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Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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The weekly (rashifal) forecast of rashis based on planetary placements for the period 11th to 17th July and is estimated to be as under:

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Employed – Saturn lord of the 10th house will be in the 10th house, retrograde state. The Hard work effect will not be observable. But in the future, it will be seen. 

Business – Jupiter in 12th house, overseas business. Progress in overseas business. Assistance from a business partner. 

Love mates – Transit of Sun in 4th house and Saturn Aspect on 4th house, careful with love mates. Little words, avoid arguments, slow speech. 

Married – The spouse will connect due to venus in a favorable position. Stay with your spouse and take some time from work. 

Students – Work hard in their studies for good results. 

Health – Jupiter aspect on 6th house, you will be preoccupied with other people neglecting self. Impact on diseases. Regular check-ups are recommended. 

Advise – Sunderkand path at home.    


Employed – Saturn in 9th house retrograde position. Venus in own sign 1st house. Luck support. Success. Advancement. The gain in trust. 

Business – Jupiter in the 11th house, fruitful for business people. Opportunities, new business strategies, and the success therein. 

Love mates – Jupiter aspect on 5th house, advantageous for love mates. Stronger love. Stress resolved.

Married – favorable week. Venus in the 7th house, strengthen confidence in the spouse and increase coordination. 

Students – Jupiter aspect on 5th house, success. 

Health – Ketu in 6th house. Health issues are possible. Stomach-related diseases. Outside food avoid. Chronic diseases will be cured, Rahu's aspect on 6th house. 

Advise – White color shiny clothes on Friday.


Employed – Hurdles shall be rid of. Jupiter in the 10th house. 

Business – sun in 2nd house, in cancer sign, you will expand your business and the same shall flourish. New businesses. New projects and plans. 

Love mates – Ketu in the 5th house and venus in the 12th house, will careful and have enhanced love and affection. 

Married – pleasant week with mutual understanding. Importance to advise a spouse. 

Students – Preparing for higher studies – success. 

Health – issues will prevail. The conjunction of Mars and Rahu in 6t house. Stomach-related ailments. Be careful and have nutritious food. No junk food. Other family members shall be fine. 

Advise – Ganesh mantra to be recited. 

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Employed – Transit of sun in your zodiac sign and venus in 12th house, the environment will be beneficial and friendly. Service searchers will get a job of choice. Successes. Support of unknown person at the workplace. 

Business – profits. Plan new heights. Steps for expanding in the new field. Investment is favorable. 

Love mates – Mars ruling planet of the 5th house will be in the 10th house with Rahu. Full aspect on 5th house. Controversies. Confusion. Trivial issues differences. 

Married – good times. Misunderstandings shall fade and trust shall develop. 

Students – Suitable times. An aspect of Jupiter on the 5th house. Success. Venus in the 5th house. 

Health – Jupiter ruling lord of the 6th house will be in the 9th house. Issues will stay away. Rid of venereal diseases. Sun in 1st house improves health, and, of spouse too. Take care of your mother's health. 

Advise – add sesame to milk and Jal Abhishek to lord shiva.


Employed – Good hold. Pending work completed. Promotion. Transfer possibility. Overseas job-seeking successful due to Jupiter in the 8th house. 

Business – Jupiter in 8th house, success in overseas business. Business expansions. Challenges of competition taken care of. 

Love mates – Presence of venus and mercury in 11th house, aspect on 5th house, movement of the sun into 12th house, all differences fade away. Stress relieved. 

Married – Plan to get married. Painful week for a married. Stress due to the presence of Saturn in dhansihta nakshatra. Control speech. 

Students – Benefits for those into higher education due to mercury in 11th house.  

Health – Favourable week due to transit of sun in 12th house and aspect on 6th house. Relieved from ailments to great extent. Energetic and powerful to dispel diseases. 

Advise – Offer water to Lord Surya, daily.  


Employed – Success for job seekers. Transit of Sun in 11th house. Seniors appreciation. Promotion. 

Business – Greater success and progress. New business opportunities. Positive results shall ensue. But take advice from experienced before taking significant steps.

Love mates – Good relations. Hurdles will disappear. Can get married. 

Married – Favourable times. Presence of Jupiter in 7th house. Quality time opportunity. 

Students – Problem issues due to Saturn in the 5th house. 

Health – Blood-related issues. Rahu and Mars are in the 8th house. Take care. Do not drive in haste. Family health issues will end. 

Advise – Donate pomegranates on Tuesdays and help brothers.  


