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Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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The weekly forecast of Rashis based on planetary placements for the period 20th June to 26th June is estimated to be as under:

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Weekly Rashifal For This Week -


Employed – For employed conjunction of Jupiter and Mars in the 12th house, a job abroad or promotion is possible.

Business – Venus with Rahu in 1st house, and their full aspect on 7th house, profits will be earned. A new business search will be favorable.

Love Mates – Due to lord of 5th house sun sweetness and trust. Attentive and honest.

Married – Mixed time. An aspect of Venus in the 7th house is an increase in love but a full aspect of mars in the 7th house might lead to the ego.

Students – Sun lord of 5th house success in studies.

Health – Improvement. Exercise regularly. Avoid stale food as food poisoning is possible.

Advise – Recite Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesday and get success.


Employed –  Presence of Saturn in its own house will be good. Promotion and or new job benefits. New opportunities.

Business – Will go forward and could expand in new areas too. Investing will be profitable. Foreign business good time.

Love Mates – Trust will grow. More time with each other. The bond will strengthen. Attraction.

Married – Dues to the full aspect of Jupiter, mercury, venus, and Saturn on the 7th house, growth in love. Compatibility.

Students – Sun in 2nd house, success and knowledge enhancement.

Health – Issues possible due to conjunction of lord of 6th house, venus, with mercury. Do not overexert. Take care of elders in the family, especially the mother's health.

Advise – Recite the Shriyukta path on Friday.


Employed – Advancement or higher responsibility for employed. Circumstances will be favorable. Hard work is appreciated.

Business – Good time for businessmen. Travel for work-related matters. New people will help you grow.

Love mates – Sun on 1st house, conflicts of ego. Do not hurt each other. Understand each other instead.

Married – Saturn in the 9th house in its sign, loyalty shall increase. Support of spouse. Long trips.

Students – Will concentrate on studies as mars will join Jupiter in the 10th house.

Health – Elders will improve. Parents shall get relief from prolonged ailments. Carelessness can lead to issues so remain careful. Take special care of a spouse.

Advise – Worship lord shiva daily.


Employed – Employed (in govt) shall be benefitted from a position of mars and Jupiter in the 9th house. Others' advancement and responsibilities. Hard work shall pay.

Business – Businessmen will meet new people and see the business grow. Long-distance travel has seen. Expand business.

Love Mates – The transit of sun in the 12th house and mercury full aspect on 5th house, old rifts may arise. Do not hurt your partner.

Married – Saturn in the 8th house loyalty in marriage will increase. Pleasant times.

Students – Will concentrate on their studies.

Health – Transit of Saturn in the 8th house might cause some issues for your spouse. Avoid fatty food. Eat on time. Sprouts are recommended.

Advise – Recite Bhairav Chalisa.


Employed – Employees will become more authoritative. On the other hand, conflicts are possible. Fearful of humiliation. Avoid conflicts with others and behave well with colleagues. Complete work on time.

Business – Businessmen and traders will have a good week. Expansion to new areas. Contacts will play an important role.

Love Mates – The presence of Jupiter in the 8th house in conjunction with mars, will accelerate conflicts. Do not let any doubts occur in your partner's mind.

Married –  Married will enjoy a good week. Peace and harmony.

Students – More efforts in studies will be put because of sun aspect on 5th house.

Health – Saturn turning retrograde in its sign, can cause trouble. Be careful. Avoid drives and long journeys. Minor diseases can also trouble. Stomach ailments. Do yoga and physical activity.

Advise – Recite the lord Surya beej mantra.

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Employed – For the employee presence of Jupiter in the 7th house and its aspect in the 11th house, fate will favor. Authoritative and new responsibilities. Work appreciated.

Business – Good week. Strong business with new paths and strategies. May have to go through some ups and downs.

Love mates – Saturn retrogrades in the 6th house due to which issues may arise. Stay loyal in a relationship.

Married – Average week. The presence of Jupiter and mars in the 7th house may raise conflicts.

Students – Challenges as Jupiter will be with mars in the 7th house.

Health – Issues at this time will be diagnosed. Saturn's presence in your sign in the 6th house, you will avoid big ailments. Morning walks yoga and meditation are good.

Advice – On Wednesday feed the cow with Sabut moong.

