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The weekly forecast of rashis based on planetary placements for the period 11th April to 17th April is estimated to be as under:

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Weekly Rashifal Predictions Are Here:-


Employed – Employed people and job seekers have to work hard as Saturn is present in the 10th house. 

Businessmen – Businessmen shall have a good time with luck and fortune supporting you. 

Love – Love-related matters will also be comfortable with happiness in the lives of lovers. Due to the full aspect of Saturn and Mars on the 5th house, some issues may happen. 

Married – Disputes between spouses will end and they shall be united. 

Students - Challenges in studies for students due to the presence of the sun lord of the 5th house in the 12th house. 

Health – Healthwise good for health. You can get rid of diseases. 

Advice – Worship isht devi. 


Employed – Employed people shall have a good week as Jupiter mars and venus in the 10th house. 

Businessmen – A good week also for business people. Those starting new businesses shall get benefits. 

Love – The full vision of the sun on the 5th house normal love life. 

Married – spend a good time with a life partner. 

Students – Students shall have a good week because dev guru Jupiter will conjunct with venus and mars and have a complete vision on the 4th house. 

Health – Challenges. 

Advice – Donate green color items to unmarried girls. 


Employed – Employed shall have a better time as Rashi lord mercury shall remain in the benefic 10th house. 

Businessmen – Businessmen may decide to expand and they can invest in business this week. 

Love – matters shall have mixed results. Venus lord of the 5th house will be in the 9th house with Mars and Jupiter, as such, love life will be good. 

Married – Some confusion regarding the relationship. Do not keep any misunderstanding in mind. 

Students – Students shall have a generally satisfying week. They will also seriously engage in studies. 

Health – Mixed results. Due to the presence of mars lord of disease in the 9th house, health should improve. 

Advice – meditate and venerate Lord Ganesha. 


Employed – satisfying as mars owner of 10th house will be in 8th house with Jupiter. Success indicated. 

Businessmen – success. 

Love – mixed results. Challenges due to 5th house lord mars being in 8th house. 

Married – Shall get good results due to the placement of Saturn in the 7th house. 

Students – Those studying in foreign institutes shall face good times as Jupiter will be in the 8th house with the lord of the 5th house. 

Health – Jupiter lord of the 6th house will have a conjunction with venus and mars in the 8th house as such mixed results.  

Advice – Perform Jal Abhishek of lord shiva by adding sesame seeds.  

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Employed -  satisfactory week. Mars in the 7th house of Venus, lord of the 10th house, circumstances will be favorable. Maybe a change of place for the employed. 

Businessmen – Transit of Saturn in 7th house good for business people. 

Love- Love will be good. Jupiter, lord of the 5th house, will be placed with Venus in the 7th house. 

Married – Good trust and sweetness among spouses. 

Students – Hard work shall fetch appropriate results. 

Health – Good times for health. The benefit of the presence of Saturn in the 6th house. 

Advice – Offer water to Lord Surya with a red flower. 


Employed – Employed shall face stress. Mercury lord of the 10th house will remain in the 8th house. Ups and downs. Businessmen – Transit of sun in 7th house - foreign trade success. 

Love – a week is a mixed one. The 5th house is the house of love and there will be the conjunction of Mars and Saturn in the 5th house. 

Married – Happy married life. Auspicious work together. Students – A combination of mars with Saturn in the 5th house is beneficial. Work hard for their studies. 

Health – Position of venus in 6th house, health relief. 

Advice – Feed milk bread or roti to the black dog. 


Employed – The full aspect of mars and Saturn on the 10th house, employed shall progress. 

Businessmen – New dimensions for business. Exploration. Profitable time for business people. 

Love – Pleasant relations in love. The conjunction of Mars Venus and Jupiter in the 5th house – love, and affection will peak. 

Married – the transit of mars ruling lord of the 7th house will be in the 5th house – good times. 

Students – Students will acquire more knowledge and benefit from Jupiter is in the 5th house with venus and mars. 

Health – Sun in 6th house and health shall improve. 

Advice – donate white things.


Employed – Sun, ruling lord of the profession, will be in the 5th house. So employed will get success. 

Businessmen – the right time to give shape to plans made for business. 

Love – Hurdles in love life possible as the sun in the 5th house along with Jupiter ruling lord of the 5th house. 

Married – The presence of venus shall give joyful times. 

Students – Jupiter ruling lord of the 5th house will be positioned in the 4th house as such students shall experience pleasant times. 

Health – Mixed result for health. The conjunction of Mars, the ruling lord of the 6th house with venus and Jupiter in the 4th house will benefit health. 

Advice – Recite the Bajrang ban path every day. 


Employed – Employed will have a good week. The presence of mercury ruling lord of the 10th house in the 5th house will pave way for achievement. Hard work will impress seniors and doors for promotion shall open soon. 

Businessmen – People can start their businesses and businessmen trying to expand. Handling competition in business is possible.  

Love – Very good for those in love as mercury benefactor of love being in the 5th house. This will push relations further. 

Married – Blissful times. 

Students – Will have to work hard and those preparing for competitive exams may get success. Some may go abroad for studies. 

Health – Venus ruling lord of the 6th house will form a conjunction with Mars and Jupiter in the 3rd house. As such there can be a complication in health. 

Advice – Worship lord Vishnu.


Employed – Auspicious for employed as venus ruling lord of 10th house will stay in 2nd house with Jupiter. So employed can get positive results. 

Businessmen – Will gain due to complete aspect of mercury on the 10th house. 

Love – Average results as venus ruling lord of 5th house will be positioned in the 2nd house. 

Married – Extremely beneficial. 

Students – The conjunction of Jupiter with Venus will be fruitful for new dimensions. 

Health – Average week. Minor issues may crop up due to the presence of mercury ruling lord of the 6th house with Rahu in the 4th house. 

Advice – Recite the Shani dev beej mantra.


Employed – The presence of Jupiter with Venus in Lagna will be beneficial. The conjunction of the planets shall pave to success in my career. 

Businessmen – Business will flourish and new opportunities could be available. Foreign business investment shall be encouraging and profits will be there. 

Love – Mercury, lord of the 5th house will remain stationed in the 3rd house so love and affection will strengthen the lovers. 

Married – Good and harmonious week for married due to full aspect of mars and venus in 7th house. 

Students – Full aspect of Jupiter on the 5th house will help students. 

Health – Complete aspect of Saturn in the 6th house will give relief from major disease.  

Advice – Recite adityahridayastotra. 


Employed – ups and downs. You may have to wait a bit for better opportunities. 

Businessmen – Businessmen shall have a favorable week. You may try new ways to strengthen your business. 

Love – The full aspect of mars and Saturn in the 5th house will make the mixed atmosphere for love relations. 

Married – Suggested sharing family matters with a spouse. Do not create a bad taste. 

Students – Easy for students. However extra efforts are required due to the full aspect of Saturn on the 5th house. 

Health – Be a little cautious about health as you may face some minor issues. This is due to the full aspect of mars and venus in the 6th house. 

Advice – Observe the fast on Thursdays.  

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Writer - Mala Chatterjee

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