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Venus Transit 2022: What's in it for me?

Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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Venus Transit 2022: What's in it for me?

Venus in Astrology:

In Vedic scriptures, Venus is Shukracharya, the Guru of the Asuras. According to Vedic Astrology Venus brings love, life partners, sensual thoughts, and material pleasures. Venus's favorable influence helps a person acquire all worldly pleasures.

If Venus is strong in a person's horoscope, he/she will experience love and material happiness. Inauspicious Venus brings a lack of culture, failure, family estrangement, and life suffering. Venus is the ruling lord of Taurus and Libra. He is exalted in Pisces  and debilitated in Virgo. Every Venus transit delivers big life changes to all natives.

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When Venus transits Virgo

Venus will leave Leo on September 24, 2022, at 8:51 PM and enter Mercury-ruled Virgo which is his debilitated sign. All zodiac signs will be affected by Venus in Virgo. Let's look at how this Venus transit affects your zodiac sign:


Venus, the ruler of Aries sign’s second and seventh houses, will be transiting their sixth house at this time. In astrology, this house represents the adversary. This house tells us about adversaries, illness, agony, jobs, rivalry, immunity, separation, and legal battles. Venus' transit through your 6th house can bring you a slew of adversaries. During Venus's transit through Virgo, your adversaries will remain active and increase in number. You should maintain a safe distance from your competitors during this trip.

You must also keep an eye on your competitors' activities at work. Because they may attempt to harm you and cause significant damages. Business partners may have disagreements. Venus will also provide opportunities for you to travel. Married locals may face difficulties in their marriage during this period.


Taurus is ruled by Venus. Venus rules your 6th house and is now in transit through your fifth. This house teaches us about love, kids, creativity, intellect, education, and new possibilities. Venus in this house will assist married people in gaining the respect and love of their children.

Your connection with your kids will improve during this transit, and you'll spend a wonderful time with them. The economy will improve as well. You can make income from different source during this period.

This transit will enhance your repute and respect. Students preparing for competitive examinations will receive parental support.

This transit offers personal joy. During this period, Venus favors married residents who desire to start a family. This is also a great moment for lovers. If natives in love want to marry soon, the time is right. As members of the family may be more receptive during this period.


Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, whereas Venus is Mercury's favorable planet. Venus oversees Gemini's fifth and twelfth houses, and it is now in your fourth. The horoscope's fourth house signifies happiness, motherhood, property, fame, and feelings. Venus in the fourth house will increase your comfort. During this time, many people will acquire property or land benefits.

This is an excellent moment to buy a property. Shukra Dev guarantees success. Financial prosperity is achievable. Venus will also bring happiness and tranquillity to the household.

This transit indicates the possibility of health benefits. People suffering from diseases will be able to recover at this time.


Venus rules Cancer's fourth and eleventh houses and is currently transiting the third. The third house represents bravery, determination, younger siblings, interest, desire, energy, and enthusiasm. During this time, Venus will bless you. This will assist you in defeating your opponents and gaining their friendship. Venus in Virgo will increase your respect. You can then return outstanding loans or follow a previously unfunded strategy.

The happy atmosphere in family life will make you happy on the inside as well. This period will also provide you with the company of your siblings. Your career will flourish. Your enhanced boldness and self-confidence will assist you in completing all workplace responsibilities and making important judgments. Many dedicated employees will be promoted.


For Leos, Venus rules the third and tenth houses. Venus moves from your sign to the 2nd house. The 2nd house of a natal chart in astrology represents a person's family, communication, education, and fortune. During this time, Venus will bless you. This will assist you in defeating your opponents and gaining their friendship. Venus in Virgo will increase your respect. You can then repay outstanding loans or follow a previously unfunded strategy.  The happy atmosphere in family life will make you happy on the inside as well.

If you work hard at work, you will defeat all of your opponents. This will assist you to gain the cooperation of your workers and officers. Venus's influence will also assist you in achieving a high social position and status.


Venus rules Virgo's 2nd and 9th houses and will be transiting in their ascendant house. Your financial condition will keep improving, and you will be able to invest while earning a reasonable living. You'll garner attention right now by investing in your well-being.

People who are single and eligible for marriage will most likely get engaged or marry throughout this time. During this period, businesspeople will have excellent opportunities to boost earnings and expand. To make the most of this opportunity, clear your mind of all negative ideas.

Students will also perform well during Venus's transit through Virgo. Those preparing for a competitive or government examination will fare well. The transit of Venus can increase religious inclination.

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Venus rules your 8th house and is currently entering your 12th. This house represents expenditure in astrology. This house signifies the costs, loss, salvation, travel, and so on. Money will come from a variety of sources, particularly monetarily.

Those who thrive during this transition time will be able to travel abroad. Long journeys are also preferred.


Venus currently rules your 12th and 7th houses and is in your 11th. The eleventh house is the house of income. This house represents income, accomplishments, friends, elder brothers and sisters, and so on. Financial synergy may develop while Venus transits your eleventh house. This will enhance your financial situation as well as your food and living habits.

During Venus's transit through Virgo, you will live more luxuriously. You will find love and success. Natives who want to pursue their marriage can do it now. Because this stage encourages love marriage.


Venus rules your sixth and eleventh houses and is currently transiting your tenth. In astrology, the 10th house represents your job, your father's status, politics, and life goals. Another term for it is Karma Bhava. When Venus transits Virgo in your 10th house, you may suffer negative consequences.

Mental health concerns in the workplace might have an impact on your performance. Your connection with a senior will assist you in overcoming working obstacles.

Before considering any house-related decisions, consult with family members; otherwise, they may object. This transit demands you to have faith in yourself. Because your faith will help you overcome obstacles.


Venus oversees Capricorn's fifth and tenth houses and is currently in the ninth. This is the house of prosperity, fate, teacher, spirituality, travel, and pilgrimage in astrology. Capricorns will have a higher chance of luck during this transit.

This period will provide you with numerous opportunities to earn money and boost your income. Many people spend a lot of money on clothes, jewelry, and other accessories.

Salaried workers will face career changes during this time. This transportation will benefit those who are awaiting a job transfer or promotion. Venus strengthens your religious orientation. You will get social esteem.


Venus rules the 4th and 9th houses of Aquarius and is currently in the 8th. The 8th house is known as Ayurbhava in Vedic astrology. We explore a person's ups and downs, startling events, age, mystery, and investigation of this house. This transit will help you strengthen your finances and accumulate money.

Venus, on the other hand, will instil some undesirable ideas in your mind. You must not allow these thoughts to overtake you.


Venus oversees Pisces' third and eighth houses and is now entering their seventh. A person's relationship, spouse, and business associates are represented by the 7th house of their horoscope. Make career-related decisions with caution during this transit.

Venus in Virgo may create health problems. Take special care of your health in this situation. Make prudent financial decisions and study everything before signing.

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