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Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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The weekly forecast of rashis based on planetary placements for the period 5th to 11th September and is estimated to be as under:

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  • Employed-  shall have Saturn present in 10th house retrograde. Troubles. Pvt. Job people shall obstacles. The benefit to multinational company employees. 

  • Business - offer from foreign companies this week. Growth and new direction. Increase source and contacts.

  •  Love mates – Venus in 5h house. Favorable. Sun in the 5th house same time can change behavior bringing bitterness. Careful of speech. Ketu in 7th house.

  • Married – married shall have conflicts. Aggression. Control anger. 

  • Students – venus and sun conjunction in 5th house. Favorable results. Examination performance shall be good. 

  • Health – the presence of mercury in the 6th house, risk of accident or injury. The aspect of Jupiter on the 6th house – minor disease. Take care. 

  • Advice – worship lord hanuman and visit the Hanuman temple.  


  • Employed-  Saturn transit in its sign enters your house of fate. For employed, luck shall favor. Support of seniors and also increase in salary. 

  • Business – Aspect of sun and venus on 10th house, new business or associated with a business will get new opportunities. Expansion of business and respect. 

  •  Love mates – the presence of mercury in 5th with an aspect of Jupiter, the rise of problems. Misunderstandings. 

  • Married – mars in 1st house and aspect on 7th house, arguments, and conflicts. 

  • Students – problems due to the presence of mercury in the 5th house and the aspect of Jupiter on it will boost morale. Make them leaders. 

  • Health – Ketu in 6th house, Rahu in 12th house, health issues minor ailments. 

  • Advice – donate white clothes on Friday.  


  • Employed – Jupiter ruling lord of 10th house in own sign whereby opportunities. Promotion is possible. Workload increase. Increase in income. Do not get into conflicts. 

  • Business – favorable week. 

  • Love mates – Ketu in 5th house, aspect of Rahu on it, misunderstanding. Doubts. Lack of love. 

  • Married – week favorable. Saturn (retro) in the 8th house, ups, and downs, however. 

  • Students – mixed results. Ketu in the 5th house and Rahu aspect will disturb concentration. Challenges.

  •  Health – mars in 12th house, good results. Good health. Rid of ailments. 

  • Advice – feed green grass to cows regularly.


  • Employed – venus will conjoin with Saturn in the 2nd house, good career opportunities. Completion of pending works increases respect for you. The Foreign job associated can go on a foreign trip.

  •  Business – better week than usual. Project expansion. Export-import will bring an increase in foreign sources.

  • Love mates – mixed results. Saturn in the 7th house. Misunderstanding. Distance.

  •  Married – Clear any doubts with a partner. Doing this will make marital life better and stress-free. 

  • Students – Good outcome. Jupiter in the 9th house and aspect on the 3rd house, help to perform well.

  •  Health – Mixed results. Lord of 6th house, Jupiter, transiting in 9th house and sun and venus will aspect 8th house, you will not face major issues. Minor ailments however possible. 

  • Advice – Add sesame seeds to the milk and jal Abhishek on shiv Ji regularly.


  • Employed- will complete work with authority and get favorable results. Mars in 10th house and aspect on 4th house, good period. 

  • Business – Good period for businessmen as well. 

  • Love mates – Lord of 5th house Jupiter will be in 8th house and venus will join the sun in 1st house, some problems. Aggressive nature needs to be controlled. 

  • Married – sun aspect on 7th house, negative speech. Control conflicts. 

  • Students – Jupiter in the 8th house, helps in performing well. With the aspect of Saturn on Jupiter in the 8th house, some concentration issues may be there. Mixed results. 

  • Health – Saturn transit in Capricorn retrograde position, indigestion, and gas issues. Acidity. Joint-related problems may increase. 

  • Advice – offer water to the sun reciting a mantra daily.  


  • Employed- will be favored by fate. Help in attaining success and progress. Job switch – an opportunity for good organization. Maintain good relations with seniors.

  •  Business – New business or expansion will be possible.

  • Love mates – Saturn retrogrades in the 5th house, face the wrath of a partner in a relationship this week. 

  • Married – not favorable. Health issues are possible. Can face the burden of responsibility of married life.

  • Students – Saturn in 5th house, study issues. Concentrate on your studies and do not get distracted. Otherwise, performance will be affected. 

  • Health - suffering from the prior disease may get worse. New disease for some. Joint pains and bone issues. 

