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I am Dr. Pooja Garg, an Ayurvedic doctor by qualification. I have also done MSc (Psychoneurobics)& PGDM(HR)

As far as Occult is concerned, I must say that Universe put me there or I chose it on the soul level.

For the last few years I have been practicing different healing modalities and occult sciences like tarot, hypnotherapy, etc, and astrology is one of those too.

Once I learned astrology, it became the most important for me as I got the knowledge that how & why I became active in the matters of the eighth house all of a sudden.

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In India, most of us are aware of astrology and palmistry since childhood. When I was a teenager, I too was intrigued by these sciences. There must be a reason why nature has kept the future hidden however the human mind loves to know the unknown and, astrology helps in doing the same.

Once we learn astrology, we can help ourselves and others as it gives an awareness that why certain events happen at certain stages of life and, once we are aware, it is easier to accept things.

I learned astrology earlier too but could not pursue much but, I became addicted to planets & in awe of them after joining Asttrolok.

As far as Asttrolok is concerned, I find this institute awesome. Our mentor and Guru in Asttrolok, Mr. Alok Khandelwal is a gem of a person. The way he explains the concepts with so much clarity is commendable. With a good sense of humor, he teaches such a deep science more lightly.

As far as professional consultations are concerned, one is ready to do that even after doing just Astromani. When we do consultation and it brings a shift in someone’s reality, we feel contented and blessed. How beautiful this feeling is that Universe has chosen you to be a contribution to someone.
In total gratitude to Mr. Alok Khandelwal, Asttrolok, and Universe for having my back and for being the contribution they are in my journey of learning astrology.

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