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Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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The weekly forecast of Rashis based on planetary placements for the period 28th March to 3rd April is estimated to be as under:

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Here Is Your Weekly Rashifal


Employed – Jupiter in 11th house and its complete aspect on 5th house will be good. Good image in the field of work. 

Business- Business expansion is possible. Benefit from the ancestral property due to mars posited in Capricorn. Father's business will progress. Enjoy benefits. 

Love- Happy moments for those in love. Possibility of a new friendship. However, with a transit of sun in the 12th house, the situation may change. 

Married - Married life is moderate. 

Students – success. 

Health – Sun in 12th house aspect 6th house with full vision. Will get relief from major disease. 

Advice – Recite shrisuktam path at home.


Employed – Wait may be over for those looking for a job. You can join this week. 

Business - Presence of Ketu in the 7th house, businessmen can face ups and downs. Do not start a new business. 

Love – good results as the sun are transiting in Pisces in the 11th house. 

Married – happy moments. Strong relations indicated. 

Students – Good results as Jupiter is in the 10th house, and mercury is with the sun in the 11th house. 

Health – Busy life can affect your health. Adopt disciplined life. Mental stress is possible. Take some time for yourself. 

Advice - Light a lamp of ghee in front of isht Devi in your house temple.


Employed – sun transits in the house of profession and this will open the way for promotion. 

Business - Business people shall progress. Successful week for businessmen because of Saturn mars in 8th house. 

Love – Conflict possibility on a small matter. 

Married – Good week. 

Students – Success is seen as lord of Kendra Jupiter shall be in trikona house. 

Health – Take the help of exercise and yoga. You will be fit. 

Advice – Offer green-colored garments to sister or aunt. 


Employed – success and compliments from seniors. Stature will increase. New responsibilities are possible. 

Business - Scope of business shall increase. New work can start. New contacts shall be of great use. 

Love – Challenging week as Ketu is in vishaka nakshatra in the 5th house can create trouble. 

Married - Mutual trust between spouses shall remain. 

Students – successful times. Ketu in 5th house. Students shall engage in studies diligently. 

Health – Presence of Saturn in the 7th house with mars, health issues of spouse possible. Your health will be good and you will feel strong. 

Advice – Worship unmarried girls. 

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Employed – fruitful change for employed people as the sun is in transiting in 8th house. You can move towards foreign-related jobs. 

Business - Good week for business including expansion. 

Love – Trust in each other will be strong. 

Married- Harmony between spouses. Mutual trust. 

Students – will get benefits as Jupiter in the 7th house. 

Health – Adopt a disciplined lifestyle and routine. Exalted mars will give you physical strength to fight your diseases in the 6th house. 

Advice – offer water to the sun god regularly. 


Employed – Work with full responsibility as negligence can lead to the displeasure of seniors. Good time for government sector employees. 

Business - Normal business week. Native doing business abroad will earn finance. 

Love - Mars's conjunction with Saturn in the 5th house can bring differences in love. 

Married - Married life is moderate. 

Students – Good week. The presence of Mars and Saturn in the 5th house can bring success. Far-reaching benefits. 

Health – Improvement in the health of the elderly. Also good for your health. Those in the house fighting disease will get better.

Advice – Offer green fodder to a cow. 


Employed – Will need to make greater efforts. Issues can arise on the job. May encounter resistance from co-workers. 

 Business - Business opportunities will gradually become available. There can be a significant change in the field of business. 

Love- Mutual trust in love. 

Married – good week. Happy. As mars lord of 7th house will remain in 4th house in its exalted sign. Good sign for married. 

Students – Interest in studies will increase due to the presence of Jupiter in the 5th house. 

Health – Pain and mental stress shall be removed and you shall be happy for good health. 

Advice – Donate white objects every Friday.


Employed – Good time. Roadblocks will be removed and more success in the workplace is seen. 

Business - A favorite time for business and businessmen as Rahu in the 7th house develops new plans and opportunities.

Love - Love mates shall be happy. 

Married - Some tension for married as Rahu in 7th house. 

Students – Increase of interest in studies. Jupiter in 4th house. 

Health – weather effects of common cold and flu may affect. Pay attention to food. 

Advice – Give food to stray dogs.


Employed – Impediments for jobs will be removed. Promotion is possible. Business improvement and expansion. 

Business - The benefit of earlier business decisions. Business in a foreign country shall succeed. 

Love - Good week for love. Love increases and develops. 

Married – happier than ever. Harmonious relations. 

Students - Students will gain confidence and Mars 5th house lord will be conjunct with venus. 

Health – Mental stress will be alleviated. Mothers' health should be taken care of, as the sun is in the 4th house. 

Advise – Feed flour to ants on Saturday.  


Employed – obstacles shall be removed. Additional job responsibilities shall present themselves to you. Good week. Sun transit through 3rd house and its full aspect on house of fortune will pave way for those in the public sector to advance. 

Business – Take steps in a new direction and invest in existing. Good week. 

Love - Venus lord of the 5th house will conjunct Saturn in the 1st house. Ego may develop. Concentrate on partners’ positive characteristics.  

Married – Cooperation between spouses will increase with devotion growing stronger. 

Students – Rahu in 5th house, beneficial for students’ studies. 

Health – Consume only home-cooked food and avoid stale food. Avoid long-distance travel. Rest your body from the workload. 

Advice – Light a sesame oil lamp under a peepal tree on Saturday. 


Employed – Sun arrival in 2nd house of wealth and finance good for employed. May succeed in government jobs also. 

Business – The door to success will open due to Jupiter's full vision of the 7th house. Success in business and commerce. 

Love – Relations will be good. Jupiter's full aspect on the 5th house indicates you are ready to convert love to marriage. 

Married - Good week for married. Harmony seen. 

Students - Students will also achieve success as Jupiter is in 1st house. 

Health – Mental stress will be overcome by morning walks. Weather should be taken seriously and you can avoid minor ailments due to the same. 

Advice – Chant beej mantra of Shanidev.


Employed – Job seekers shall have a wish granted. Success in foreign jobs with the possibility of working abroad because of the sun in 1st house. 

Business - Business shall expand with the opportunity of new work. Invest in new ventures that prove profitable. Avoid unguaranteed risks. 

Love – will survive despite obstacles and love shall remain intact. 

Married – May face some difficulties due to ego clashes because of suns aspect on 7th house. 

Students – Important week to work diligently. As 5th house will have a clear aspect of Saturn and Mars. 

Health – Relief from mothers' ongoing health issues with your health also improves. Utilize energy and exercise to maintain fitness levels. 

Advice – Offer lord Vishnu banana on Thursdays.

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Writer- Mala Chatterjee

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