  • Advice – Hanuman Chalisa regularly on Tuesdays. Feed bananas to monkeys.


  • Employed- Saturn in 4th house with aspect on 10th house, employed shall face issues. Work extra hard for better results. May not perform well this week. 

  • Business – Unfavourable times. Unable to concentrate. Fail to satisfy customers in the market. Unrest in minds.

  • Love mates – Good week. Venus and sun conjunction in 11th house, aspect on 5th house, enable move past misunderstanding. Plan for an outing. 

  • Married – Rahu in 7th house, issues in married life. Bitterness. Control anger and understand your spouse’s feelings.

  • Students- will get desired results. Saturn's 5th house lord is in its sign Capricorn. Favorable. Medical, Engineering, and Mechanical will be benefitted. Competitive exams and wanting to go abroad for studies will have it so. 

  • Health – Rid of earlier ailments and improvement in health. The aspect of Saturn on the house of the disease may however result in stomach issues.

  • Advice – worship goddess Katyayani.

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  • Employed- Venus and sun in the 10th house, employed will get auspicious results. The accomplishment of tasks and appreciation of seniors. Boost morale.

  •  Business – Businessmen will be In profit as the sun in the 10th house. Earn good profit as well as the implementation of strategies for new business. 

  • Love mates – Lord of 5th house Jupiter, will be in their sign Pisces, increasing love. May get married. 

  • Married – presence of mars in 7th house, conflicts possible. Nature is arrogant and minor matters will become issues. 

  • Students- will have Jupiter in the 5th house motivating better performance.

  •  Health – Rahu in the 6th house, suffer from ailments issues. The smallest disease should be taken care of and a doctor consulted. 

  • Advice – Bathe adding black sesame to water.


  • Employed-  Favourable for employed. Mercury lord of the 10th house will be in his sign, Virgo. Good outcome and progress. 

  • Business – Businessmen will be benefitted due to mercury in the 10th house.

  •  Love mates – Rahu in the 5th house will bring trouble and conflicts with their partner.

  •  Married – lord of the 7th house, mercury, will be in its sign Virgo and positivity will be the outcome. 

  • Students- will face trouble in their studies because of Rahu in the 5th house. Will need to work very hard for desired results.

  • Health-Healthwise mars in the 6th house give you health benefits. Old ailments shall be rid 

  •  Advice – Feed a full meal to poor Brahmin on Thursday.  


  • Employed- Mixed results for employed as lord of 10th house venus will transit in 8th house with sun. Hindrances at the workplace. Need to be careful and not lack productivity.

  •  Business –Businessmen also need to be careful and avoid controversy. 

  • Love mates –  Mars in the 5th house, venus, and sun in the 8th house. Positive relationship. 

  • Married – Minor arguments and loss of patience. Maintain healthy relationships. 

  • Students-Venus and the sun in the 5th house will bring good results for Students. Competitive exams and govt. job exams will be good. 

  • Health – Mercury lord of the 6th house, will be in its sign Virgo in the 9th house. Reason for health improvement. Careful of health, however. 

  • Advice – Worship lord shiva regularly.


  • Employed-with the lord of the 10th house mars in the 4th house, career will grow. Favorable results. 

  • Business – Businessmen associated with land, building, or vehicles, will be getting profits. Good period for export import also. 

  • Love mates – Lord of 5th house mercury in 8th house, doubts between mates. Understand each other and views. 

  • Married – venus and sun in 7th house, resentment in married life. 

  • Students- with mercury lord of the house of education in the 8th house will get favorable results. Those interested in education abroad will benefit. 

  • Health – Aspect of Jupiter on 6th house, ailments from minor disease possible with changing weather. Take good care of your health. Saturn aspect on 6th house old diseases may return. 

  • Advice – Offer argh to the sun every Sunday with water in a copper vessel and reciting of sun mantra.


  • Employed- Jupiter lord of the 10th house will be in the 1st house, therefore employed will get a stronger position at the workplace. 

  • Business – Good career opportunity. Progress in life. Businessmen will have positive times. 

  • Love mates – mixed results. The negative impact of planets will create misunderstanding. Resolve issues with proper communication. 

  • Married – the transit of mercury in the 7th house will create issues between spouses. 

  • Health – venus and sun in the 6th house will bring improvement in health and relief from prolonged disease. Take medicine regularly. Consult a doctor if needed.

  • Advice – Serve parents and take their blessings every day.
    Writer – Mala Chatterjee

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