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Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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The weekly forecast of rashis based on planetary placements for the period 8th August to 14th August and is estimated to be as under:

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  • Employed-Saturn ruling lord of the 10th house will stay in your 10th house in retrograde position after transiting from the 11th house due to which you will work hard for success. Work gone astray will return. Venus in 4th house. New employment opportunities.
  • Business- Overseas Businessmen will have a good week with rewards for the labor put in.
  • Love mates – Mercury transiting in the 5th house. Relationships will be pleasant.
  •  Married – Pleasure will increase due to venus in the 4th house. Listen to the worries of a spouse. 
  • Students – mercury significator of intelligence and communication will be 5th house. Good for education.
  •  Health – Advised eating outside. Venereal diseases were possible. Excess exertion will create physical and mental stress. Jupiter in 6th house diseases may impact health negatively. Take care. 
  • Advice – Recites Bajrang's path and offers Prasad to Hanuman Ji.   


  • Employed-Saturn ruling lord of the 9th and 10th houses will be in your 9th house. House of luck. Will favor you. More labor is required and rewards will compensate. Jobwise success is indicated.
  • Business – new avenues. Father may help in business.
  • Love mates – mercury ruling lord of the 5th house is in the 4th house. Partner search shall be successful. Love and affection with a partner. 
  • Married – Jupiter aspect on 7th house, house of partnership, successful understanding with a spouse. Mars will aspect on 7th house and result possible in minor arguments.
  • Students-Students shall perform well. Transit of Jupiter in own house with complete aspect on 5th house. 
  • Health – Ketu in 6th house – metal tension, negativity, misunderstanding. Do not indulge in futile matters. Mercury in 4th house. Self-confidence.
  •  Advice – Worship lord Ganesha.


  • Employed- shall find Jupiter in their sign after becoming retrograde. Hard labor shall result in good rewards and success. New job seekers shall be successful.
  •  Business – Good week. 
  • Love mates – Misunderstanding due to the presence of Ketu in the 5th house. Sun and venus conjunction in the 2nd house may increase issues. Manage things calmly.
  •  Married – Favourable time. Closer to each other. 
  • Students – Face challenges due to the position of Ketu in the 5th house.
  •  Health – Rahu aspect on 6th house - health issues. Take care. 
  • Advice -  Light mustard oil lamp under peepal tree on Saturday evening.


  • Employed-Those employed shall possibly lose temper. Promising period otherwise due to presence of mercury in 2nd house. Job seekers shall be successful.
  •  Business – normal week. Retrograde Saturn In the 7th house.
  •  Love mates – Some issues. Misunderstanding over trivial matters. With the aspect of Jupiter on the 5th house, matters will come under control.
  •  Married – old conflicts resolved. Mutual understanding. 
  • Students -Successful results for students due to an aspect of Jupiter on the 5th house.
  •  Health – Jupiter ruling lord of the 6th house will be in the 9th house (house of luck). Relieved from past diseases. Rahu aspect on 6th house, new health issues may be faced.
  •  Advice – perform shiv Abhishek with milk and sesame.


  • Employed- shall have chances of good results and success. Venus is ruling lord of the 10th house, in the 12th house. Pending work shall restart and you shall benefit. Sun ruling lord of zodiac sign will be in 12th house, those with overseas jobs will be well placed.
  • Business-overseas, good times with favorable results. Saturn will be in the 6th house, Rahu in the 9th house respectively business people shall be benefitted. Benefit also due to intelligence.
  •  Love mates – Jupiter ruling lord of the 5th house will be in the 8th house so you will have issues in love. However, while ego shall be prevalent, the matter may be controlled.
  •  Married -   Look to the future and let go of the past and you shall survive issues and love shall remain intact.
  • Students-Students shall be successful.
  •  Health – Saturn ruling lord of the 6th house will be in its sign and retrograde position. So old diseases may create problems. Keep away from busy activities. Self-confidence will be boosted to face issues. 
  • Advice – Red flower in water and offer to the sun and recite the Surya beej mantra. 

