • Love mates - good times to spend with your loved ones. Make some extra efforts for interaction and things will blossom.

  • Married - Couples will have great communication in between. This week will be pleasant for your relationship.

  • Students - Stars are in your favor so take bold action and don't fear taking risks of any kind.

  • Health - By adopting new techniques and habits you can expect good health.

  • Advice - Chant “Om Bhargavaya Namaha” on a daily basis 33 times.


  • Employed - Be disciplined at work and perform your task and duties religiously only this will save you this week.

  • Business - Engage with clients at different locations, which will help you get new business.

  • Love mates - Make your partner feel special this will avoid various upcoming troubles in your relationship.

  • Married - Health might be bad for you and your partner, take good care of them as well as yours.

  • Students - You will get motivation and optimism will be high. You will get new opportunities.

  • Health - Start a fitness activity that will benefit you. Begin meditation and yoga for fitness. Get enough sleep and eat healthily.

  • Advice - Chant Hanuman Chalisa.


  • Employed - You will have a successful week with fruitful news coming your way in your professional life.

  • Business - There are chances you will take a business trip that will help your business and growth in a positive manner.

  • Love mates - Be expressive in relation and communicate otherwise things will go wrong between you and your partner.

  • Married - Communicate with your partner they will turn out to be the most trusted person on your side in times of need.

  • Students - There will be serval distractions coming your way keep working hard and your effort will be rewarded.

  • Health - Planets are supporting your health but over-exertion and overwork might give rise to serval health-related issues.

  • Advice - Chant “Om Mandaya Namaha” on daily basis 44 times.


  • Employed - Retain your composure and focus intact.
  • Business - Trading businesses will face huge losses due to the past investment that will trouble them now.
  • Love mates - Your partner will get close to someone that causes you insecurity and tension keep your emotions in check and don't be possessive.
  • Married - Family issues and fights will cause stress between you and your spouse giving rise to anger.
  • Students - Students will face lot of difficulty in understanding and absorbing what has been taught to them. Avoid ego and try to understand things.
  • Health - You may experience some allergic relations. The health of some family members would cause stress this whole week. Keep your calm.
  • Advice - Chant Aditya Hridayam daily.


  • Employed - Due to Ketu’s interference any work will be hanging in the middle.
  • Business - Businessmen have a great opportunity to start a new venture. But don't take too much risk that will prove fatal.
  • Love mates - This week will provide you with comfort and strength in your love life. Your decision might take it to marriage.
  • Married - Understanding between you and your partner will improve and a surge of love waves come your way.
  • Students - Great times, your career will take a flight.
  • Health - Because of Rahu your health will be troubled, take good care otherwise slight deprivation would lead to mishappening with health ailments.
  • Advice - Perform Yagna-Havan for Goddess Chandi Devi on Tuesday.

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  • Employed - Progress and new prospect opportunity would be there for new, new avenues will open. Be careful of temporary let down at the work place.

  • Business - Invest your money wisely.

  • Love mates - Enjoy your lovers company and take good care of them, they might fell sick.

  • Married - Take good care of our spouse, this time will give you romantic experience.

  • Students - You will receive desired grades the result of your hard work. Be vigilant if you are trying to move to abroad.

  • Health - Health will be better than usual

  • Advice - Chant “Om Namah Shivaya” daily 11 times.


  • Employed - Times are good for you to show your capabilities and it will take you in direction to achieve your ambitions.

  • Business - Maintain a balance between your income and expenditure, there will be some lose funds for you.

  • Love mates - Your lover will see your feeling clearly. Visit somewhere with them to make them feel special.

  • Married - Openly take a conversation with your partner. You will have great peace of mind. Things will be going smooth with your partner.

  • Students - You will get desired result of your efforts.

  • Health - Take a proper diet, might face some joint pain or minor health issues.

  • Advice - Chant “Om Gam Ganapathye Namaha” daily 21 times.


  • Employed - There will be some obligation to you in terms of professional commitments.

  • Business - Profit will approach your way with the help of close friends and relative. Communicate with your elders.

  • Love mates - You will miss your lover quite a lot during this week, keep communicating even if you are busy.

  • Married - Might doubt your spouse because of their strange behaviors but keep you calm and don’t do anything rash.

  • Students - Challenging times, it might be difficult to focus on studies.

  • Health - With good health comes great confidence. Take good care of your family’s health.

  • Advice - Offer food to Brahmins on Thursday.


  • Employed - Impress your superior with your excellent work ethics. The benefit of your labor will be there.

  • Business - You will face a little difficulty in career due to transit of Saturn.

  • Love mates - Your partner be in need of money for important work. No communication between you and your partner.

  • Married - Relationship between you and your spouse might get disrupted this week, keep an extra eye.

  • Students - Changes in the behavior of the students this week, might get into a debate with their teachers. However, they will need to avoid any such disputes

  • Health - Health of spouse would be a little unstable. Your health would be all good. Take care even during travels.

  • Advice - Chant “Om Namo Narayana” daily 24 times.


  • Employed - Whole week would reap you benefits in your professional life.

  • Business - Most favorable time for business, week would be busier than usual.

  • Love mates - Significant amount of miscommunication due to lack of celerity.

  • Married - Marriage will suffer due to lack of problem management with your spouse.

  • Students - Students preparing for competitive exam will get success and academic performance will improve.

  • Health - Health issues to some family member would cause you distress and induce anxiety.

  • Advice - Perform Havan-Yagna for Planet Saturn on Saturday.


  • Employed - Great time to switch from your current job.

  • Business - Don’t lend money to anyone this week. You might not get it back. There is the possibility of high profit coming your way.

  • Love mates - Love life will move smoothly though; you will enjoy this time with your lover.

  • Married - Treat your partner well it will improve your relationship and you will fitness evolution of your married life.

  • Students - Your efforts will pay off and you will see unexpected growth in your career.

  • Health - Don’t act carelessly, take caution for your health during this week.

  • Advice - Chant Vishnu Sahasranama daily.

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