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Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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The weekly forecast of Rashis based on planetary placements for the period 25th April to 1st May is estimated to be as under:

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Weekly Rashifal For This Week


Employed - Employed will be benefitted by Jupiter going into the 12th house and Saturn passing through the 11th house in the field of action. Due to this, full fruits of hard work. Govt. sector people can get the promotion. Private sector – work shall be appreciated. 

Business – Time is good for business and businessmen. Sun in 1st house will be beneficial. 

Love – issues may arise due to a change in the planet's position. Saturn will transit in the 11th house with full aspect on the 5th house. Jupiter in the 12th house. Rahu and sun in 1st house. 

Married - Mixed time for married. Tensions possible. Avoid confrontation. 

Students – Results will be good with venus and mars in the 11th house. 

Health – Jupiter full aspect on 6th house, health improvement. Major illnesses can be rid of. Advised to be serious about the health of elders in the family. 

Advice – recite Hanuman Chalisa every day.


Employed - Employed will have a good time due to sun and Rahu in the 12th house. The good news in terms of career. Transit of Saturn in the Karmic field, the wishes of people will be fulfilled. 

Business – good time. The benefit to businessmen from Jupiter in the 11th house. 

Love - Love relations will be happy with mercury lord of the 5th house being in the 12th house with Rahu. 

Married – conflicts are possible. Behavior should not create doubts. 

Students – good times. The conjunction of Venus and Mars and complete vision on the 4th house. 

Health – Jupiter in the 11th house and sun in the 12th house and complete vision on 6th house, venus the lord of 6th house will live with mars. Due to this health issues shall disappear and improvement will be there. 

Advice – Worship lord Ganesha.


Employed - Week good for employed. Sun going into an exalted sign and Jupiter transiting in the 10th house. Favorable circumstances.  

Business – Progress in business is possible. The development will surpass expectations in business and you shall also be ready for new business. 

Love - Some difficulty for those in love. The placement of Rahu and Ketu will change. Ketu in 5th house, therefore, love life affected. 

Married – Trust your partner and listen to the spouse. Some minor misunderstandings. 

Students – good week with students engaging seriously in studies. 4

Health – Minor ailments can trouble. Cold and other issues like gas in the stomach. Do not compromise on health. 

Advice - Recite vishnushastranaam stotra daily.

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Employed - Due to the transit of Sun in the 10th house, the employed will get a boost and new responsibilities. Promotion and praise. 

Business – Business people shall taste success. Decisions will be correct. Motivated to invest and also get the benefit. Business competition can be overcome. 

Love - Love mates shall decide to live with each other. Good time for love requests. The benefit of placement of Saturn in the 7th house. 

Married – Tension in married life. Conflicts due to family reasons. More time is required with the spouse. 

Students – Students studying in foreign institutes shall have a good time. Chance to study abroad. Jupiter 8th house lord and will be in the 9th house. 

Health – Relief from major ailments with Jupiter in the 9th house. Luck shall favor. Joint pain relief. 

Advice – Recite Hanuman Chalisa 7 times on Tuesdays. 


Employed - Jupiter in the 8th house and sun in the 9th house shall benefit employed. Associated with foreign trade will get the support of luck. 

Business – Saturn in the 7th house will help those in business. Full of confidence. 

Love - Love life satisfactory. Strong relationships and growth. 

Married – Jupiter in the 8th house and sun in conjunction with mercury in the 9th house so married life will be good. 

Students – Students will get rewards for hard work. Pay special attention to food. 

Health – Minor issues of digestion etc. are possible. 

Advice – Offer water to Lord Surya reciting adityahridayastotra. 


Employed - Challenges for employed. Ups and downs at the workplace. 

Business – The transit of Sun in the 8th house will be good for business abroad success. Big plans in business should be avoided. Invest wisely. 

Love - Saturn in the 6th house and Jupiter in the 7th house, are good for a love life. Quality time spent with love mates. 

Married – Happy married life. Spouse full cooperation. 

Students – Students will work hard in their studies due to Saturn in the 5th house. 

Health – the transit of Saturn in the 6th house and transit of mars will be good for health issues. Major diseases will be rid of. Strength in the body. 

