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Weekly Rashifal 26th Dec. 2022 to 1st Jan. 2023

Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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Weekly Rashifal 26th Dec. 2022 to 1st Jan. 2023

The weekly forecast (weekly rashifal) of rashis based on planetary placements for the period 26th  December 2022 to 1st January 2023 is  estimated to be as under:

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  • Employed - Employed may change job. You will face success in the same. Transferred if in gov. job.
  • Business – Ketu in 7th house. Confusion like state in business.
  • Love mates Concealed may come in open resulting in distress. Take care.
  • Married – Normal. Improvement in relationship with in laws. Confusions will be cleared.
  • Students – Normal week.
  • Health - Special Care of stomach and eat accordingly. Walk. Keep yourself fit.
  • Advice – Recite Hanuman Chalisa of Tuesday.


  • Employed - Jupiter 11th house with aspect on 5th house. For employed this may help in getting job as desired. Source of inspiration. 
  • Business – Focus on business is there but partner may be egoistic. Careful speech and avoid misunderstanding. 
  • Love mates – Attraction and love. Bachelors may get married. Happiness. 
  • Married – Love between spouses and good discharge of duties. 
  • Students – Jupiter aspect on 5th house, good for students studies. 
  • Health – Sun in 9th house. Take care to avoid even minor ailments. Consult physician as required. 
  • Advice – Chant Srisuktam Path which would be fruitful.


  • Employed - Sun in 7th house. Promotion for employed. Good remuneration and perks for hard work too. Close to seniors. 
  • Business – Benefit from  gov. sector. Business will flourish as per plans in your favor. Satisfied and happy. 
  • Love mates – Pleasant week. Mercury and Venus in 7th house. 
  • Married – The Sun in 7th house, ego issues may arise. Health issues of spouse. 
  • Students – Ketu in 5th house, panic attacks possible. 
  • Health – 7th house under impact of Mars. May suffer from secret issues. Chance of abdominal disease too. Consult physician. 
  • Advice – Recite Vishnu Sahasranamam stotram.


  • Employed - Employed should avoid short cuts. Work hard. Seniors will be offended otherwise on every small mistake. Good work can achieve progress. 
  • Business – Saturn in 7th house. Be sincere and disciplined. 
  • Love mates – Mercury, Venus and Sun in 6th house, seriousness in love life. Marriage proposals likely. Required, seek suggestion of learned persons. 
  • Married – Saturn 7th house lord in own sign, understanding deeper than before. Dedicated and share all with spouse. 
  • Students – Students would be proud of their achievements in studies. 
  • Health – Mars aspect on 6th house. Strength. Encouraged. Physical exercise required. 
  • Advice – Haldi or kesar tilak on Thursday.


  • Employed - Employed will find Saturn in 6th house depicting your labor. Need to work hard. In return you will get higher position and job. Good future by putting in your best. 
  • Business – Saturn lord of 7th house is in 6th house. Possible to travel abroad in connection with business. Overseas contacts will be an advantage. Maintain good relation with partner. 
  • Love mates – Sun in 5th house. Ego issues in love life will hurt. Create differences. Avoid. Manage calmly. 
  • Married – Saturn in 6th house, Jupiter in 8th. Ketu in 3rd house. Mess between spouses. However, you will gain ultimately. 
  • Students – Good studies due to Venus and mercury in the 5th house. 
  • Health – Stomach issues or eye issues possible. 
  • Advice – Feed stray dogs daily.


  • Employed – Movement of Sun in 4th house and aspect on 10th house, strong position at work place. Successful in silencing opposition. Best work by you. Mars in 9th house will bring change in work place. 
  • Business – Jupiter in 7th house will cause mature decisions with far sightedness. New projects will be introduced. Development of relations with higher ups will result in good profits. Partner shall cooperate with you. 
  • Love mates – Appeasement of beloved. Friends will help in this respect. Marriage possible. Positive trust and understanding. 
  • Married – Jupiter in 7th house will take care of married life. Both spouses will stand up for family responsibilities. Strong relationship. 
  • Students – Saturn in 5th house, serious and responsible in studies. 
  • Health – Rahu in 8th house. Food poisoning possible so, avoid stale and half cooked food. 
  • Advice – Light a lamp of mustard oil under peepal tree on Saturday evening.

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  • Employed - You will feel good times as old issues at work place shall fade away. Pressurized, due to work load. The load shall be beneficial for you. Conjunction of Mercury Venus and Sun in 3rd house, good relations with colleagues. Help in good results in job. 
  • Business – Lord of 7th house, Mars, in retrograde state in 8th house, careful of investing in business. Beware losses otherwise. Work from gov. sector will add to business. 
  • Love mates – Mercury Venus and Sun in 3rd house will eliminate obstacles in way of love. Strong bonds. 
  • Married – Rahu in 7th house. Stubborn spouse. May make you feel they are not listening. Arguments can ensue. Mars lord of 7th house, aggression in behavior too. Stay calm and controlled. 
  • Students – Normal week. 
  • Health – Mars in 8th house. Drive carefully. Surgery required from boils and pimples. Be careful old ailments might come back. 
  • Advice – Beej mantra of Venus to be chanted - “OM DHRAM DRIM DROM SAH SHUKRAYA NAMAH”.


