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Weekly Rashifal 19th to 25th Dec. 2022

Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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Weekly Rashifal 19th to 25th Dec. 2022

The weekly forecast (weekly rashifal) of rashis based on planetary placements for the period 19th to 25th December 2022 is estimated to be as under:

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  • Employed – Pleasant relationship with seniors. Good fortune. Transit of Mercury Venus and the Sun in 9th house will give success in new job. Gov. Job’s people will face transfer. 
  • Business – Travel possible. Good week. 
  • Love mates – Strong relationship. Trips can happen. 
  • Married – In laws relationship will improve. Confusions mitigated. Ketu in 7th house. 
  • Students – Normal week. 
  • Health – Stomach care required. Stale and stomach negative foods avoid. Nutritious food only. 
  • Advice – Offer 4 bananas to lord hanuman on Tuesdays.


  • Employed – Jupiter in 11th house, aspect on 5th house, employed can get jobs as desired. Beneficial week for career. Inspiration for others. 
  • Business – Profitable week. Whole hearted Focus shall have positive outcome. Control speech with partner. Stable status required. 
  • Love mates – Take care as negative issues can happen. Sun Mercury and Venus in 8th house. Better talk to own people about the relationship. 
  • Married – Very good feelings. Discharge of duties like good partner. Quality time and strong relations. 
  • Students – Good results in studies due to aspect of Jupiter on 5th house.   
  • Health – Not very good as Sun in 8th house. Take care. Avoid even minor ailments. See doctor if required. 
  • Advice – Recite Mahalaxmi mantra using sphatic mala on Friday.


  • Employed – Sun 7th house, promotion to employed. Working hard means good remuneration and perks. Benefit from Gov. Sector. 
  • Business – Flourish as plans in your favor. Satisfaction and happiness. 
  • Love mates – Pleasant week. Mercury Venus in 7th house will bring bloom in relationship. 
  • Married – Caring of each other shouldering responsibilities. Sun in 7th house – take care of spouse health. 
  • Students – Ketu in 5th house will cause confusion in studies. 
  • Health – Abdominal ailments could arise. Control diet. Mars aspect on 7th house may result in ailments from secret issues. 
  • Advice – Prepare pakora of urad dal in mustard oil and donate on Saturday.


  • Employed – Sun in 6th house, employed shall be stronger and commanding. Opponents shall not be able to affect you. You will put heart and soul in work. Avoid shortcuts. Stick to efforts. 
  • Business – Saturn in 7th house, sincere and responsible businessmen. 
  • Love mates – Jupiter aspect on 5th house, favorable times.  
  • Married – Saturn ruling lord of 7th house will be in own house, making deeper understanding. Dedicated and sharing. Trust will make strong relations. 
  • Students – Good week for education in artistic field. 
  • Health - Mercury Venus in 6th house will cause falling health. Sun in 6th house will make you go ahead with positivity. Aspect of Mars on 6th house will give strength and you shall be feeling encouraged. 
  • Advice – Apply haldi or kesar tilak on Thursday.


  • Employed – Need to work hard for employed to maintain status. Higher position commanding future. Best in your work. Will win laurels.
  •  Business – Care required. Labor required due to 7th house lord Saturn in 6th house. Travelling abroad may occur. Maintain good relations with partner. 
  • Love mates - Will come closer to each other. Transit of Mercury and Venus in 5th house. Misunderstanding due to Mars’ aspect on 5th house. Resolve mutually. Changes in behavior due to Sun in 5th house. 
  • Married - Saturn in 6th house, Jupiter in 8th house, and Ketu in 3rd house. Mess is possible workwise. You shall still gain with help of spouse. 
  • Students – Mercury and Venus in 5th house will bring good news. 
  • Health – Cough and cold and stomach issues along with eye issues. Do not neglect minor ailments. Discipline routine and eating habits. 
  • Advice – Feed stray dogs on daily basis.


  • Employed – Sun in 4th house with full aspect on 10th house will strengthen position. You will be successful silencing opponents and delivering in workplace. Saturn lord of 6th house in 5th house and mars in 9th house will bring changes at workplace. 
  • Business – Jupiter in 7th house - mature decision. Far sighted and intelligent decisions. New projects and develop contacts with higher ups gaining profits. Partner shall cooperate towards growth. 
  • Love mates – Appeasing beloved is necessary. Blissful love life with friends’ help. Marriage possible. 
  • Married – Jupiter in 7th house. Good times and responsibilities taken up. Stronger relationship. 
  • Students – Saturn in 5th house, disciplined in studies. 
  • Health – Rahu in 8th house. Ailments subjected to food poisoning.  Avoid stale food. Be cautious while driving. 
  • Advice – Present green bangles to sister or aunt on Wednesday. 