Advice – On Saturdays offer flour to ants.


Employed - Saturn in the 5th house and sun in the 7th house will help employed. Business also. 

Business – Business can be expanded in various fields but will have to work hard. Extra efforts for investments. 

Love - Saturn ruling lord of the 5th house will be in his own house thereby strengthening love relations and trust. 

Married – Married relations will take a new shape increasing affection. The previous bickering shall vanish. 

Students – Students will acquire more knowledge. 

Health – Benefit of transit of Jupiter in the 6th house. 

Advice – Visit the Shani temple on Saturdays and also offer food to the needy.


Employed - The transit of Sun in the 6th house and Jupiter in the 5th house is very good for the employed whereby they can achieve new heights with new responsibilities. 

Business – Chances of success for those in business. The right time to give practical shape to plans. 

Love - The transit of Jupiter in the 5th house and the sun in the 6th house will favor love mates. Enhanced relationships. 

Married – Married shall have a joyful period due to the presence of venus ruling lord of the 7th house in the 4th house. Spouse shall always stay by you and you shall realize that. 

Students –  Students shall have a favorable week. Jupiter ruling lord of the 5th house will be in the 4th house. 

Health – Saturn in the 4th house and its full aspect in the 6th house can create joint pains. Do not exert. In emergency consult doctor. Beware of weather changes. 

Advice – Recite the Bajrang ban path every day. 


Employed - Employed with foreign companies will achieve success. Chances of going abroad. Jupiter is in the 4th house. 

Business – Businessmen shall see avenues of success. Some can start their business and try to expand. The competition will be handled. 

Love – the transit of Jupiter in Pisces shall mark the beginning of a strong relationship with a partner possibly resulting in tying the knot. 

Married – Week blissful for married with good mutual understanding and trust. 

Students – Students will have to work hard. Success for those preparing for competitive exams. Some students can go abroad for studies. 

Health – Venus ruling the lord of the house of disease with conjunct with Saturn and you can get rid of previous ailments. 

Advice – Take a bath with water mixed with turmeric.


Employed - Sun in the 4th house and its full aspect on 10th house is indicating success for employed. Promotion. If searching for a new job desire could be fulfilled. 

Business – Gain in business as a complete aspect of mercury on 10th house. You can plan to start a new business. New directions will be available from old contacts. 

Love – There may be issues in love life due to the presence of Saturn with Venus in the 2nd house. Do not pay attention to heresy and also no wrong perceptions should be entertained. 

Married – Married will have a beneficial time. All types of differences shall be resolved and there will be happiness between spouses. 

Students – venus will be fruitful to students for grasping new dimensions in education. 

Health – due to the transit of Jupiter in the 3rd house and the sun in the 4th house, all kinds of ailments will be rid and health will improve. 

Advice – Recite the beej mantra of Shani dev.


Employed – presence of Jupiter in the 2nd house and sun in the 3rd house will result in a good week. Jupiter full aspect on 10th house. Better promotion opportunities. 

Business – Businessmen will have a promising time. The business will flourish. New avenues are available. 

Love – Love and affection will strengthen. Memorable times with love mates. 

Married – Married shall have a harmonious time due to full aspect of mars and venus on 7th house. 

Students – Secure good marks. 

Health – Family members’ health will be average. Take care of elders as the transit of Jupiter in the 2nd house and Saturn moving into the 1st house. 

Advice – donate a black item on Saturday.


Employed – Chances of promotion. Possibility of a new job. Possibility of transfer. Jupiter in 1st house. 

Businessmen – favorable for overseas business. Respect may be earned. Love –  Ups and downs in love affairs. 

Married –  Married shall clear all misunderstandings. All family matters should be discussed with each other. Behave correctly so that no bad taste. Freshness shall strengthen the relationship. 

Students – Students will have it easy. Extra efforts due to sun full aspect on 5th house. 

Health – Jupiter on your Lagna and full aspect of Saturn on the 12th house will relieve you of chronic and serious diseases. Avoid stale, junk food. Exercise regularly. 

Advice – Recite the vihsnushastranaam path on Thursdays. 

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Writer - Mala Chatterjee

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