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Saturn transit 2023: What is in store for you?

Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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Saturn transit 2023: What is in store for you?
Saturn is a karmic planet in Vedic astrology because it judges and delivers karma. On January 17, 2023, Saturn will transit from Capricorn to Aquarius. The event will take place on January 17, 2023, at 5:04 p.m., according to its timing. Saturn will leave Capricorn and enter Aquarius for the year.

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It will remain to combust from January 30th, 12:02 a.m. through January 30th, 2023, 11:36 p.m.

It will retrograde at 10:48 pm on 17 June 2023 and return to direct motion at 8:26 am on 4 November 2023.

Saturn's transit in 2023: What to expect for each zodiac sign?


  • From Aries, Saturn will enter the 11th house. Income is the eleventh house. This transit will tremendously assist you this year.

  • Your income may rise unexpectedly. A reliable supplier will pay you.

  • All your struggles and hard work will now pay off.

  • Your ambitions will be fulfilled. Your unfinished aims will succeed and boost your confidence.

  • Romantic partnerships need honesty and strategy.

  • If you have health difficulties, take care of them.


  • Saturn transit 2023 predicts significant professional and personal success.

  • Career stability awaits. New programs increase professional and business growth options.

  • Doing so will increase your international employment and business opportunities.

  • Less family time could disrupt family life. Thus, you may be overworked.

  • You'll worry about marital troubles. You may disregard them. Astrologers advise caring for your mate.


  • Your father may become ill due to your difficult relationship.

  • Remember that working harder today will lead to success. You can shape your future.

  • Work changes. However, your income may increase. Work hard for that.

  • Business will be good during the 2023 Saturn transit. Your hard work will lower debt and increase success.

  • Additionally, you will defeat your opponents.


  • Work pressure may generate stress. Your diligence and cleverness will solve every problem.

  • Saturn, the seventh and eighth house lord, will transit the 8th house from Cancer. This year, Saturn's cushion will help you.

  • Help your in-laws. Work will be difficult. However, hard work will succeed.

  • Unexpected cash gains are possible. Your in-laws may bring you money or joy.

  • However, your youngster may worry you.

  • Love relationships have ups and downs.

  • Saturn transit 2023 prophecies indicate a lot of work for students to get into their dream school.


  • Saturn, who rules Leo's sixth and seventh homes, will transit this zodiac's 6th house.

  • Your marriage will be stable. Your spouse can help you start a business.

  • Efficiency also boosts corporate performance.

  • Avoid obsessing or disregarding your health. Otherwise, health difficulties may bother you.


  • Saturn will give you power, making your opponents struggle. Despite their greatest efforts, you will win.

  • As Saturn transit 2023 will teach you not to take out loans until you're in financial trouble, you'll need to manage your debts. Your debt repayment focus.

  • Career-boosting 2023 planetary transit. You'll advance in work and gain expertise.

  • You may work hard to stabilize your finances. Thus, several bodily complications may arise.

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  • Saturn transits Libra's fifth house this month. This year will bring relief from the 2023 Saturn transit.

  • Romantic partnerships may struggle. Sincerity and devotion will make your relationship beautiful.

  • Students face classroom challenges. If they commit to studying, they can succeed.

  • Love weddings are in season. If you want to marry someone, confess.


  • Saturn's 2023 fourth-house passage will distance you from your relatives.

  • You may move.

  • You're leaving the family, therefore you may be upset.

  • Additionally, family and home issues may induce stress. Everyone will expect you to meet your needs.


  • Work hard and your coworkers will encourage you, according to the 2023 Saturn transit in Aquarius. Your career will be secure.

  • You'll get braver. Increase commercial risk-taking to build your corporation.

  • Romance will succeed. You must also exceed your love's limits.

  • Your kids will progress. Students will succeed and be recognized in school.


  • The third and last part of Shani Sade Sati will begin soon.

  • Financially, you'll improve. Your financial condition will stabilize due to earlier sacrifices.

  • Saving money will work. Buying and selling homes will also profit you a lot.

  • You will set high standards for yourself and restrict your ability to address family needs.

  • However, you will form deep relationships with your family and your spouse's family or in-laws and support them when needed.

  • You'll also be popular. To get a good job, invest wisely.


  • Aquarian Shani Sade Sati will stop and begin. Your zodiac sign's planets require you to finish your project correctly.

  • It will boost your career. Running a business grows it.

  • International business can succeed. Your company status and personality will improve.

  • Your profession and personality will be strong. Your siblings will help. However, a physical issue could bother them.

  • Your marriage will fail, and your job may keep you apart. You'll take advantage of this chance to improve your relationships.


  • Saturn will transit Pisces' twelfth house in 2023. Sade Sati begins for Pisces.

  • Saturn in Aquarius 2023 will need you to monitor your health.

  • This planetary transit could also cause foot or ankle pain, leg injuries, or sprains.

  • Watery eyes, discomfort, and vision loss may also occur.

  • This makes you lethargic and sleepy. You must ignore that and focus on your work.

  • Traveling abroad is good now. You can find a good career abroad.

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