  • Employed - Rahu in 6th house will help employed fight opponents. Retrograde Mars in 8th house, some harassment. Rahu will make you victorious. Better position. 
  • Business – Disputes with partner possible. However, Mercury Venus and Sun transit in 2nd house, business will become better and you shall feel relaxed. Stay away from conflicts.  
  • Love mates – Lord of 5th house Jupiter in 5th house, relationships shall intensify. Marriage proposal. Progress in relationship. Trust. 
  • Married – Retrograde mars present in 7th house. Aspect on Mercury in 2nd house.  Tensions with spouse and decline of health. Take care. 
  • Students – Progressive times due to Jupiter in 5th house. 
  • Health – Avoid sugar and take care of blood issues. See physician as required. 
  • Advice – Offer Akshatra to Shivling on Monday. 


  • Employed - Lord Sun in the house of fate strengthening your luck. Employed may get promoted and get honor. Obstacles shall be rid of and ways found to improve position. 
  • Business – Venus joins Sun – there will be challenges. Mercury shall aspect its own sign in 7th house and problems will start to be resolved. Venus and Sun in 1st house – chance to work in gov. sector resulting in good contacts too. 
  • Love mates – Decent behavior required. Defamation possible if moving in wrong directions. Show love but know boundaries. 
  • Married – Venus Mercury Sun aspect on 7th house will increase intimacy but sun might lead to ego. Venus full aspect on 7th house – good relations and sense of love, self respect and devotion. 
  • Students – Rahu in 5th house. Students will not be interested in studies. Easily distracted. 
  • Health - Sun and Mercury in 1st house, improvement in health though some ailments can trouble. Consult physician if needed. 
  • Advice – Tuesday write Hanuman Chalisa on yellow paper with red ink and recite it.


  • Employed – Success in application for jobs. Avoid laziness. Important work can be delayed and put you in trouble.  
  • Business – Saturn aspect on 7th house, hard worker with visionary thinking taking important decisions benefitting you in future. Growth of business and contacts with important people foreseen. Sense of satisfaction. Invest. 
  • Love mates – Mercury and Venus in 12th house, ego clashes and disagreements. Be careful of breaking up. Sun in 12th house could result in anger from beloved. 
  • Married – Saturn full aspect on 7th house and Jupiter 5th aspect on 7th house, lightness in married life. Sense of responsibility. 
  • Students – Going somewhere for studies shall succeed. 
  • Health – Sun Mercury Venus in 12th house, negative affect on health. Poor diet will lead to ailments. Do not have excessive parties and staying up late, not eating on time could lead to issues. 
  • Advice – Wednesday green bangles to sister.


  • Employed – Mercury Venus and Sun in 11th house. Aspect on 5th house. Promotion. gov. sector people shall be stronger. Loyalty to job will give fruitful results. 
  • Business – Mars in 4th house in retrograde state aspecting 7th house, ups and downs in business. Avoid big decisions. If running business and partnership in partner name success. Big orders leading to growth. 
  • Love mates - Venus Sun and Mercury in 11th house, aspect on 5th house, and romance in love life. Love enhanced along with understanding. 
  • Married – Listen to spouse. Problems if do not listen to each other. Monetary benefits due to spouse promoting relationships. Students – mars influence on 5th house, aggression in students could be there, and hurry.
  • Health - Rahu in 3rd house. Exercising regularly and feeling good. Feel fit.
  • Advice – Recite Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesday and Saturday.


  • Employed - Mercury Venus and Sun transit in 10th house, bring employed very good results. Wholehearted work. Colleagues happy. Behavior good. Appreciation. Increase self confidence. 
  • Business – Guidance of seniors will help you succeed. Expansions too. Plans successful. Growth in business exponentially. 
  • Love mates – Aspect of Saturn on 5th house, love honest and trust. Jupiter 5th aspect on 5th house, good times. Marriage proposals. 
  • Married – Jupiter on 7th house, less stress in married life. Mutual harmony, trust, love and dedication. Positive family environment. Maturity and trust. 
  • Students – Jupiter aspect on 5th house, good for studies. 
  • Health – Take care while driving. Jupiter in the 1st house blessing you vigorous health. Feel better. Disciplined life required. 
  • Advice – Honor the Brahmin offering reading material and food to them, or, to students.

Writer – Mala Chatterjee

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