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Weekly Rashifal 3rd to 9th Oct 2022

Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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Weekly Rashifal 3rd to 9th Oct 2022

The weekly forecast of rashis based on planetary placements for the period of 3rd to 9th October 22   is estimated to be as under:

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  • Employed - Employed natives will be aspected in 10th house by Saturn in dhanishta nakshatra. Mars will aspect 9th house. Luck will help in progress. You will get success in finding new compatible jobs. 
  • Business – New business start will be successful. Desired business is likely to come. Property sale purchase will be good. 
  • Love mates – Good times are ahead of you.  Good understanding between couples. 
  • Married – Tense moments. Minor issues could be problem. Control speech and anger. Sun and mercury in the 7th house. 
  • Students – Good results as per expectations. 
  • Health – Sun in 6th house with mercury, good health. 
  • Advice - Bathe in sesame seed in water.


  • Employed - Saturn, lord of 10th house, will be in 9th house – house of fate. Employed willing to join new company will be successful. Promotion is possible otherwise. Conflicts resolved. Appreciation will be received from seniors and colleagues. Government sector will bring good times. 
  • Business – Good week. New business can bring favorable times. 
  • Love mates – Venus is in the 5th house which can result in success in understanding in better manner and stronger bonds. 
  • Married – Mars aspect on the 7th house. Conflicts on small matters can take place. Be patient and find solutions to issues. 
  • Students – good results in competitive exams. 
  • Health – Ketu in 6th house which is the house of diseases which can cause health issues. Ailments shall increase. 
  • Advise – Worship lord Shiva.


  • Employed - Employed with Jupiter in 10th house and Saturn aspect on same house will have to work hard to achieve maximum gains. Saturn is in the 8th house, income / money from foreign sources.
  • Business – Gains for export import. Good profits. 
  • Love mates – Ketu in 5th house (house of love) with Rahu aspect thereon. Misunderstandings can lead to lack of interest. Negative situation can cause arguments. 
  • Married – Ruling lord of 7th house Jupiter will be in own house. Good times with each other. Bonds and relationships increase and stronger. 
  • Students – Normal week. 
  • Health – Mars ruling lord of 6th house of disease will be in 12th house, health would likely be better with relief from prolonged ailments. Head and legs should be taken care of as mars is aspecting on Scorpio (own sign). Injury issues can happen. 
  • Advise – feed millet to birds.    


  • Employed - Ketu is in 4th house and Rahu in 10th. Employed could face some issues, and low confidence. Decision making negatively affected, also thus affecting career. 
  • Business – Govt. business can have benefits. Business Contract with govt. is possible. 
  • Love mates – Mars lord of the 5th house will be in 11th house and its aspect on 5th house. Love life will be fruitful. Relationship can result in marriage.
  •  Married – Saturn ruling lord of 7th house will be in own house in retrograde position. Control language and anger. Situation would otherwise be badly affected. 
  • Students – Efforts made in studies shall be fruitful. 
  • Health – Jupiter lord of the 6th house of disease will be in 9th house. Better health can be achieved. 
  • Advise – Recite shiv chalisa.


  • Employed - Mars will be in 10th house, employed associated with police, justice, army would benefit. 
  • Business – It will be a normal week. 
  • Love mates – Jupiter lord of 5th house will be in 8th house and there will be harmony, coming close and stronger relationship.
  •  Married – Saturn lord of 7th house will be 6th house and married life shall be good. Full support and cooperation from spouse is expected. 
  • Students – Jupiter lord of the 5th house will be in 8th house. It will be beneficial.
  • Health – Saturn in the 6th house, house of disease, in retrograde state. Joint pains can happen. Immunity levels weak. Change of weather can have a negative aspect. 
  • Advise – sandalwood in water and offer to sun lord. 


  • Employed – Sun and mercury in the 1st house. Dudhaditya yoga is taking place. Career Opportunities can come. Govt. sector will have good results. Fruitful week for employed.
  •  Business – Valuable for planning new business. 
  • Love mates – Saturn lord of 5th house, retrograde position, and lovers may get positive results. Be careful in speech and anger lest there be issues. 
  • Married – Jupiter lord of the 7th house will be in same house which will bestow pleasant times. Chances of visiting pilgrimage site with spouse. Better understanding will be there.
  •  Students – Hindrances owing to presence of Saturn in retrograde in 5th house. 
  • Health - Lord of the 6th house, Saturn, will be in own sign Capricorn. Positive results will be achieved. Relief from prolonged disease and you will be feeling active and energetic. 
  • Advise – Offer Prasad to lord Ganesh reciting Ganesh mantra. 

