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<strong>Weekly Rashifal from 13th Feb to 19th Feb 2023</strong>

Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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<strong>Weekly Rashifal from 13th Feb to 19th Feb 2023</strong>

The weekly forecast (weekly rashifal) of rashis based on planetary placements for the period 13th February 23 to 19th February 23 is estimated to be as under:

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Aries natives will have a mixed week ahead of them.

  • Employed: To obtain optimum results in their work this week, folks will have to put in extra time and effort. The thoughts will be agitated at the start of the week as a result of needless delays in required tasks.
  • Business: Business people must use caution while transacting with money. Before investing in any plan, make sure to heed the counsel of your well-wishers.  If you lose consciousness or act inappropriately while working, you can incur losses.
  • Family: You must restrain your rage this week and treat elders with respect.
  • Love-mates: This week, your romantic relationships could encounter some challenges. If there is no meeting with the love partner, the mind will continue to be restless.
  • Marriage: Concerns for the spouse's health will be on the mind.
  • Students: Normal week for you.
  • Health: Therefore, you need to steer clear of conceit and haughtiness this week.
  • Advice: Recite the Chalisa seven times each day as part of your adoration of Hanuman. Additionally, give Satanja to those in need.


Taurus natives have a lucky and prosperous week ahead of them.

  • Employed: The creation of jobs will increase people's income. However, this will result in spending on amenities-related items. If you've been considering changing jobs for a while, this week you'll likely receive an offer from a superior organization.
  • Business: You will receive some fortunate business and career-related information at the start of the week. There will be considerable economic growth. The remaining power-government-related tasks will be finished. This week can be quite successful for those who have been working hard to establish their careers or businesses abroad.
  • Family: Working women will be treated with more respect both at work and at home.
  • Love-mates: You have an ideal week in terms of your romantic connection. You'll observe improved chemistry between you and your love interest.
  • Marriage: The joyful married life will continue. With your spouse and family, you'll have the chance to laugh and enjoy yourself.
  • Students: You have to concentrate on your studies without getting distracted to achieve success.
  • Health: Normal week for you.
  • Advice: Recite Rudrashtakam every day and worship the crystal Shivling with white sandalwood.


The Gemini sign will experience good fortune this week. The first half of the week will be more favorable than the second.

  • Employed: Employed persons might enjoy the benefits of their previous laborious efforts. Senior citizens will value your work.
  • Business: The trips you took at this time concerning your career, business, or another significant choice will be the cause of your large future profit. This week will be quite profitable for those involved in the business. You will have the chance to participate in a successful project with the assistance of a trustworthy companion.
  • Family: There will be a chance to participate in any religious or fortunate work in the second half of the week. You will feel relieved when the land and building conflict is settled with the aid of a powerful individual during this time. On a chance encounter with a close friend, old recollections will be brought back to life.
  • Love-mates: The romantic relationship will be intense. You'll have chances to spend time together with your significant other.
  • Marriage:  Happy marriages will continue.
  • Students: Normal week for you.
  • Health: Be cautious of seasonal illnesses.
  • Advice: Pray Lord Vishnu and chant the Vishnu Sahastranam every day as a cure. Water the banana tree as well.


People with cancer sign may experience some difficulty at work this week.

  • Employed: Normal week for you.
  • Business: You might need to make a long trip early in the week for the sake of your job or business. The journey will turn out to be exhausting and less successful than anticipated, so the mind will continue to be a little irritated. Any significant business decision should be thoroughly considered by those involved in the industry.
  • Family: This week is going to be mild in terms of the economy. After the week, a sizeable sum could need to be paid to cover any significant needs of the child.
  • Love-mates: In a romantic relationship, misunderstandings might occur over certain things. Instead of fighting about it, use discussion as support.
  • Marriage: Your spouse will help you during trying times.
  • Students: Normal week for you.
  • Health: You must take excellent care of your body and your possessions this week. You might have physical pain as a result of a seasonal disease or the onset of a chronic disease. Drive defensively. Injuries are also a risk.
  • Advice: Visit a pagoda, bring a copper pot filled with water, and recite the Rudrashtakam to the Shivling there.


