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Weekly Rashifal 5th to 11th Dec. 2022

Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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Weekly Rashifal 5th to 11th Dec. 2022

The weekly forecast (weekly rashifal) of rashis based on planetary placements for the period 5th December to 11th December 2022 is estimated to be as under:

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  • Employed – Shall make strong position at work place. Colleagues will take your leadership for completing things on time. Great effort will be put in and rewards reaped. Welcome challenges and make the most of the situation. Pleasant relations with seniors.
  • Business – Normal week.
  • Love mates – Closer to each other. Good times. However be cautious and maintain discipline. Secrets may open. Take care.
  • Married – Ketu in 7th house. Confusions. Suspicious of some action of spouse so some rifts possible.
  • Students – Normal week.
  • Health – Mercury Venus and sun in 8th house with retrograde mars in 2nd house Rahu in 1st house and Jupiter in 12th house. Health ailments. Care of diet. Medicines properly. Special care of stomach.
  • Advice – Offer 4 bananas to lord hanuman on Tuesdays.  


  • Employed – Pleasant times winning laurels and praise of seniors. Transfer possible - mars on zodiac sign. Jupiter in 11th house aspect on 5th house may help getting job as per desire.
  • Business – Sun Venus and mercury in 7th house focus will be on business totally. Positive outcome. Partner could be egoistic. Speak to them carefully.
  • Love mates – Ruling lord of 5th house mercury with Venus in 7th house. Love marriage possible.
  • Married - Successful in convincing partner. Venus and mercury, attraction and love in relations. Jupiter on 5th house is good.
  • Students – Normal week.
  • Health – Issues may surround you due to Ketu in 6th house and Rahu in 12th house. Conjunction of mercury Venus and sun in 7th house. Consult doctor. Eat nutritious food. 
  • Advice – Recite mantra of Mata mahalaxmi using sphatic mala on Friday.


  • Employed – Jupiter lord of 10th house in own sign blesses you with great success and proficiency in career. Hard work will be inspiration for others. People will seek your help. Rewarding time. Reputation increase – promotion possible.
  • Business - Do not invest. Issues may be there. Invest only after seeking proper suggestions from capable persons. Stability after some time.
  • Love mates – Issues. May not trust to great extent. Ketu in 5th house. Break up possible. Avoid arguments. Stability gradually.
  • Married – Tensions. Aspect of mars on 7th house. Spouse behavior not to your liking. Strained relationship. Transit of mercury and Venus in 7th house will change the scenario and relationship will bloom.
  • Students - Ketu in 5th house, confusion in students.
  • Health - Mercury in 6th house with Venus and sun and aspect of mars on 6th house, Ketu in 5th house, chances of abdominal disease. Control diet.
  • Advice – Prepare urad daal pakora in mustard oil and donate, on Saturday.


  • Employed – Job change will happen as per your aspirations. Venus mercury and sun in 5th house with Rahu in 10th house and mars aspect on 5th house. Promotion and or good job. Avoid short cuts and stick to efforts.
  • Business – Saturn in 7th house. Prepare budgets correctly.
  • Love mates – Increase in love with partner. Close to each other. Good relations. Impact of mars and presence of sun in 5th house could however create some misunderstanding.
  • Married – Cooperation from spouse. Happy times. Health issues of spouse. Take care.
  • Students – Artistic quality in students will be elaborate as sun mercury and Venus in 5th house.
  • Health – Impact of planets mercury Venus sun on 5th house and aspect of mars and Jupiter also on 5th house – food problems abdominal ailments. Take care.
  • Advice – Offer milk or akshat to shivling on Monday.


  • Employed - Progressive for your career times but discipline required. Avoid controversy. Mars retrograde in 10h house for employed could result in anguish and arguments. Sun mercury Venus 4th house lead to changes in work place.
  • Business – Take care. Labor required as 7th house lord Saturn on 6th house. Foreign travel seen for business. Take advantage from overseas contact, they will help. 
  • Love mates – Better relationships. Mercury Venus in 5th house but some misunderstanding due to aspect of mars on 5th house which will need to be resolved mutually.
  • Married – Saturn in 6th house Jupiter in 8th house. Ketu in 3rd house. Messy times. Confusions of work. Will end and married life will be back of track.
  • Students – 5th House lord in 8th house research studies favorable.
  • Health – Saturn in 6th house Jupiter in 8th house - Do not neglect even minor issues. Improve eating habits.
  • Advice – Recite Shri Adityahridayastotra.


  • Employed – Happiness working with colleagues due to mercury, ruling lord of 10th house, in 3rd house with Venus and sun. Positive times.
  • Business – New heights. Performance good. Jupiter in 7th house in own sign will ensure mature decisions. Good foresight and decisions.
  • Love mates – Saturn presence in 5th house, depth of relations will be realized. Partnership good. Positivity. Trust.
  • Married – Jupiter in 7th house, due care of married life. Both will undertake family responsibility. Respect of spouse.
  • Students – Normal week.
  • Health – 1st House lord will be in 3rd house with Venus and sun. Aspect of mars on it. Health issues can occur. Skin ailments. Rahu and Ketu in 8th house – stale and spicy food would negatively affect.
  • Advice – Light lamp of mustard oil under peepal tree on Saturday.

