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Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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The weekly forecast of rashis (Weekly Rashifal) based on planetary placements for the period 19th to 25th September and is estimated to be as under:

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  • Employed – Employed shall have negative behavior causing issues. Stay calm. A benefit to those in multinational companies. 
  • Business – Offer from a foreign company. Business growth with foreign companies. A new direction to the business. Need to make the best of the opportunity and increase sources and contacts. 
  • Love mates –Take care of speech. An increase in love is your responsibility. 
  • Married – Ketu in 7th house, conflicts. Chances of aggression. Control anger. The happiness of marriage will be lost if care is not taken. 
  • Students – Venus in the 5th house can give favorable results. Sun in 6th house, profitable results for students associated with sports. 
  • Health – Former ailments recurrence. Sun with mercury in 6th house, conditions will improve. 
  • Advise – Feed jaggery and gram to monkeys. 


  • Employed –  Employed will see Saturn transit in its sign entering the house of fate. Luck shall favor. Progress. Support from seniors and increase in salary. 
  • Business – Venus aspect on 10th house, new business or associated with a business will expand and get an opportunity. Earn respect in the market. Associated with beautiful art and fashion will get a good business opportunity. 
  • Love mates – Sun and mercury in the 5th house, love will grow. Resolve issues. Decide marriage. 
  • Married – 7th house lord mars is in 1st house. Arguments and conflicts are possible. Ego issues. Avoid. 
  • Students – Sun and mercury in 5th house with an aspect of Jupiter on it. Boost the morale of students also making them leaders. Classmates and teachers shall help. 
  • Health – Ketu in 6th house and Rahu in 12th house, health issues. Might deteriorate and suffer from minor ailments. Take care. 
  • Advise – Donate white clothes.  


  • Employed – Work load increase shall lead to mental stress for the employed. Do not take excess pressure. An aspect of Jupiter on the 10th house is income increase. Do not get into conflicts. 
  • Business – sun and mercury in 4th house and aspect on 10th house. Good for foreign business and trips. 
  • Love mates – Do not pay heed to an outside opinion about mate. Do not doubt. Resolve issues through communication. This relationship will improve and get back to normal. 
  • Married – Saturn in 7th house. Ups and downs. Frequent conflicts. Be patient and trust each other. 
  • Students –  Students will have Ketu in the 5th house with the Rahu aspect on it. Concentration disturbed. Challenges. 
  • Health – Mars, the 6th house lord, will be in the 12th house. Good health. Mars will rid of many ailments. Past diseases will be rid of. 
  • Advise – Worship lord hanuman and recite hanuman Chalisa on Tuesdays.


  • Employed – Employed will get more strength and receive opportunities. Arrogant nature should be avoided. 
  • Business – Chances for project projects being approved. Opportunities and travel abroad. Good period.
  • Love mates – Saturn transit in its sign in the 7th house. Misunderstandings can spoil a relationship. Distance. Resolve issues. 
  • Married – Conflicts. Doubt. Relationship negative. Avoid arguments. Clear doubts. 
  • Students – Jupiter transit in the 9th house. Students shall perform well and siblings shall help. 
  • Health – No major ailments but minor diseases. Take care. Stomach-related issues. Pay attention to eating habits. Careful of old ailments. 
  • Advise – Abhishek of lord shiva with sugarcane juice.


  • Employed – mars in 10th house. Reputation shall improve amongst peers. They will seek your guidance. Income increase. Cooperation of juniors. Opponents are active so take the advice of seniors. 
  • Business – good week. Good reputation in the market. 
  • Love mates – Sun will transit to 2nd house and there will be positive changes. Better relationship. Marriage possibilities. 
  • Married – Take care of speech. Plan romantic time with spouse. 
  • Students – Aspect of Saturn on Jupiter in 8th house, concentration lost. Stay motivated and confident. Prepare for exams with help of teachers and seniors. 
  • Health – Indigestion and gas issues. Consult a doctor as required as minor ailments can become an issue. 
  • Advise – Donate wheat equal to weight to poor and needy people.  


  • Employed – Employed shall have luck in their favor. Job change opportunity in a good organization. Transfer desired could happen. Maintain good relationships with seniors. 
  • Business – New business or expansion. Both favorable. 
  • Love mates – habits shall affect love mates. Maintain good behavior. 
  • Married – Saturn in retrograde in 5th house. Less favorable times. Some health issues. The burden of responsibility shall affect you. 
  • Students – Saturn in the 5th house will make hard work. Distracted but must try to concentrate. Failing which upcoming exams could be negative. 
  • Health – Saturn lord of the 6th house is in the 5th house. Troubles can increase by a recurrence of old ailments. Be careful of joint-related issues. Consume home-cooked food. 
  • Advise – Offer sabut moong daal to lord Ganesha.