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  • Employed - Ruling lord of 10th house, moon, shall transit in 7th house, and Saturn will be in 4th house. Employed shall have good results. There can be promotion possibilities. Search of jobs will meet success.
  • Business – Sun and mercury in 12th house. Overseas business benefitted. It’s a suitable time for import and export. Big contracts are also possible for businessmen. 
  • Love mates – Saturn ruling lord of 5th house of love, will be in 4th house. Favorable times can result in marriage. 
  • Married – Rahu will be in 7th house in Bharani nakshatra, possibility of discord and conflicts. 
  • Students – Normal week for the students.
  • Health – Mixed results. Jupiter ruling lord of 6th house will remain in 6th house, health may seem to be improving. You will get relief from ailments. Aspect of Saturn will, however, on 6th house, minor health issues. Weak immunity can cause some problems.
  • Advise – worship your Isht Devi and light lamp before her idol.


  • Employed – Sun ruling lord of 10th house will be in 11th house. With Venus and mercury, strong possibilities of income enhancement are there. Sudden influx of money can be expected. 
  • Business – Govt. sector business, successful. Benefits can be attained from signing govt. contracts. 
  • Love mates – Lord of 5th house, will be in 5th house in Pisces. Sun, Venus, and mercury is in the 11th house with aspect on the 5th house. Pleasant times are here. 
  • Married – mars in 7th house. Harmonious times are in tow. You will achieve growth in love and affection. 
  • Students – Yu will perform well in studies. Jupiter is in the 5th house. 
  • Health – Some issues can be faced. Be careful of any ailment and consult doctor if required as Rahu is in the 6th house. 
  • Advise – Donate religious books.


  • Employed - Venus conjunction with sun and mercury in 10th house, employed shall get good results. Good for service people with likely promotion. Better job wait shall be successful. Govt. sector service will benefit. 
  • Business – Normal week and a favorable one. You can have gains in property business.
  • Love mates – Ups and downs can be experienced as Rahu is in the 5th house of love. Different opinions and misunderstanding can happen. 
  • Married – mercury lord of the 7th house will be in 10th house. With the Sun, and Venus, pleasant times are in tow. Natives will get full support of each other. 
  • Students – Problems will be faced in studies because Rahu is in the 5th house.
  •  Health – Mars in 6th house (of disease). Injuries can take place so be careful. Take care of head and feet. Drive carefully. 
  • Advise – Recite the Vishnusahastranam path.


  • Employed - Employed shall have to face challenges. Ketu is in the 12th house of karma, hindrances in career. Hard work required for good results. 
  • Business – Normal week for business people. 
  • Love mates – You will get mixed results. Mars will stay in 5th house of love with aspect on 11th house. 
  • Married – Saturn aspect on 7th house of married life. Misunderstandings can take place so keep calm. Control language before things become ugly. 
  • Students – Better opportunities during the week. 
  • Health – Ruling mercury lord of 6th house will stay in 9th house of fate. With the Sun, and Venus, you could be blessed with good health and relieved from chronic ailments. 
  • Advise – Recite path of Shani chalisa. 


  • Employed - Mars which is the ruling lord of the 10th house will be in the 4th house. This will result in an aspect on the 10th house.  Employed shall get good opportunities. You can gain benefit from property or land.  Share market can give good results. 
  • Business – Mercury in 8th house, foreign trade will be good. Good time for import and export. 
  • Love mates – Mercury lord of 5th house, will be in 8th house with sun and Venus. Good times. 
  • Married - Sun ruling lord of 7th house will be in 8th house with Venus and mercury. Memorable period will be spent with spouse. Natives will experience understanding and positive emotions. 
  • Students – Foreign education desiring will be benefitted. 
  • Health – Moon ruling lord of 6th house will be in 3rd house, with Rahu for some time. Health issues possible. You may face depression. 
  • Advise – Light a lamp with sesame oil under people tree.


  • Employed – Jupiter is ruling lord of the 10th house will be in the 1st house. Opportunities, progress. A job change and / or a transfer is possible. 
  • Business – New heights in business with handsome financial gains. Good times. 
  • Love mates – Ruling lord of the 5th house, moon, shall conjunct with Rahu in the 2nd house. Also, aspect of Saturn is on the 5th house. Chances of differences are there. Do not pay attention to heresy. 
  • Married – Mercury, Venus and the Sun will conjunct in 7th house which is the house of marriage. Big decisions with positive results can take place. You will come closer and develop mutual trust with your partner. 
  • Students – Jupiter aspect on 5th house, gains. Medical students will enjoy a good period.
  • Health – Sun the ruling lord of 6th house, conjunct with mercury and Venus in 7th house. Improvement in health can be experienced. However mars aspect on house of disease can cause joints issues. Elders facing heath issues could trouble you. 
  • Advise – Worship and recite mantra of Devi Katiyayeni.

Writer – Mala Chatterjee

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