For those born under the sign of Leo, this week will be unpredictable.

  • Employed:  Employees should work more closely with both their senior and junior colleagues.
  • Business: You'll need to manage your time and finances this week. Do not put off or perform any work haphazardly; failing to do so could result in significant financial loss. Be wary of your rivals.
  • Family: You can start to worry about an elderly person's health in the mid of the week.
  • Love-mates: In a romantic relationship, move forward cautiously. Don't meddle too much in your love partner's personal life. Avoid dismissing your love partner's emotions if you want your relationship to get better.
  • Marriage: Normal week with respect to marital life.
  • Students: Studies can be interrupted in students' minds. Try to find a quick solution to your issues rather than letting them linger for an extended period.
  • Health: You will still need to take excellent care of your health, though.
  • Advice: In the early hours of the morning, before sunrise, offer Arghya in a copper jar to the rising sun. Recite the Aditya Hridaya Stotra three times simultaneously.


This week will appear to be the catalyst for Virgo's removal of all life's challenges.

  • Employed: The creation of jobs will increase people's income. If you've been wanting to begin a new job for a while, your dream may come true this week. There will be an improvement in your marketability.
  • Business: The outcome of your court-related matter could be decided in your favor at the start of the week, or the other side could propose an out-of-court settlement. When it comes to buying and selling land or buildings, this week will be fortunate for you. Making decisions in this respect will be advantageous. The market boom will help those who are involved in the business.
  • Family: The level of societal prestige will rise. When making any significant decisions, family members will fully cooperate and support you.
  • Love-mates: This week, attempts will be made to see that you can declare your love if you were considering it. The already existing love affair will be passionate at the same time.
  • Marriage: A happy marriage will continue.
  • Students: You will get a chance to spend a lot of time in the presence of a learned individual.
  • Health: You must prioritize your health together with your work. Give food great attention.
  • Advice: The cure is to worship Lord Shri Ganesha, the provider of Riddhi-Siddhi, every day by reciting Ganapati Atharvashirsha and offering Durva.

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It will be quite fortunate for those born under the sign of Libra this week.

  • Employed: For those in jobs, this week is likely to be very fortunate. You may be offered a significant position or significant responsibilities this week. The trip you took for work will turn out to be more fortunate than you anticipated in the second half of the week.
  • Business: You can achieve the required results in the business by operating in a planned approach. You will finish projects and make amends for previous errors.
  • Family:Misunderstandings with the family will be resolved at the start of the week with the assistance of a senior. You'll get ancestral property. You will have the chance to take part in any Manglik or religious program at the start of the week. There will also be opportunities to make a pilgrimage to a holy location.
  • Love-mates: There will be opportunities for you to share wonderful times with your partner and your romantic relationship will be solid.
  • Marriage: The joyful married life will continue ignoring small problems
  • Students: Normal week for you.
  • Health: Normal week for you health-wise.
  • Advice: The cure is to recite the Goddess Durga's chalisa every day and to give rice in a white cloth on Fridays.


This week, those born under the sign of Scorpio will have a few ups and downs.

  • Employed: By mingling with people in the field, employed people will still need to work. Under no circumstances should you let your connection with your senior degrade.
  • Business: You must be extremely cautious while dealing with rivals. At the same time, you will need to exercise caution around those who frequently attempt to divert you from your objective. Try to complete any work thoughtfully rather than in a hurry to avoid suffering a significant financial loss.
  • Family: Normal week for the family members.
  • Love-mates: Only by pushing forward with an optimistic attitude will the romantic relationship be intense.
  • Marriage: Keep away from miscommunication getting developed in your marriage.
  • Students: To achieve the desired outcome, students preparing for examinations and competitions must put in a lot of effort.
  • Health: There may be physical and mental suffering in the mid of the week as a result of the onset of a seasonal illness or any other chronic ailment. Maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout this time and pay close attention to your diet.
  • Advice: Recite Sunderkand every day in worship of Hanuman Ji to end all problems.


