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Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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The weekly forecast of rashis based on planetary placements for the period 21st March to 27tth March is estimated to be as under:

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Weekly Rashifal Prediction


Employed – will progress with a good image in the area of work. Possibility of expansion in business and new tasks wherein you will get success. Fathers' business will also prosper and you shall benefit. This is due to sun transit in the 12th house. Benefit from foreign trade also. Love – Sun transit in 12th house, minor disputes in relationships. Moderate week for married. Due to the placement of venus and mars, there will be ups and downs. Success in the field of education. Health – Sun in 12th house aspect 6th house with full vision will benefit you. Relief from major disease.  

Advice: Recite Hanuman Chalisa regularly


Employed – good week. Full support of colleagues. For those looking for jobs, the wait may be overdue to Sun transit in the 11th house. Success for businessmen. New business should not be started. There may be an increase in business expenses. Love – Good week. Trust will be stronger. Sun has moved into the 11th house. Good week for married also. Students – good results expected as Mercury enters the 11th house with the sun. Health – You can get relief from chronic diseases, especially of the eye.

 Advice: Donate in gaushala on Friday.    


Employed – Transit of planet sun will open the way for promotion. Obstacles in the workplace will be rid of. Business – Also shall progress. With a combination of Saturn venus and mars in the 8th house, development in business is possible. Sun in Pisces will result in getting rid of misunderstandings in love. Shall understand each other. Married – conflicts will go away. Students – Fruitful. Health – Transit of sun in 10th house, will be beneficial for health. Big tasks possible. Feel stronger. 

Advice  - Green fodder to the cow.


Employed – full of confidence at workplace. Expected success and compliments. Saturn can increase new responsibilities. Business – good. Can be increased in business and new work can also start. Love – Good week. Will try to trust each other. Married – good week. Mutual trust. Students will engage in studies diligently. Health – Can improve but due to the presence of Saturn in the 7th house with venus and mars, spouse health issues can happen. 

Advice – Donate green bangles to unmarried girls.


Employed – sun in 8th house will result in foreign workers and jobs. Success in such jobs is possible. Business – good week. Plan for a new start. New steps in business. Love – good week. Favorable time to propose. Harmony and trust between spouses will improve and increase. Students – for Research students the week shall be good as the sun will be transiting in the 8th house. Health – Decide routine and adopt a disciplined lifestyle. A healthy body will affect thinking. 

Advice – Offer water to Lord Surya regularly

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Employed – Due to the aspect of Jupiter on the 10th house, good week. Chances of promotion. Business – foreign trade will result in sudden success due to transit of sun in the 7th house. Love – Transit of sun in 7th house will see some improvement in love affairs. Attitude towards mate shall change. Moderate week for married. Students – Good week. Health – Improved week. Also of senior in the house. Those fighting disease will improve. 

Advice – worship Ganesh Ji and offer Dhruva.


Employed – greater efforts required. Listen to seniors and bosses. Business opportunities will gradually become available. Change of field of business. Not a good week for investors. Love – Conflicts will come to an end due to the presence of Jupiter in the 5th house. Married – will gain strength. Students – Increase in interest in studies due to the presence of Jupiter in the 5th house. Health – Sun in 6th house will have minor ailments. Father health will, however, improve. 

Advice – donate white objects every Friday.


Employed – will benefit from sun transit in the 5th house. Business – will receive finances. New job opportunities will bolster finances for business individuals. Profitability expected in new and old business. Love will grow stronger. Good week to those seeking love. Married – Tensions possible due to the presence of Rahu in the 7th house. Students – Interest in studies could increase due to Jupiter lord of the 5th house will be in the 4th house. Health – Likely to be afflicted with common cold and flu. Special attention to food required. Eat on time and exercise. 

Advice – Give stray dogs something to eat regularly.  


Employed – Good week. Promotion is possible. Business – good week. Improvement and expansion. If you conduct foreign business you will succeed. Love – Jupiter in 3rd house favorable for love. Mutual trust growth. Short trips possible. Married – Good week. Spouse relationships will increase. Students will gain confidence as mars the lord of the 5th house will conjunct Venus in the 2nd house. Health – Beneficial. Pay attention to mothers' health due to the presence of the sun in the 4th house. 

Advice – Recite vishnusahastranaam every Thursday. 


Employed - Suns transit through 3rd house, and full aspect on the house of fortune, will create promotion opportunity and obstacles will be removed. Business – steps in a new direction. New business can be started and old can be expanded where you can invest. Love – make efforts to comprehend each other completely as venus lord of 5th house in conjunction with Saturn in the 1st house and you may develop ego. Concentrate on partners' positive characteristics. Married – Old issues will be settled. Cooperation with and devotion to a partner shall increase. Students have a good week for their studies. Health – workload can affect health. Need to sleep and eat on time. Consume home-cooked food. 

Advice – Recite Shanichalisa.  


Employed – With Sun's arrival in the house of wealth and finance success is possible in the job. Credibility will increase and news of promotion possible. Business – Good. Can expand into new markets and invest in business at this time. Love – Jupiter's full aspect on the 5th house is favorable. Love shall grow stronger. Married – pleasant harmony. Students – success as Jupiter in the 1st house. Health – Households will improve and be healthy. Diseases will be rid of and adoption of a healthy lifestyle by good food and exercise. 

Advice – mustard oil to Shani dev on Saturdays.  


Employed – position in office shall improve due to efforts. Colleagues and seniors shall place trust in you and there can be a success in foreign jobs. Business – Sun transit through 1st will expand the business and new opportunities. Investments in new ventures will prove profitable. Love - Maintain faith in beloved. Love shall survive despite obstacles. Ups and downs are possible. Married – Some difficulties with sun full aspect on 7th house. Ego clashes can occur. Students to work diligently as the 5th house will have a clear aspect of Saturn and Mars. Health – Relief from mothers' ongoing health issues. Own health normal. Jupiter in the 12th house will help. 

Advice – Thursdays offer yellow sandalwood to Lord Vishnu.   

Writer - Mala Chatterjee

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