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Transit of Sun into Gemini- Impact on different zodiac signs

Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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Transit of Sun into Gemini- Impact on different zodiac signs
Surya dev is entering Mithun rashi on 15th June 2022 this year. Lets first understand what does Sun denote. Sun is the King of Solar cabinet, Karka for dharma. Sun is having all the resources. Sun is the lord of Leo      (Simha rashi) sign which is the 5th number Rashi of the ‘Kaal Purush’ Chart. Sun denotes the govt officials, boss in office and father at home. Sun is having the light which illuminates the world.

Sun stays in a rashi for 30 days. Thus, Sun covers 1 rashi in a month and thus completes the rotation of zodiac in 1 year. The most famous transit of Surya dev is ‘Makar Sankraman’ in which he enters Makar rashi (Capricorn) which is celebrated as ‘Makar Sankranti’ and Pongal in various parts of India.

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Effect on Mesh (Aries )Rashi :

Surya dev entering 3rd house for the mesh sign. Third house is the house of siblings, Short travel, initiation, communication and social media. So, when Surya dev enters here its lord of 5th house entering 3rd house.

So, natives under this sign can undergo short professional travel and will have good relations with their siblings. As Surya will aspect 9th house from here, the person will be religious in this period.

Effect on Vrishabh (Tauraus) Rashi:

Surya dev is in 2rd house from the Vrishabh sign. Second house is the house of speech, food savings. So when Surya dev enters here as lord of 4th house in 2rd house.

So, transit for the natives under this sign will be beneficial. But the natives should be humble in this period as Suryadev may instigate their tone.

Effect on Mithun (Gemini) Rashi:

Surya dev is in 1st house/Lagna in Mithun sign. The lagna or ascendent shows personality, thought process.

So, when Suryadev is here i.e 3rd lord on lagna, natives under this sign may experience lot of aggression in this period. Suryadev will bless you with brilliance and vision in this period. But the natives should  control their impulses and should plan their activities.

Effect on Karaka (Cancer) Rashi :

Surya dev is entering 12th for cancer natives, i.e lord of 2nd house is going to 12th house for the cancerian natives.

So, natives under this sign may experience minor health issue like headaches, fevers. Natives may face losses through documentation. Natives are advised to read the documents before signing. Natives may spend money on religious purposes.

Effect on Simha ( Leo) Rashi :

Surya dev is entering 11th house of gains, i.e  Lagnesh is entering 11th house for the Leo natives.

So, this is an auspicious transit and natives will benefit from this transit. The wishes will be fulfilled. You will feel authoritative at work place.

Effect on Kanya (Virgo) Rashi :

Surya dev is entering 10th house of Karma, i.e 12th Lord is in 10th for the virgo natives.

So, this is an auspicious transit and Suryadev will bless natives with professional status. This shows success at workplace. As Surya is having directional strength in 10th house ,here you will taste success in this period. Natives may also make success from foreign places if there is combination in the chart.

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Effect on Tula (Libra)Rashi :

Surya dev is entering 9th house of dharma. Long travels, i.e 11th Lord is in 9th for the Tula rashi natives.

The natives will be inclined to spirituality learnings in this period. As Surya dev is functional malefic for this rashi, so there may be minor hiccups in the travel undertaken.
Effect on Vrishik (Scorpio) Rashi :

Surya dev is entering 8th house of occult, sudden events  i.e 10th Lord is going to 8th house for the Scorpio rashi natives.

The natives may see up and down in the carrier. Natives are advised to take care of their health and lead a disciplined life.
Effect on Dhanu (Sagittarius) Rashi :

Surya dev is entering 7th house of spouse, relationships, business travels and partnerships.  i.e 9th Lord is going to 7th house for the Sagittarius rashi natives.

This transit will make you aggressive and relations with partners will be in conflict. As this transit aspects lagna you will be good in decision making skills.
Effect on Makar (Capricorn) Rashi :

Surya dev is entering 6th house of conflict , diseases, loans and debts. This is the 8th lord is going to 6th house for the Capricorn rashi natives.

This transit will make you win the legal battles, become more competitive and come victorious. This transit will also give you power to fight your diseases and come out.
Effect on Kumbh (Aquarious) Rashi :

Surya dev is entering 5th house of children, memory, planning,. This is 7th lord is going to 5th house for the Kumbh rashi natives.

Sun being functional malefic for this sign will give a hard time for love life. Students will get good results.
Effect on Meena (Pisesas) Rashi :

Surya dev is entering 4th house of property, mother and happiness . This is 6th lord of conflict is going to 4th house for the Meena rashi natives.

Natives may feel discomfort in this period. Surya dev is not comfortable in the house of emotions. Natives are advised to take care of health of their mother

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