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  • Employed – Saturn in 4th house with complete aspect on 10th house. Sense of responsibility in every work. Disciplined and punctual. Performance of all tasks with honesty and dedication. Favorable results. Jupiter in 6th house will give you foresight. 
  • Business – Favorable results. Rahu in 7th house will help in even most difficult issues. Obstacles removed. Growth in business. Successful forward movement. Mars retrograde in 8th house take care while investing.
  • Love mates – Saturn in 4th house will create some differences. Will want to stay together but some distances. Mercury and Venus in 3rd house with complete aspect on 9th house. Obstacles eliminated.
  • Married – Mars retrograde in 8th house. Aggression in behavior of spouse hurting. Students – good week for students.
  • Health – Rahu influence may make you careless. Mars in 8th house retrograde drive carefully. Take care of blood related impurities.
  • Advice – Flour to ants on Saturdays. Help and feed disabled.


  • Employed – Presence of lord of 10th house, sun, in 1st house. Behavior will decide position at work place. Stay away from egoism. Govt. employee will get good success and benefits from the sector.
  • Business – Chances of dispute and disagreement with partner. Stay away and avoid.
  • Love mates – Lord of 5th house, Jupiter, is in 5th house. Love relations will be better. Correct feelings. Good time to propose for marriage.
  • Married – Mars in 7th house. Tensions and health issues. Success for spouse in work and monetary gain.
  • Students – Jupiter in 5th house good for student studies.
  • Health – Mars in 7th house aspect on your sign. Take care of health. Blood issues. Surgery and other. Keep hydrated.
  • Advice – Apply turmeric and kesar tilak on forehead on Thursday.


  • Employed – Jupiter in 4th house complete aspect on 10th house. Favorable results. Lord of 10th house, mercury, presence in 12th house, extra efforts required. Could go abroad. You will rid your obstacles and find better status in job. Rich benefits.
  • Business – Lord of 7th house will be with Venus and sun and there will be challenges in business. Mercury will be in own sign and problems shall be resolved. 
  • Love mates – Rahu 5th house. Carefree in love matters. Will care only for partner. New heights in love. Maintain decent behavior.
  • Married – Mercury, lord of 7th house, is with Venus and sun in 12th house. Increase in love and intimacy. Sun could lead to ego. Remain patient.
  • Students – Rahu 5th house. Students shall be carefree too.
  • Health – Too many planets in 12th house could cause health issues. Mars in retrograde state in 6th house can also raise ailments. Consult doctor timely. Eat and drink in discipline.
  • Advice – Respect elders of family, do not lie, and worship lord Vishnu.


  • Employed – Work environment not conducive. You are not getting results expected. You shall realize these. Your mind shall be affected by this and could affect your work. Matter of mind only. No problems if you keep working wholeheartedly. Might be selected for new job. Avoid laziness.
  • Business – Saturn aspect on 7th house. Hard working. Visionary thinking for business and decisions shall benefit. Jupiter aspect on 7th house helps you grow in business.
  • Love mates – Retrograde mars in 5th house stressful relationship. Aspect of mercury and Venus on 5th house will increase love however.
  • Married – Jupiter full aspect on 7th house lightness in married life. Sense of responsibility.
  • Students – Retrograde mars in 5th house, disturbance in studies.
  • Health – Saturn in 1st house will strengthen health but mars in retrograde state in 5th house can give stomach issues.  Drink adequate water and avoid spicy things.
  • Advice – Saturdays lights mustard oil lamp under peepal tree and take seven rounds of the same. 


  • Employed – Presence of sun mercury and Venus in 10th house, and mars aspect on it, employed will get good reputation with increase in work. Assigned new tasks. Will improve position too.
  • Business – Should carefully move ahead. Mars present in 4th house, retrograde state, aspecting 76th house, lead to ups and downs. Avoid big decisions.
  • Love mates – Mercury in 11th house, aspect on 5th house, things will be good. Vivid expressions of love. Closer to partner and strengthen relationship.
  • Married – Some issues as mars full aspect on 7th house and Saturn in 12th house. Conflicts. Disturbance of peace in the house.
  • Students – Mercury and Venus aspect on 5th house. Good for studies.
  • Health – Saturn ruling lord of your sign will be 12th house indicating sleep related issues. Pain of leg and injuries. Watery eyes. Take care.
  • Advice – Saturday feed flour to ants and food to physically handicap.


  • Employed - Job transfer likely for employed. Big opportunity to switch job. Mercury and Venus in 10th house. Good results at work place. People shall appreciate work.
  • Business – Jupiter aspect on 7th house will bring favorable results. Growth in business in right direction.
  • Love mates – Aspect of Saturn on 5th house, love is honest and loyal. Important for relationship.
  • Married – Aspect of Jupiter on 7th house, less stress and harmony. Love and dedication to each other.
  • Students – Jupiter 5th aspect on 5th house. Good for studies.
  • Health – Ruling lord of your sign, Jupiter, will be present in own sign. Good health. Fit and feel better. Relieved from old ailments. Good life.
  • Advice – Offer water to peepal tree without touching it on Thursday and worship banana tree.

Writer – Mala Chatterjee

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