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Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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The weekly forecast of rashis based on planetary placements for the period 1st to 7th August and is estimated to be as under:

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Your weekly rashifal and astrology forecast for the coming week is here.


  • Employed – Transit of sun in 4th house will reward you in the govt. sector. Seniors shall be happy. Increase in materialistic happiness. Saturn in the 10th house will bring good results. Professions in legal, service, and hospital will do better.
  • Business - Business requires distance from a partner because of Ketu in the 7th house. 
  • Love mates – Normal week because of Rahu and mars in 1st house making angarak yog and Rahu 5th aspect on 5th house.  
  • Married – Ketu in 7th house. Doubts. 
  • Students – the transit of mercury in 5th house, better for education and good results academically and competitive.  
  • Health – Issues related to eye and head – migraine, etc. Sun transit in 4th house, in cancer sign, allergy to cold and hot. 
  • Advice – Hanuman Chalisa to be recited daily.


  • Employed – Success in IT and communication as well as finance. 
  • Business – Improvement. New ideas and avenues. 
  • Love mates – Normal. 
  • Married – Good week. 
  • Students – competition success. Mercury in 4th house. Better for education. 
  • Health – Saturn in 9th house, problems for father. Ketu in 6th house minor health issues for you. 
  • Advice – Distribute kheer to young girls.


  • Employed  in the field of IT, media, writing, communication, and good results. 
  • Business – Good opportunities. Otherwise normal. 
  • Love mates – Ketu in 5th house, doubts, and misunderstandings.
  • Married – good week. Blessed with happiness. 
  • Students – Normal week. 
  • Health – Be aware of what you consume. Minor digestive issues. Avoid non-veg food on Saturday.
  • Advice – Durba to lord Ganesha on Wednesday.


  • Employed – shall see the transit of sun occurring on ascendant increasing leadership skills. A better time to plan if already leading. Success in a diplomatic and political career. Transit of Rahu in the 10th house will change your profession or create raise. 
  • Business – Saturn in the 7th house will support. 
  • Love mates – Normal week.
  • Married – Saturn in the 7th house will create physical distance. Some doubts. 
  • students - Good week for students.
  • Health – Health-wise, the sun will be in 1 st house, improvement thereby except for some allergies. 
  • Advice – Water and Milk on Shivling.


  • Employed – Career growth for employed with good communication with seniors. Popularity too. 
  • Business – Business partnership awareness is required. 
  • Love mates – Normal week. 
  • Married – Saturn may physically separate you for short period. 
  • Students – A good time for preparing for higher education. 
  • Health – Be regular with your daily routine. Be careful of your stomach as Saturn is in 6th house retrograde.
  • Advice – water to the sun daily.


  • Employed -shall find subordinates listening to you and following. Personality on right track. Govt sector people shall achieve success. Financial status improvement. Transit of Jupiter will give better results to career.
  • Business- shall require short travel which will eventually support the business.
  • Love mates – Saturn in the 5th house will not be good for love mates. Those thinking of marriage with a partner, transit of  Jupiter in the 7th house is supportive. 
  • Married – good week. 
  • Students – Saturn in the 5th house may create a gap or break in education. More efforts are required. 
  • Health – The conjunction of Mars and Rahu in the 8th house will create digestion issues. Careful of food intake. Constipation issues. 
  • Advice – Saturdays, the light mustard lamp at Shani mandir.


  • Employed - Those employed shall likely have promotion and raise. Work hard and you will execute plans successfully which will be appreciated.
  • Business - Business wise, not likely to do well due to the conjunction of Rahu and mars in 7th house. Keep anger in control while doing business. 
  • Love mates – relationships will increase and improve.
  • Married – due to Rahu and mars in the house, separation for some time is possible. Keep good coordination to keep things under control. 
  • Students – Normal week but continue working hard. 
  • Health – Health wise you should not consume food not good for the heart and lungs. Jupiter in the 6th house will however support health and keep things under control. 
  • Advice – donate white things like rice, milk, sugar, and cloth.

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  • Employed -Transit of Saturn in the 3 rd house will make the employed more dedicated to work and professional life. More efforts are required for success. 
  • Business – Favourable for business and partnership. An additional source of income is possible.
  • Love mates – Relationships will be good and Jupiter will assist further. Likely to look at the possibility of marriage. 
  • Married – Normal week. Closer relations. Understanding. 
  • Students – Transit of Jupiter in the 5th house will give positive results for academic learning. Favorable for competitive exams and results will be good.
  • Health – Have to be careful as Rahu and mars are in the 6th house. Digestion and stomach-related issues. 
  • Advice – Sunderkand path on Tuesdays.


  • Employed - will have a good week professionally. Promotion, administrative role possible. Jupiter in the 4th house with aspect on the 10th house will support. Good for all including senior level.
  • Business – Normal week with good results overall.
  • Love mates – ups and downs due to mars and Rahu in the 5th house.
  • Students – Good time for studies and examinations. 
  • Health – Transit of sun in 8th house will give minor health problems affecting mental peace. Acidity issues are also possible along with seasonal problems. 
  • Advice – Vishnu sahastranaam on Thursday.


  • Employed - shall have a good week with established profession and success. Benefit in a communication-related profession with the transfer of Jupiter in the 3rd house. Transit of sun in 7th house will increase chances of getting into govt sector. 
  • Business – Careful about relations with a business partner.
  • Love mates – normal relations and understanding between each other. 
  • Married – sun in 7th house, not a good week. Leave ego aside. Confusions and doubts. 
  • Students – The benefit to students through mercury especially those in higher education. 
  • Health – Saturn in 1st house and will result in pains and aches. Get out of Laziness. Be aware of your daily routine. Otherwise normal week.
  • Advice – Shani mantra to be recited. 


  • Employed - with the sun in the 6th house, will assist in govt jobs as well as getting govt jobs. Mars and Rahu in the 3rd house will make you work hard. 
  • Business – a good time for foreign business. Also, travel to foreign lands for business. Transit of Saturn in 12th house. 
  • Love mates – Nothing extraordinary. 
  • Married – Some time for separation with the spouse. Back after some time. 
  • Students – good week as mercury in 5th house. 
  • Health – Saturn aspect on the 6th house will take care of health. Minor seasonal issues. 
  • Advice – donate black-colored items on Saturday.


  • Employed - Good week for employed persons. Jupiter in 1st house will assist in promotions. Jupiter's aspect on the 9th house, luck shall favor. 
  • Business – Generally satisfying week. 
  • Love mates – conjunction placement of venus and sun in the 5th house is an auspicious time for relationships. 
  • Married – Harmony in married life. Good understanding. 
  • Students – Jupiter in the 1st house is also favorable for students and transit of sun and venus in the 5th house is also good. 
  • Health – Ketu in the 8th house shall create issues of the leg. Also digestive system. Take care of food intake. 
  • Advice – Reciting Vishnusahastrnaam daily.

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Writer – Mala Chatterjee

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