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Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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The weekly forecast of rashis based on planetary placements for the period 17th – 23rd  January is estimated to be as under:


Sun will be in 10th house with combust Saturn which might lead to conflicts with senior at work place. Good for business people this week due to venus in 9th house. Saturn will make you work hard. Students will get mixed results due to lack in concentration. Aspect of jupiter of 5th house will encourage to plan for  child. Due to presence of  ketu in 8th house, be careful of health.

Advise: Recite hanuman chalisa once a day. 


Sun will be in 9th house with combust Saturn resulting in some issues with father. Some natives could get promotion. Be careful and control your ego. Business people in partnership shall feel uneasy because of mars and ketu in 7th house. Married can also get adverse effect of this. Good week for students. Be careful health wise as rahu sitting on lagna.

Advise  : Pay due respect to elders specially mother. 


More effort expected from service people to achieve desired goal. This is due to sun transit in 8th house with combust Saturn. Good time for business people also as venus retro is in 7th house there will be good relations with business partner. Good week for students. Due to mars transit in saggitarius in 7th house, some misunderstanding in mutual relationship. As mercury Saturn and sun are in 8th house, and mars and ketu are in 6the house, take good care of health. 

Advise : Worship ma Parvati daily.


Jupiter is present in 8th house. Brings challenges in different walks of life. Difficult time for working employee as they have to accomplish goal. Business people can enjoy a slightly easier time as long term business deal is possible. This is because of mercury and saturn  in 7th house. Students going for higher education will feel motivated.  Mars will be in your 6th house and can give you health issues. As such eat healthy food.

Advise : Recite vsishnusahastraman.


Good week for working employees. At  workplace can have a salary raise also. Business men can get average results. Be aware of opponents. Students should focus on studies. Married will get into some misunderstanding. Avoid entering into argument. You will save money this week. Take care of stomach and eye issues.

Advise : Distribute banana to elders as well as  children and apply kesar on forhead.   

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Natives will work hard and shall get encouragement from colleagues and seniors. If associated with business,  the week beneficial for you. Conjunction of Saturn,  mercury  and sun in 5th house will give fruitful results to students. Jupiter present in 6th house could make you lazy. Take care of your siblings as they might go through some health issues due to ketu in 3rd house. Average week for married.

Advise : Recite Gayatri mantra 108 times in a day.


Conjunction of Saturn and mercury in the 4th house and their 7th aspect on 10th house will distract you  from work at work place. Saturn however will motivate you to work hard and you shall do so, getting appreciation from people. Good week for businessman. They will successfully expand with help of strategy and marketing.  Students will attain success. Married will face some trouble in family life. Single, will express their love to beloved. Presence of rahu in 8th house might result in health problems related to upper body. Think twice before eating.

Advise :  Apply turmeric tilak on forehead


Working professional will have a good time at work place due to the aspect of Jupiter on 10th house. Can earn prestige, respect at work place and support from seniors. Finances are good for the week. Students will go through stressful time. Family of married natives will give mixed results. Advise not to take hasty decisions. Good week for businessman. Be careful of irregularities, wounds, boils etc. due to aspect of rahu on 1ts house.

Advise : Recite hanuman chalisa regularly.   


Rectify your past conditions of career by taking help of seniors and colleagues.  You will grow your income. Businessmen will also acquire good profits. Saturn with mercury in 2nd house will bring harshness in speech affecting family life. Lovers will get back on track. Married will go through ups and downs. You will save money. Due to presence of mars and venus, on your lagna, and, sun and staurn in 2nd house disease is possible in respect of mouth, teeth, eyes and legs .

Advise : Feed seven kinds of grains to birds daily.  


Saturn will make you work hard at work place and help attain success in career. Businessman will expand business and may get rid of financial problems.  Less favourable week for students. Bad company can distract you.  Not good week for lovers also as rahu in 5th house. Married people shall be busy. Can increase expenses. Try to save  money. Presence of mars in 12th house, will give you minor health issues like eyes, BP etc.

Advise : Offer milk and sugar to goddess parvti on Fridays.

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Working people need to be careful at work place. Conflicts with colleagues. Businessman will expand through rigorous hard work. Government employees will get benefit from government. Students wanting to study abroad will have to wait. Those in love relationships may face conflict as sun will transit on 12th house. Some mental stress is possible so take care. Saturn the combust ruling planet in  12th house with sun may deteriorate your health and cause trouble in future.

Advise : Chant Om Namah Shivaya 108 times in a day.


Working employees will fulfill their pending and new tasks. They will improve relations with seniors. Likely to earn promotion with their support. Positivity is there in life of businessman specially  those in business partnership. Not a good week for students. Take care of fathers health.  Some conflicts likely between lovers. Favourable week for married. Religious interest shall make you spend some money on religious activity. Can suffer from back and calf pain and latent disease.

Advise : Feed jagary to cow every Sunday. 

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