WEEKLY RASHIFAL – 24th – 30th JANUARY 2022

The weekly forecast of rashis based on planetary placements for the period 24th  – 30st   January is estimated to be as under:


Mercury will conjoin with Saturn during this time in your 10th house which will make all professionals work hard and give success and good results. But sun present in 10th house which might lead to conflicts. Favorable for businessmen due to presence of venus lord of  7th house in 9th house. Mixed results for students. Financially sound week due to mars in 9th house. Newly married natives will plan a child, due to the aspect of Jupiter on the 5th house. Need to be careful about health especially due to a bad stomach arising from poor eating habits.

Advise: Offer water to the banana tree each Tuesday.


Those in jobs are likely to be posted at the station of choice. Chance of promotion but be careful of planets forcing you to change jobs. Business people in a partnership may have arguments resulting in negative relationships. Students should concentrate on studies. Conjunction of mercury and Saturn will not strengthen love life. Rahu on lagan will also affect married negatively. Blood related medical issues, specially for infection,  also to ladies.

Advise : Keep red  hanky  or wear red tie.


Service people will put in more efforts to achieve desired goal as of transit of some plants after mid-jan will create obstacles in their paths. Good week for business people and cordial relations with them. Good time for students. Those in competitive exams will also do good. Impact of planets will give you good impact as far as love is concerned. Married people will stand up to marriage responsibilities. Health issues – Saturn and mercury will be in 8th house and therefore consume liquids and leafy vegetables more.

Advise : Avoid wearing black and brown clothes.  


Difficult period for working people. Unfavorable time in work place. Businessmen will enjoy slightly favorably. Students may have to rigorous efforts. You will successfully manage expenses during the week.   Mixed family life this week. Average outcome for lovers. Health wise, need to remain careful about health because of unfavorable planetary conditions.

Advise : Offer food to children and feed kids in orphanage.  


Rahu in the 10th house  may result in promotion at work place alongwith work increase. Jupiter in the 7th house gets support from subordinate. Good time for investment and expansion for business people as Jupiter transiting in 7th house. Good time for lovers and venus transiting in 5th house.   Good times for students. Others in higher education may face some issues. Family life will be peaceful.  Stomach related issues are possible.Avoid spicy food.

Advise : Wear yellow clothes on Thursday.      


Those looking for job might get a good offer but take advise from expert before finalizing. Business is a favourable time. Implement right strategies and need for good relation with partner. Ups and downs for lovers because of presence of mercury and Saturn in the 5th house. You will fulfill family responsibility. Weather related and / or fat related infection may trouble you. Consume fruits and vegetables as much as possible.

Advise : Donate leafy vegetables to working class people like maid, Gardner etc. on wednesday


Due to some family activities and chores, you can fail at concentrating on your work. Try to work hard. Businessman can expand business and get good results. By the grace of Jupiter love relations will be favourable. Good week for married  people. Students will attain success in education. Health wise you may face issues in upper body. Because of rahu in 8th house. Focus more on  physical activity.

Advise : Yellow crystal may be kept in bedroom.  


Working employees due to the aspect of Jupiter on 10th house will earn good reputation in workplace. There can be some changes in business for businessmen. Due to presence of mercury in 3rd house and rahu in 7th house, new techniques in business / work are possible. Week will be above average for lovers. Mixed results for family life. Students may comeacross troublesome time. Rahus aspect on lagna can give some illness.

Advise : Worship lord ganesh on Wednesday and offer besan ladoos.


Complete goals at worksplace.  You will get some support and opportunities from seniors. Business people will enjoy fruit of previous hard work. Communications skills will keep you in good stead as jupiter is transiting in 3rd house. Ups and downs for lovers. Married people will have  good time as venus is present on your first house. Students shall have positive outcome this week. Be cautious regarding health. 

Advise : Feed Roti to black or brown coloured dogs. 


You will get good results due to hard work as you should maintain good relations with seniors at work place. As Jupiter in 2nd house will impact on speech, you will impress people. Businessmen will have to work hard to get good results.  Love relationships is not good result as rahu is in 5th house. Married, will get mixed results due to aspect of mercury, sun  and Saturn on 7th house. Not a good week for students. Health issues regarding eye and BP can be present.

Advise : Recite Shanistrotam on Saturday.  


There can be issues with your colleagues at work place. Avoid conflicts in work place. Those in business can enjoy this week. They will be able to increase source and profits. Students time favourable for finance or political science. As Saturn and sun are in 12th house, health problem my increase. Consult doctor and avoid home remedies.

Advise : Donate milk and sugar to poor children.


You will improve relationship with seniors and attain success at work place. Avoid wrong decisions. Time good for businessmen. You can attain benefit from friend or someone close Due to conjunction of lord of the 7th house house mercury and lord of 11th house Saturn.  Lovers will get favourable week. Minor conflicts. Married natives – positive period. Full support from life partner. Mixed results for health issues.

Advise : Respect father figure and elders.  

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