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Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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The monthly forecast of Rashis based on planetary placements for the month of March 2022 is estimated to be as under:

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Career: This month shall be normal from the career point of view. The conjunction of Mars, Venus, and Saturn in the 10th house will be beneficial. Due to Mars being in the house of karma and in its accelerated sign, you shall get the fruits of hard work. Employed will progress. Seniors and colleagues shall praise work and you are likely to get a promotion. March is good for businessmen and businesses. The conjunction of Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter in the 11th house and their complete aspect of the 5th house will pave the way for success. There is a possibility of expansion in business. Benefits from an ancestral property due to Mars being posited in Capricorn.      

Finance: Good times. Presence of Sun and Jupiter in the 11th house, and, Rahu in the 2nd house point towards profits. Income would increase due to progress in the field. However, due to the aspect of Saturn on the 12th house, some financial difficulties may also have to be faced. Expense during the second half of the month, your expenses may increase due to transit of Sun in 12th house. Benefits from foreign trade. Expansion in business will become a means of getting good money.

Love and family life: A good time for those in love. In the first half of the month, benefits from full aspects of Sun and Jupiter on the 5th house. Relationships will deepen and trust stronger in love. However, in the second half of the month, a situation may change due to the transit of the 5th lord Sun into the 12th house. Married life is moderate due to the placement of Mars with Venus. Ups and downs are possible. In general, normal relationship with spouse.

Education: There will be a success. Jupiter being in the 11th house and its aspect of the 5th house will give auspicious results.

Health: This month will be a mixed period. You will get relief due to the presence of the Sun with Jupiter during the first half of the month. Relief from minor ailments. However, health issues may come during this time. Take note of the weather. A timely diet and exercise will benefit. Avoid fried food. Better during the second part of the month. Sun in the 12th house will aspect on the 6th house and will give benefit to you. Major diseases can be cured. If already ill, you will see improvement of health.  


  1.       Recite Shri Suktam path at home

  2.       Keep garland of kamal gatte in your temple

  3.       Recite Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesday


Career: Good times. Sun-Mercury and Jupiter will be present in the 10th house after the 1st week. There will also be the presence of Venus, Mars, and Saturn in the 9th house. With such a combination full support of luck is likely. There are chances of promotion in office. Senior officers' confidence will be gained.  For those looking for a job for a long time, the wait is likely over. Obstacles will end. Success for businessmen. The presence of Ketu in the 7th house can affect business. You may face some ups and downs. Not the right time for those wanting to start a business. Wait.

Finance: This time is strong as in the 1st half of the month, Jupiter is in the 10th house with the Sun. There will be monetary gains. Possibility of improvement in the income of employed. Business people will also become financially strong. Expansion of business will benefit. Success from new business expected. Ketu in 7th house, chances of attaining secret wealth for you. Increase in expense in 2nd half of the month. Take financial decisions wisely.

Love and family life: Mixed time for those in love. Good for you, however as Jupiter is placed with the lord of the 5th house Mercury. If the relationship is earlier it will pass. If a relationship is new there will be good support. In the second half, you will have good results when the Sun moves into the 11th house. Chances for lovers to get married. Marital life will be happy as 7th house lord get posited in 9th house with Venus. Relationships between spouses will strengthen. Trust will increase. Misunderstandings will be cleared. The second half of the month is especially good.

Education: You will get good results as Mercury enters the 10th house with Jupiter.

Health: Normal time. Saturn and Mars in the 9th house with Venus, Lord of 6th house, favorable circumstances. Improvement in health. Will get rid of chronic disease. The eye-related disease can be relieved. An extremely busy schedule in the workplace can affect health. You are advised to adopt a disciplined lifestyle. Important to be stress-free.


1.       Recite the Sidhakunjika path.

2.       Light a lamp of ghee in front of your ishta Devi in the temple of the house

3.       Donate in gaushala on Friday


Career: This time is normal. The presence of Sun and Jupiter in the 9th house with Mercury is favorable circumstances for you. Fruits according to your hard work. Obstacles in the workplace will be rid of. Good time for the employed. In 2nd half of the month transit of Sun in the house of a professional can open the way for promotion. Success for businessmen. Saturn, Venus, and Mars combination in the 8th house there would be development in business. You can expand your business. Old business plans shall get momentum. Advised to move forward with full confidence. Expert advice can be useful.

Finance: Economically, the month shall be mixed. There may be some difficulties at month beginning. Mars lord of 11th house is in 8th house expenses will increase. Despite good income, the budget will be affected due to a sudden increase in expenditure. Business people may suffer minor losses. Change in 2nd half of the month. A lot of benefits as Venus will be posited with Mars. The benefit of the ancestral property too as the Sun will enter the karma house. If someone has taken a loan from you, money will be returned to you. Traders shall get special benefits.