Employed – Success by joining govt sector due to sun transit in 9th house. Progress in luck. Benefits. Good relations with high officials.

Business – The week will be weak. Be careful of investing or new decisions.

Love mates – Be alert. Venus with Rahu in 7th house. Can cause conflicts due to some other person. Victim of misunderstanding possible. Do not involve in other person's words.

Married – Married life will be good 7th due to the placement of Venus in the 7th house. Support from the spouse in every field.

Students – Challenges since Saturn retrograde in 5th house. Difficulties. The mind may wander instead of concentrating.

Health – Relief from secret diseases. Improvement in health of elders but be careful of health of parents.

Advice – On Friday go to Mata temple and offer red flowers.

Employed – Due to full vision of Saturn on 1oth house, work hard is required. Hard work will get promotion. Good performance shall also get praise from all. New jobs will be possible.

Business – Path of foreign-related business shall open. Luck will favor. A decisive victory in the competition.

Love mates – Good week. Hopes fulfilled. Understand each other.

Married – Presence of mercury in 7th house, issues could occur. Conflicts on old matters. Careful of your words.

Students – Good week. Jupiter with Mars in 5th house – success in studies.

Health - Special care for mothers' health. Advised to pay special attention to food. Stay away from outside food and fried. Avoid long journeys.

Advise – Do Jal Abhishek of Shivling on Monday.

Employed – Beneficial for job seekers. Good job shall come. Change jobs cautiously. Effectiveness will improve. Mars complete vision on 10th house, excellent prospects for advancement.

Business – No new decisions as the loss may occur. Mars aspect on 7th house, risk of deterioration of the relationship with a partner. You will feel you are falling behind in the competition.

Love Mates – The presence of mars lord of 5th house in 4th house ups and downs. Lack of mutual trust. Examine the truth before deciding anything.

Married – Good week. Affection and attraction growth.

Students – Students will be required to work harder. The mind may wander. Rahu and Venus conjunct in the 5th house.

Health – Exercise and remain cautious of the health of the elderly and children. Your health is ok. May experience insomnia and digestive issues.

Advice – Apply saffron tilak on the forehead.

Employed – Opponents may stymie the employed’s efforts. Venus will give courage. The benefit from that is entirely up to you. Possible obstacles.

Business – Issues in business but it will still flourish. Success in overseas trade.

Love mates – Good week. Major decision possible. Trust will grow.

Married – Ups and downs. Share your mind with your spouse and could be the solution to issues. Work and social problems should also be shared.

Students – Students will do well. The mind will be sharp. Mercury in the 5th house.

Health – Mars will assist in eliminating chronic illness. Seek medical advice where required. Mild can turn lethal if not treated. Elderly people's health should be taken care of.

Advise – Feed fish.

Employed – Promotion possible. Seniors may appreciate it. Chance of employment offer in another field. Private sector natives can be offered a job in another city.

Business – Full aspect of Saturn on the 7th house is beneficial for businessmen. Success. Invest. Beneficial. New business routes can open as sun transit in the 5th house.

Love mates – Mars full sight on 5th house, conflicts. Prudence required. No bitter words.

Married – Complete aspect of Saturn on the 7th house may increase troubles. Bitterness in statements. Petty issues. Ego conflicts.

Students – Students with mercury in the 4th house will not have a pleasant time. Work hard required.

Health – Comfort. Due to the transit of the Sun in the 5th house, ailments shall be cured. Elders' health will improve.

Advice – On Saturday light a mustard oil lamp under a people tree.

Employed – Good times in govt sector. High official interaction will improve my career. Job seekers shall be successful. Pvt sector people will find work.

Business – Jupiter and mars full aspect on 7th house, businessmen shall be happy. New decisions. Expand. Use good marketing.

Love Mates – Faith will grow. Jupiter's 5th aspect on the 5th house. Do not bother about people's talks.

Married – Due to full aspect of mars and Jupiter on 7th house, not good times. Rift. Ego clashes.

Students – Jupiter's 5th aspect on the 5th house will help studies with a clear mind. Profits from Jupiters' complete vision.

Health – Long journeys avoid. Special health care is required as stress will be there. See the doctor if gastro issues. Yoga and fitness will help overcome issues.

Advise – Mondays offer milk on Shivling.

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Writer – Mala Chatterjee

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