Employed – Employed will be appreciated by seniors. The responsibilities given shall be fulfilled. Pvt. Sector people stay away from politics. Pending work shall be finished. Earning of profit from govt circle. 

Business – Hard labor required but shall be rewarded. New contacts new dimensions. Competition can bring on stress. Cordial relations with a partner are required. 

Love mates – Confusion. Do not trust an outsider. However, the position will change later. 

Married – Conflict and misunderstanding – Rahu in 7th house. Mars and Rahu shall make you angry. Control yourself. 

Students – hard work required. 

Health – Skin ailments due to Jupiter in the 6th house. Elders' health shall improve, Stay away from long trips. The conjunction of Mars and Rahu in the 7th house. Fathers' health is monitored carefully.

Advise – Serve food to small girls on Fridays. Touch their feet and take blessings. 


Employed – Employed shall get the benefit due to transit of sun in 9th house. Govt. sector people shall get rewarded. Promotion for those in Pvt. Sector. 

Business – Profitable times. Big steps for expansions. Decisions were taken for expansion and strategies. Cordial relations are retained with a partner. 

Love mates – Good tuning. Jupiter is ruling lord of the 5th house in the same house. Cordial and good relations. Trust. 

Married – good times. Venus ruling lord of the 7th house will be in his own 7th house. Bring melodious times. 

Students – Blessed with good concentration. Jupiter is in the 5th house. 

Health – Eating habits should be looked after. Blood-related ailments. Consult a doctor if required. Joint issues are also there. Saturn aspect. 

Advise – Recite Hanuman Chalisa daily.   


Employed – The transit of sun in 8th house, changes will be seen. Chance of relocation or change in job. It will be however beneficial to have increment or promotion. Obstacles will be eliminated. Colleagues and seniors shall help. 

Business – Foreign-related business or working abroad success. Profits in business. New avenues. Expansions. Support from old friends. 

Love mates – Arguments. Doubts. Bitter words could increase disputes. Avoid immediate response. Be patient. 

Married – good times. Follow the advice of your spouse. Good decisions regarding family. 

Students – Difficult times. Rahu and Mars are in the 5th house. 

Health – Increase in issues. Stress avoid. Work load can create stress. Be in a proper routine. Food care is required. However no health issues in the family. 

Advise – Recite lord vishnusahastranaam every Thursday. 


Employed – Hindrances for employed shall fade away. Maximum benefits from labor inputs. Promotions. New job offers. Ketu in 10th house, need to work hard and you shall be rewarded. 

Business – Flourish. New business avenues. Transit of Sun in 7th house good for growth which would be visible. 

Love mates – Venus ruling lord of the 5th house will be in the own sign zodiac sign 5th house. Good relations. All misunderstandings shall fade. Melodious times. 

Married – Many worries. Transit of Sun in 7th house. Misunderstandings. No hasty decisions to be taken. 

Students – Good week as Jupiter is in the 3rd house. 

Health – Lifestyle diseases possible. Nutritious food and a good routine. Carelessness can make you pay. Walks are helpful. 

Advise – Recite the beej mantra of lord Saturn.


Employed – Favourable time for Employed with progress and promotions. Govt employees will be also benefitted. Additional responsibilities are possible. Opportunities in big companies. Jobs in the sector can be sought. 

Business – Business will flourish with new avenues. Expansion in the existing business as well. Associated with overseas will have an average time. 

Love mates – Conflicts will end. Trust enhanced. Bond strengthen. Understand each other well. 

Married – Good and pleasant times. Healthy and sound atmosphere. 

Students – Good results. Mercury in the 5th house. 

Health – Mental stress due to transit of sun in 6th house. Control anger. Health can be impacted by stress increases. Meditation and yoga can help. 

Advise – Offer mustard oil lamp to lord Saturn on Saturday.  


Employed – Employed people shall have a favorable time. Transit of Venus in 4th house and sun in 5th house. Pvt. Company people will have new job opportunities. Offers from reputed companies. Increase in popularity and appreciation of talent even by opponents. Pending work completed. 

Business – overseas business good times. Expansions and new plans. 

Love mates – Love and affection will strengthen and closer to each other. The conjunction of Venus and Mercury in the 4th house. Marriage on cards. 

Married – mixed results. Tensions will be alleviated and the atmosphere congenial. Quality time. 

Students – Jupiter aspect on the 5th house will encourage students for studies. 

Health – Improvement of elder family members due to transit of sun in the 5th house. Diseases can be relieved. Do not eat outside food. Diet control is required. Diabetes and lifestyle diseases are possible. 

Advise – worship lord Vishnu, serve old people, donate at old age home. 

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