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Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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The weekly forecast of Rashis based on planetary placements for the period 7th to 13th February is estimated, to be as under:


The combination of Saturn and mercury present in the 10th house will give you success in the field of work. An aspect of Jupiter and Saturn in the 7th house will bring favorable results in the business domain. The presence of Jupiter in the 11th house and Rahu in the 2nd house indicates financial benefits. Troubled by expense for a long time now, you shall get relief because Saturn will aspect the 12th house. Jupiter aspect on 5th house is good for students education. Unmarried would get desired life partner. Venus in the 9th house will increase sweetness in married life. Avoid fried foods. Do meditation and yoga daily.

Advice: Light a lamp in front of the idols of Laxmi Narayan and offer prayers.

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Businessmen may gain. The presence of Jupiter in the 10th house will give desired results for working people. The presence of the sun, mercury, and Saturn in the 9th house will bring support and luck in the field of work. Mixed emotions in a love affair. Married people – problems may increase due to the aspect of mars in the 2nd house. Good time for students in technical and political. Health – pay attention to food and avoid lifting heavyweights. The elderly need to be careful. Can experience joint pain.

Advice: Read Durga Chalisa regularly.

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There will be a change in the life of employed. Because of the conjunction of Venus and mars, business people will be benefitted from long business trips due to Jupiter in the 9th house. New contacts will also be made. Good week for love life because of venus lord of 5th house present with mars in 7th house. Some conflict of ego with the life partner. Avoid disputes or any trouble with your spouse. Students will get success by the grace of Jupiter. Ketu in the 6th house and Saturn in the 8th house can give health-related problems.

Advice: Give food to specially-abled people on Saturday.


The conjunction of the 10th house lord mars with venus, in the 6th house, might cause problems for employed people. A better week for businessmen and they can take long business trips too. Unfavorable in love affairs this week. There will be a decrease in mutual harmony. Marital life will be good. Students will get difficulties in the matter of education due to the presence of Rahu and Ketu. Health – Minor ailments. Related to stomach and throat.

Advice: Worship lord shiva daily.


Unfavorable for working people due to the presence of Rahu in the 10th house. Extra efforts are required with seniors. Expansion of business and chances of good profits for businessmen. The week is good for love affairs. The conjunction of Venus and Mars in the 5th house will strengthen love relationships. Harmony with spouse better and support in a difficult situation. Students – normal week. Health issues – Saturn and sun will be present in 6th house and Saturn aspect on 8th and 12th house – some issues. Chronic disease can bother. Care regarding diet and routine required.

Advice: Worship the sun daily and chant the beej mantra.

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Jupiter present in 6th house will aspect on 10th house and give success in the workplace. For the expansion of business or completion of new plans in the business, one will have to wait. A difficult time for love relationships. Many challenges will be there. With the help and support of spouses get benefits from work. Due to the presence of sun mercury and Saturn in the 5th house, students will likely suffer. Health-related issues are possible due to the presence of Jupiter in the 6th house. Should give priority to health. Eat nutritious food.

Advice: Recite Vishnu Sahastranaam daily.


The full aspect of the sun, mercury, and Saturn on the 10th house is a good sign for you for the workplace. Businessmen will also get success in this week. Jupiter in the 5th house, students will get support. The presence of Ketu in the 2nd house and Saturn in the 4th house may cause some tension between husband and wife. For love relationships, there will not be much tension due to the presence of Jupiter in the 5th house. Consuming stale food may cause problems. Eat fresh foods home-cooked.

Advice: Chant Venus beej mantra daily.


Working professionals will get benefits from the presence of the 10th house lord, Mercury with Saturn in the 2nd house. This week will be ups and downs for businessmen. Good time for students studying law and finance. Due to the position of mars and venus, on Lagna, may be some trouble in married life. Conflict with love mates is likely. Health – Period of good health. Get benefits from regular exercise.

Advice: Apply saffron tilak on the forehead daily.


Difficult for job seekers because of the presence of Ketu in the 10th house and the effect of Rahu on it. Due to the aspect of Jupiter on the 7th house, businessmen will get success. A difficult time for love relationships. The aspect of Jupiter in the 7th house is favorable for married people. Harmony between husband and wife will improve. Students need to pay more attention this week. Stay alert of changing weather.

Advice: Light mustard oil lamp under peepal tree on Saturdays.


Good week for businessmen. Ups and downs for career point of view for employed. A difficult week for students due to the aspect of sun mercury and Saturn on the 5th house. Ups and downs in love relations as well. Disputes are possible in the family regarding property matters. Shoulder and joint pains are possible. Also stomach related issues.

Advice: Chant Guru Brihaspati beej mantra.

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