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Wanting To Buy A Car? Here Are The Best Days Per Astrology!

Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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Wanting To Buy A Car? Here Are The Best Days Per Astrology!
For most of us, a car is still considered a luxury item. More so than functioning as a way of commuting, it reflects our social status. However, for some individuals, a car is a hard-won investment that they treasure above all else. Simply put, buying a new car could indeed give some people far too many emotions at a moment. This emotion can be amplified if the vehicle purchased remains by one's side for many years.

Taking decent care of the car will almost certainly extend its life. However, misfortune might strike at any time. Whilst also you pledge to look after your car, a seven-year-old can easily derail your plans, and we would not want to tell you how. So, to avoid such a mishap, you may either keep an eye on the priceless asset at all times or simply follow the Car purchases shubh muhurat to avoid any damage to your vehicle.

Among the most sought-after features of astrology is the Shubh muhurat. Anything done during shubh muhurat enhances the luck of the deed, whether it be marriage or merely purchasing a car. Shubh muhurat occurs whenever the stars and their graces immediately approve of everything you wish to accomplish. When people say "har cheez ki ek sahi waqt hota hai," they are most making reference to shubh muhurat accidentally.

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Muhurat for buying a car in May 2022

Dates Nakshatra Tithi 

May 6, 2022, Friday Punarvasu Panchami,Shashthi

May 13, 2022, Friday Hasta, Chitra Trayodashi

May 16, 2022, Monday Anuradha Pratipada

May 22, 2022, Sunday Dhanishtha, Shatabhisha Ashtami

May 23, 2022, Monday Shatabhisha Ashtami

May 26, 2022, Thursday Revati Ekadashi

Muhurat for buying a car in June 2022

Dates Nakshatra Tithi

June 2, 2022, Thursday Punarvasu Tritiya

June 9, 2022, Thursday Hasta, Chitra Dashami

June 10, 2022, Friday Chitra, Swati Dashami, Ekadashi

June 19, 2022, Sunday Shatabhisha Shashthi

June 26, 2022, Sunday Rohini Trayodashi

Muhurat for buying a car in July 2022

Dates Nakshatra Tithi

July 1, 2022, Friday Pushya Tritiya

July 6, 2022, Wednesday Hasta Ashtami

July 7, 2022, Thursday Hasta, Chitra Ashtami

July 8, 2022, Friday Swati Dashami

July 10, 2022, Sunday Anuradha Ekadashi

July 15, 2022, Friday Dhanishtha Tritiya

July 20, 2022, Wednesday Revati Ashtami

July 24, 2022, Sunday Rohini Ekadashi

July 25, 2022, Monday Mrigashirsha Trayodashi

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Muhurat for buying a car in August 2022

Dates Nakshatra Tithi

August 3, 2022, Wednesday Hasta, Chitra Shashthi

August 5, 2022, Friday Swati Ashtami

August 7, 2022, Sunday Anuradha Dashami

August 11, 2022, Thursday Shravana Purnima

August 12, 2022, Friday Dhanishtha, Shatabhisha Purnima, Pratipada

August 21, 2022, Sunday Mrigashirsha Dashami, Ekadashi August 24, 2022, Wednesday Punarvasu, Pushya Trayodashi

August 25, 2022, Thursday Pushya Trayodashi

August 31, 2022, Wednesday Chitra, Swati Panchami

Muhurat for buying a car in September 2022

Dates Nakshatra Tithi

September 1, 2022, Thursday Swati Panchami, Shashthi

September 8, 2022, Thursday Shravana, Dhanishtha Trayodashi

September 9, 2022, Friday Shatabhisha Purnima

September 28, 2022, Wednesday Swati Tritiya

September 30, 2022, Friday Anuradha Panchami, Shashthi

Muhurat for buying a car in October 2022

Dates Nakshatra Tithi

October 5, 2022, Wednesday Shravana, Dhanishtha Dashami, Ekadashi

October 7, 2022, Friday Shatabhisha Trayodashi

October 9, 2022, Sunday Revati Purnima, Pratipada

October 10, 2022, Monday Revati Pratipada

October 14, 2022, Friday Rohini, Mrigashirsha Panchami, Shashthi

October 17, 2022, Monday Punarvasu, Pushya Ashtami

October 27, 2022, Thursday Anuradha Tritiya
Muhurat for buying a car in November 2022

Dates Nakshatra Tithi

November 2, 2022, Wednesday Dhanishtha, Shatabhisha Dashami

November 3, 2022, Thursday ShatabhishaDashami Ekadashi

November 6, 2022, Sunday Revati Trayodashi

November 10, 2022, Thursday Rohini, Mrigashirsha Tritiya

November 11, 2022, Friday Mrigashirsha Tritiya

November 13, 2022, Sunday PunarvasuPanchami Shashthi

November 14, 2022, Monday Punarvasu, Pushya Shashthi

November 21, 2022, Monday Chitra, Swati Trayodashi

November 28, 2022, Monday Shravana, Panchami Shashthi

November 30, 2022, Wednesday Shatabhisha Ashtami
Muhurat for buying a car in December 2022

Dates Nakshatra Tithi

December 7, 2022, Wednesday Rohini Purnima

December 8, 2022, Thursday Rohini, Mrigashirsha Purnima, Pratipada

December 9, 2022, Friday Mrigashirsha Pratipada

December 11, 2022, Sunday Punarvasu Tritiya

December 12, 2022, Monday Pushya Panchami

December 18, 2022, Sunday Hasta, Chitra Dashami, Ekadashi

December 19, 2022, Monday Chitra, Swati Ekadashi

December 21, 2022, Wednesday Anuradha Trayodashi

December 25, 2022, Sunday Shravana Tritiya

December 28, 2022, Wednesday Shatabhisha Shashthi

December 30, 2022, Friday Revati Ashtami

If you are a believer in lucky dates, finding the best dates to buy a new car in 2022 is critical. Shubh muhurat for car buying is a boon that will help you make critical decisions and will support you. 

Buying a car is one of life's most significant moments. You must always observe shubh muhurat for automobile purchasing before making a decision.

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