This week, Sagittarius natives will have to rely more on their karma than on luck to get through.

  • Employed: When working on anything, take your time, and drive safely.
  • Business: It would be good to seek the counsel of your closest friends or well-wishers before making any significant decisions regarding your business.
  • Family: It would be desirable to resolve the property or ancestral property conflict by mutual dialogue rather than going to court. A significant amount of cash can be spent on home repairs or luxuries in the mid of the week.
  • Love-mates: There will be good news for romantic relationships this week. Better communication and the chance to have quality time with the love interest will result from this.
  • Marriage: Couples won't be as interested in your social work this week, and you'll want to spend time with each other, away from people.
  • Students: Normal week for you.
  • Health: You might need to make an unexpected long or short travel in the second half of the week which will be hectic for you.
  • Advice: Worship Shri Vishnu and recite the Narayan Kavach every day as a cure.


This week, Capricorn natives should consider the benefits and drawbacks.

  • Employed: Avoid working hastily or carelessly at the start of the week because even a tiny error might ruin the work completed. This week, the workload for those in employment will continue heavy. The natives will need to work even harder and longer hours to finish it on time.
  • Business:  Compared to the beginning of the week, the second half will bring some relief. You will achieve the desired profit in your business during this. If you've been considering growing your company for a while, your wish will come true. Both income and expenditure will be in excess during this time.
  • Family: By investing in a comfort-related item, the home will continue to feel happy.
  • Love-mates:  Bitter and sweet conflicts will still go through the love machine. You might receive a nice gift from your significant other at the end of the week.
  • Marriage: The joyful married life will continue.
  • Students: A normal week for students.
  • Health: Be cautious of your health, you might suffer from mild flu.
  • Advice: Recite Bajrang Baan every day and perform ritualistic worship to Hanuman as a cure.


The Aquarius individuals have experienced some positives and negatives this week.

  • Employed: You will need to wait a bit longer to receive the desired opportunity if you are randomly looking for work.  You'll feel relieved in the mid of the week after finishing a project that had been on hold for a while with a female coworker's assistance.
  • Business: Those conducting business in partnerships should refrain from leaving the company in the hands of third parties or placing naive faith in anyone.
  • Family: The minds of domestic women will be increasingly focused on religion and spirituality.
  • Love-mates: Try to comprehend the requirements and compulsions of your love partner to avoid neglecting his feelings.
  • Marriage: Your life partner will stick by your side like a shadow during trying times.
  • Students: You'll be able to spend less time with your family at the start of the week because of your studies. Due to your schedule, you can occasionally have to deal with difficult situations.
  • Health: There will be a change in the currently existing health-related issues during this period. It will be crucial to maintain a positive attitude in this circumstance.
  • Advice: Prayers to Lord Shankar and recitation of his Chalisa are the cure. Donate Shani-related items on Saturday, such as iron, mustard oil, black sesame, etc.


This week, Pisces people will have a good week, excluding some minor inconveniences.

  • Employed: You should take your time and complete your work in this case attentively. In no case should you lose your anger. Entrepreneurs may have to deal with a market recession. You might need to go a long way toward the end of the week for work-related purposes.
  • Business: Beginning the week with a meeting with a powerful individual will serve as a springboard for joining a future large-scale profitable scheme. Your adversaries can try to sway you and divert your attention from your objective in the mid of the week.
  • Family: Normal week for the family.
  • Love-mates: The dynamics of love will be typical.
  • Marriage: The joyful married life will continue. Your spouse will grow stronger for you during trying times.
  • Students: Attempt to complete your assignments yourself rather than delegating them to others. In a similar vein, avoid starting another assignment when the previous one is still unfinished to prevent having both activities remain unfinished. You should concentrate on your aim rather than getting engaged in other people's projects.
  • Health: Normal week in terms of health.
  • Advice: Worship Lord Vishnu every day and recite the Shri Vishnu Sahastranam as a cure. Apply saffron tilak daily.

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