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  • Employed – Conjunction of mercury Venus and Sun – good relations with colleagues for employed.  Favorable results. Disciplined, punctual, dedicated, and honest. 
  • Business – Rahu in 7th house will help in overpowering issues. Obstacles removed and successful growth. Lord of 7th house lord mars in 8th house, need to be careful in investments. Gov. Sector work will add to business. 
  • Love mates – Mercury and Venus aspect on 9th house. Eliminate obstacles and strengthen bonds.
  •  Married – Rahu in 7th house spouse stubborn. Temperamental nature. Arguments. Stay calm and control situation. 
  • Students – Good week. 
  • Health – Drive vehicle carefully. Blood related impurities can happen. Take care and treatment. 
  • Advice – Saturdays give flour to ants and feed and help disabled.


  • Employed – Mars in 8th house, retrograde state, employed shall face opponents’ harassment. Rahu will help you overcome and position shall become stronger. Benefits from Gov. Sector. 
  • Business – Disputes with business partner. Stay away from such situation as negative affect.  Later conditions shall be better. 
  • Love mates – Proposal for marriage good time. Jupiter in 5th house intensified relations. 
  • Married – Venus and mercury in 2nd house, tensions may occur with decline in health. Working spouse shall get monetary gains. 
  • Students – Jupiter in 5th house. Good for studies. 
  • Health – Eat food at correct time. Be disciplined. Take walks. 
  • Advice – Offer argh to sun in copper vessel with kumkum.


  • Employed - Mercury and Venus shall enter 1st house. Ways to benefit shall be found. Obstacle will be tried to be removed improving job position. Sun in 1st house – promotion possible. Honor and respect. 
  • Business – Aspect of sun and Venus on 7th house, chance to work with Gov. Sector. Benefits and contacts will help in expanding business. 
  • Love mates – Favorable. Stronger relationship. Rahu in 5th house, carefree in love matters. 
  • Married – Mercury Sun and Venus aspect on 7th house, increase love in partners but Sun may lead to egoism. Be patient. Self respect and devotion. 
  • Students – Careless attitude as Rahu in 5th house. 
  • Health - Sun Mercury and Venus in 1st house – improve health but issues of fever etc. ailments. Consult doctor. Eat timely. 
  • Advice – Respect elders of the family. Worship lord Vishnu.


  • Employed - Job application may be successful. Avoid laziness as important work could get delayed leading to trouble. 
  • Business – Saturn aspect on 7th house – hard worker. Visionary thinking. Important decisions. Jupiter 5th aspect on 7th house help in growth of business. Growth in business and self satisfaction. 
  • Love mates – Mercury Venus and Sun in 12th house. Mars in 5th. Retrograde state. Stressful status. Mars and Sun will bring depth but you will face anger. Stay calm. 
  • Married – Saturn full aspect on 7th house and Jupiter 5th aspect on 7th house. Lightness in marriage. Responsibility. Discipline. Family events participation. 
  • Students – Mars retrograde in 5th house. Aggression in behavior. 
  • Health – Partying and staying up late and not drinking adequate water, not eating on time can lead to ailments. Take care and lead a healthy life. 
  • Advice – Saturday light mustard oil lamp under peepal tree in the evening.


  • Employed – Mercury and Venus and sun aspect on 5th house. Mars influence on 10th house. Chances of promotion. Gov. Sector people will be strong and fruitful. 
  • Business – Take care. Carefully move ahead as mars in 4th house retrograde aspecting 7th house. Ups and downs. Avoid big decisions. Finish important task slowly due to retrograde mars. 
  • Love mates – Sun in 11th house will create issues. Aspect on 5th house will be good for relationship. Marriage proposal. 
  • Married – Mars’ full aspect on 7th house will create issues. Saturn in 12th house. Conflicts disturbing peace. Maintain peaceful atmosphere. 
  • Students – Mars retrograde can disturb studies. 
  • Health – Rahu in 3rd house you will exercise daily and feel good. Will improve health. Yoga must. Body fit. 
  • Advice – Offer water to Sun daily for health betterment.


  • Employed – Mercury Venus and Sun in 10th house. Good results in work place. Wholehearted work and colleagues will make you happy. Good behavior with people appreciation. Increase self confidence and efficient work. Strong position. 
  • Business – Jupiter aspect on 7th house. Guidance from senior person will help moving in right direction. 
  • Love mates – Saturn aspect on 5th house. Honesty in love is important. Jupiter aspect on 5th house. Good time with partner. Marriage is possible. 
  • Married – Aspect on Jupiter on 7th house, less stress in married. Mutual harmony, love, and dedication. 
  • Students - Jupiter aspect on 5th house will bring good results in studies. 
  • Health - Take care of exercises. Take help of trainer. Be careful while driving too. Eat healthy food. Wake up early. 
  • Advice – Apply turmeric or kesar tilak on forehead on Thursday.

Writer – Mala Chatterjee

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Importance of Rashifal | Importance of Rashi in Vedic Astrology
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