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Trying Yoga For The First Time? Take These Precautions.

Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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Trying Yoga For The First Time? Take These Precautions.
Yoga poses are developed to balance our physique, thoughts, emotions, and soul in a very simple, methodical, and scientific way. We follow the Himalayan Yogis and Rishis' legacy, as well as ancient Indian yogic teachings found in writings such as Yog-Vashistha, Yoga-Sutra, Gherand-Samhita, Hatha-Yoga-Pradipika, Shiv-Samhita, and Bhagavat-Geeta. We practice Hatha yoga, breathing, concentration, and meditation in the traditional style.

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Precautions And Guidelines

The instructor will present you with as much information as possible even during hatha yoga courses. Even so, each of us must be aware of basic precautions when practicing asanas. Hatha yoga is all about being aware of what is going on in our bodies, minds, and breaths. This allows us to hear to our bodies and respect their limits in the present moment, which can vary from day to day.

Yoga isn't intended to be a cardiovascular workout or a test of how far you can flex or lean forward. Comparing ourselves to others is meaningless while studying our inner Self. Ahimsa — non-violence to ourselves and others – is the central premise of hatha yoga. Learn to trust the wisdom of our bodies' and breaths' signals. 

For example, if our breathing becomes erratic, we are most likely exerting far too much energy in the activity. Go a bit further. Because God resides in the body, it is Divine, and we must treat it with kindness and respect. Be gentle and kind to yourself.

If you have any major health concerns or questions about health issues, please discuss them with the instructor. This allows us to appropriately provide you with advice to prevent further difficulties and, when possible, assist you with specific activities to restore a healthy mind and body. 

Basic precautions during Yoga:

  • Natural breath flow - 

In the Rishi yoga tradition, we practice allowing the breath to flow naturally, without jerks, noise, or pauses, beginning with an even length of inhaling and expiration. Having a free flow of air at all times will assist us in avoiding injuries.

  • Practice on an empty stomach - 

Before beginning to practice asanas, make sure your bladder is empty and your bowels are clear, especially if you're doing advanced asanas. After a small lunch, wait at least two hours; after a substantial meal, wait four hours. If this is difficult, drink a cup of tea, coffee, cocoa, or milk before beginning.

  • Complications - 

A variety of postures have an impact on the internal organs. If there is food in the belly, asana practice will be uncomfortable and may result in difficulties.

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  • Menstruation:

During this time, women should avoid practicing asanas and instead rest. They should avoid inverted postures in particular. Blood flow is routed downward during menstruation; inverted positions would alter this normal flow. During menstruation, it is suggested that you focus more on joint movements.

  • Back problems:

Take extra precautions and pay attention to your body. If you start to feel pain or discomfort in your lower back, stop doing the standing posture sequence. Relax and take a break! We must always protect the lower back in backward bending poses by correctly working the legs and pelvis. If you have a lower back strain, flat on the floor, draw your knees to your chest, and lay your lower back on the floor to relieve the stress.

  • Eye problems:

Make sure the eye muscles aren't overworked. Gently perform the eye movement movements in the bones and glands series. Inverted postures and intense pranayama should be avoided.

  • Surgery:

Don't put any strain on the places that are still vulnerable because of the surgery. Pay attention to body language and any advice you may have gotten from your doctor.

Hypertension and heart problems:

Inverted positions should be avoided in such cases. Avoid holding your breath and doing intense breathing exercises during your breathing exercises. If you're unsure, ask your teacher.

Practice Nadi shodhanam and diaphragmatic equal breath. The baby will benefit from improved oxygen exchange. Backward bends, stretch-ups, and inverted positions are not recommended. Do not extend the abdominal muscles. Exercise your joints and glands. It is beneficial to relax the facial muscles because it relaxes the pelvic floor muscles.
Other general precautions:

  • Asanas for disease cure must be practiced under the supervision of an experienced instructor.

  • Dedication, faith, persistence, confidence, love, and endurance are essential qualities for an aspirant to practice without interruptions regularly.

  • Yoga should be done after brushing your teeth, tongue, and mouth.

  • Bathing before doing asanas cleanses the body and mind, making the exercises simpler. After finishing practice, take a cold bath no sooner than half an hour later.

  • Asanas can be performed in the morning or evening, depending on the yoga practitioner's preference.

  • Asanas should be performed in a clean environment that is free of insects and noise.

  • Always do asanas on level ground, and for supine positions, utilize a blanket.

  • When performing asanas, avoid wearing spectacles, jewelry, watches, or hair grips. They may be damaged or cause injury.

  • After being out in the scorching sun for several hours, do not do asanas.

  • During the practices, no undue tension should be sensed in the facial muscles, ear, eyes, or respiration.

  • All of the exercises should be done in a rhythmic, sluggish, and jerky manner.

  • Overstrain and mental anxiety should be avoided.

  • A mechanical approach to the routines will have little impact; consequently, each practice must be carried out with the proper mental attitude.

  • Avoid superfluous talking throughout the practice.

  • Always lie flat in savasana for at least 10 - 15 minutes after completing the asana practice to relieve fatigue.

  • For people with high blood pressure, all forward-leaning poses are good.

  • People who suffer from back pain should avoid all back arching and lateral twists.

  • Inverted poses should not be done if you have pus in your ear or if your retina is displaced.


Children can benefit from yoga in a variety of ways, including enhanced strength, agility, balance, blood flow, confidence, and capacity to focus. However, skilled yoga practitioners and medical experts must be aware of any health risks linked with people.

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