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  • Employed – mercury ruling lord of 10th house will be in its friendly sign. Those associated with foreign jobs will be benefitted. Those in search of jobs shall have a favorable time. Service people are likely to be promoted. 
  • Business – foreign, good week.  
  • Love mates – Saturn in 5th house, house of love, in retrograde. Discord possible. Conflict possible. A negative impact can be felt. 
  • Married – Mixed results.
  • Students – not good period as Saturn in 5th house. Break in education possible.
  • Health – New issues may occur. Joint pains. Saturn placement, the old disease will recur.
  •  Advice – Donate a green item to the needy.


  • Employed - The conjunction of sun and venus in the 10th house and full aspect of Saturn on the 10th house, several challenges possible. You will fare well however due to the sun in the 10th house.
  •  Business – mixed results
  • Love mates – Saturn lord of 5th house in retrograde position. Possibility of differences.
  •  Married – mars and Rahu in 7th house, issues. Confrontation on trivial issues. Do not allow anger to overpower you. Differences. 
  • Students – Stable. 
  • Health – Venereal diseases. Skin-related disorders too. Special care is required. Elders' health improvement – mental satisfaction. 
  • Advice – Jaggary to white cow on Friday. 


  • Employed – sun ruling lord of 10th house will form a conjunction with venus in 9th house. Multinational employees shall be benefitted. A complete aspect of Jupiter – a great success. Promotions in the Pvt sector.
  •  Business – Normal week.
  •  Love mates – Jupiter ruling lord of the 5th house will be in the 5th house. Growth in love and affection and mutual trust.
  •  Married – Pleasant. Strengthened relations. 
  • Students – Jupiter benefactor of knowledge and education lord of the 5th house will remain in the 5th house. Brighter success.
  •  Health – mars ruling lord of 6th house conjunction with Rahu – mental stress. Blood-related problems too. Be careful and consult a doctor. 
  • Advice – recite hanuman Chalisa every day.   


  • Employed – ruling lord of 10th house, mercury, will reside in 9th house, house of luck, fate will be with you. Very thriving week. 
  • Business – Normal week.
  • Love mates – ups and downs. Conflicts. Rahu in 5th house.
  •  Married – Differences with partners. Conflicts and resultant misunderstanding. Be calm and listen to your spouse. 
  • Students – Rahu in 5th house education challenges.
  •  Health – Blood-related issues. Mars in the 6th house indicates the predominance of courage but mental stress and worries. Take care. 
  • Advice – donate yellow items and worship Lord Vishnu. 


  • Employed – Mixed results for employed. Some issues may occur due to Ketu in the 10th house. Work completion may get disturbed. Anger may aggravate due to the aspect of Rahu. Stay away from controversy and control speech. 
  • Business – mixed results.
  •  Love mates – Good week. Venus ruling lord of the 5th house of love will remain in the 7th house and form conjunction with the sun. Strength to love mates.
  •  Married – some challenges due to conjunction of sun and venus in 7th house. Use proper language. 
  • Students – Normal week.
  •  Health – Old ailments shall be rid of. Improvement of the health of elders.
  •  Advice – Worship Shani dev. Light mustard oil lamp under a peepal tree.  


  • Employed –Employed mixed results. Completion of work likely to get stuck. Be careful. Do not start new work. Focusing on existing work will be favorable. Saturn is retrograde in your 12th house aspecting 6th house. 
  •  Business – Good week.
  •  Love mates – Misunderstandings will fade away. Quality time with a partner.
  •  Married – comfortable. Misunderstandings will fade and strong bonds will be there. 
  • Students – Good week.
  •  Health – mixed results. With the conjunction of sun and venus in the 6th house, the house of disease, some health problems may trouble you. Minor. Yet take care. Control anger for mental peace. 
  • Advice – Feed sabut moong to cow on Wednesday with your own hands.


  • Employed – Jupiter, ruling lord of the 10th house will be in the 1st house. Better for employed. Minor issues. With the conjunction of sun and venus in the 5th house, 
  • Business – business will be good. Increase in income. Start a new business. Will succeed. 
  • Love mates – Venus and sun in 5th house, house of love, comfortable love position. Relief from love negatives.
  •  Married – Jupiter aspect on 7th house good week for married. 
  • Students – Jupiter 5th aspect on 5th house, good for education.
  •  Health – Old disease may cause issues. Discipline eating habits. Careful of health. 
  • Advice – Apply turmeric and sandalwood tilak on your forehead daily.

Writer – Mala Chatterjee

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