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  • Employed – Employed will need to work hard to attain results. Lower productivity will be negative. Will not be able to perform well. 
  • Business – The aspect of Saturn on the 10th house will be not good. Unable to concentrate on work. Customer satisfaction is not good. Unrest in mind. 
  • Love mates – Lord of the 5th house, Saturn, is in the 4th house which will increase love and affection. Period good for marriage purposes. 
  • Married – sun and mercury will join in the 12th house. Conflicts, though minor, may arise. Rahu in the 7th house can also create issues. Bitterness. 
  • Students – desired results due to the presence of the 5th house lord, Saturn, in its sign Capricorn in the 4th house. The benefit to most students. Those preparing for competitive exams and/or wanting to study abroad shall also benefit. 
  • Health – Aspect of Saturn on a house of disease, 6th, will create minor health issues but Jupiter in the 6th house, you will rid of old ailments. 
  • Advise – worship goddess Katyayeni and donate red-colored clothes to unmarried girls.


  • Employed – All tasks for the employed shall be done and suggestions appreciated by seniors. Boost morale. Good opportunities. Sun will transit in the 11th house with mercury. Help increase income. Unexpected monetary gains. 
  • Business – E-commerce and e-marketing, fashion clothing footwear will get successful.  
  • Love mates – lord of 5h house, Jupiter, will be in his sign Pisces in the 5th house increasing love in a relationship. Time spent together. 
  • Married – mars in 7th house, conflicts. Nature can be arrogant and egoistic. Remain calm. 
  • Students – Jupiter in the 5th house will motivate them to perform well. Good marks are possible. Senior people, teacher patents, happy. Good results in exams.
  • Health – Suffering from old diseases need to pay special attention to health. Stomach-related issues will occur. Eating habits control. 
  • Advise – Offer Chola to lord Hanumanji on Tuesday.


  • Employed – Mercury lord of the 10th house will be present in its Virgo sign in the 10th house. Employed shall benefit in career. Good outcome despite reduced efforts. Progress is rapid. Do not be arrogant. Conflicts with coworkers will tarnish your image if you are arrogant. 
  • Business – Those in the property business will benefit. Do not trust anyone blindly. Don’t share your strategies with anyone. 
  • Love mates – Rahu in 5th house, troubles. Conflict possible. Better coordination to overcome misunderstanding. 
  • Married – Lord of 7th house, mercury, will be in their sign Virgo. Positivity. Quality time. Sun and Mercury in the 10th house. Immense love support. 
  • Students – trouble is studying with Rahu in the 5th house. Work hard for results. Memorizing lessons and completing assignments could be a problem. 
  • Health – mars in 6th house. Health benefits. Old ailments – relief. Elders will have some health improvement. Advised to include vegetables and liquids in diet. 
  • Advise – Donate yellow items and worship the banana tree on Thursday. 


  • Employed – Sun and mercury will join in 9th house, forming budh Aditya yog, employed shall be favored by luck improving the situation. Tasks completed. Strategies implemented. 
  • Business – Be careful and avoid controversies. 
  • Love mates – Sun and mercury in 9th house, favored by luck. Good news is possible. 
  • Married – Saturn in 7th house, married shall have conflicts. Could lose patience and have minor arguments. Maintain healthy married life. 
  • Students – Those preparing for competitive exams shall be benefitted. Sports and entertainment sector students shall get good results. 
  • Health – Minor ailments due to changing weather including eye issues. Elders in the family could have issues. Take care of them. Improve eating habits. Avoid stale and junk food. 
  • Advise – Recite the beej mantra of Saturn.  


  • Employed – Sun and mercury in 8th house. Multinational company employees will get good results. Govt. employees are favored by luck. 
  • Business – Good opportunity for export import. Foreign trade people will get the best outcome. 
  • Love mates – Sun and mercury in the 8th house will generate improved relationships. Quality time. 
  • Married – Aspect of mars on 7th house, minor arguments. Keep calm. Control anger. 
  • Students – Lord of the house of education, mercury, will be in the 8th house. Bring favorable results. Wanting education abroad will benefit me. Medical field students shall be successful. 
  • Health – Aspect of Saturn on the 6th house, former ailments can bother you again. Joint pains and injuries are possible. Avoid junk food. Be careful outside the house, driving vehicles, etc. 
  • Advise – Black sesame in water and bathe with it.   


  • Employed – Jupiter will strengthen the career of the employed. Mars aspect on 10th house, luck, and promotion. 
  • Business – Will enjoy good times. Flourish.
  • Love mates – Misunderstandings and doubts. Trust each other and keep relations strong and also resolve all issues. 
  • Married – mercury in the 7th house will create some issues but the sun and venus will join in the 7th house, and the situation will improve bringing sweetness back. 
  • Students – Aspect of Saturn on 5th house, hindrances in studies. Saturn will make you work hard. Stay calm and positive. 
  • Health – Sun will transit in the 7th house. With mercury. Minor diseases. Eating habits improve. Those with venereal disease need to consult a doctor.  
  • Advise – Worship goddess katyayeni and light lamp nearby temple and recite goddess katyayeni mantra.    

Writer – Mala Chatterjee

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