Love and family life: Face difficult times in love affairs. Venus lord of the 5th house will be in the 8th house with Mars and Saturn. Tensions likely with beloved due to this. Lack of love and possibility of conflict on small matters. Try to understand your partner's point of view. May also face issues in married life. Conflict of ego and use of harsh words hurt each other possible. Change due to transit of Sun in Pisces in the 2nd half of the month. Misunderstanding shall fade to a great extent. Married life will then be a sweet relationship. Mutual trust will strengthen.

Education: Fruitful for students as Lord of Kendra house, Jupiter, will be posited in the trikona house.

Health: Good times. Transit of Mars in its accelerated sign, relief from health issues. Will get rid of the blood-related disease. Improvement of the health of elders in the family. In the second half of the month, benefit from the transit of Sun in the 10th house. Physically you will consider yourself strong and will be able to do big tasks. Take help with exercise and yoga to keep fit.


1.       Green fodder to cows.

2.       Recite Mercury beej mantra

3.       Offer green-colored clothes to sister, maternal or paternal aunt.


Career: Very good month. At the beginning of the month, the owner of the 10th house will be with Saturn and Venus in the Kendra house i.e. 7th house. You will benefit a lot. Employed people will get expected success. Status in office shall increase. New responsibilities are likely. Possibility of promotion due to the full sight of Mars in its own house. New job offers are likely. You will be full of confidence. This time will also bring success for businessmen. Scope of business will increase along with the possibility of new work. In the latter part of the month, circumstances will be more favorable. Job seekers and businessmen will be highly praised for their work. Good to take the opinion of an expert before taking new steps.

Finance: Good this month. With the Sun the lord of the house of wealth, being in the 8th house with Jupiter, there are chances of gaining secret wealth. The presence of Rahu in the 11th house is a good sign of an increase in income. A wonderful time for employed. Work in the office shall be appreciated and you can be honored by your senior/boss. Those looking for a new job would get opportunities. Good results for businessmen. In the latter part of the month, financial benefits due to transit of Sun in 9th house. Business shall expand and new work possible. Those associated with foreign trade will get success. Growth in business and good tender can be obtained. Traders get a new source of income. Advise not to show haste in business-related decisions. Seek the advice of an experienced person.

Love and family life: Challenging for love. Ketu in Vishaka nakshatra in the 5th house can create trouble in love matters. A tussle with a love partner is likely. Month beginning will be good for lovers. Due to the placement of Saturn in the 7th house with Venus, circumstances could be favorable. Lovers may decide to have trust in each other and get married. Support from the family in this matter. Married life will be good. Mutual trust between spouses will remain.

Education: Good time for students as Ketu shall be present in the 5th house. Students will engage in studies diligently.

Health: This month is mixed. You will benefit from the conjunction of Sun and Mercury in the 8th house with Jupiter, the lord of the 6th house. Relief from long-time ailments likely. Hidden diseases removed. During this time, you have to be serious about health issues. Important to pay attention to food and drink. Keep in mind the effect of the weather. You will also have to worry about the health of your spouse. The presence of Saturn in the 7th  house with Mars and Venus may create more health issues in the health of the spouse. Circumstances will change in the second half of the month when you will feel stronger.


1.       Good to worship Hanumanji

2.       Donate green bangles to unmarried girls

3.       Offer argh to the Moon on Mondays


Career: Mixed month. Due to the arrival of the 10th house lord, Venus, in the 6th house, there will be confusion in employment. Rahu in 10th house along with, there will be chances of change. The change will prove to be fruitful. With the arrival of the Sun in the 8th house, in the second half of the month, you will move forward in foreign work. Looking for jobs abroad, you can get success. Business people there will have favorable conditions in the second half of the month. You will benefit from business as well as expand. New steps in business and you shall be courageous regarding this.

Finance: This time will be mixed. Lord Mercury of the second house will be situated with the Sun in the 7th house due to these financial conditions of some will be very good. Having a full aspect of Sun-Mercury and Jupiter on the 1st house, you shall emerge from the crowd and earn a good name for yourself. Due to this, you will get financial benefits. Income shall increase. Some may earn from foreign. Promotion of employed will open the way for more income for them. New job opportunities will help economic conditions. Businessmen can be free from debt. Advised to invest wisely otherwise losses possible. The latter part of the month circumstances will be more favorable.

Education: Students shall get special benefits as there will be a conjunction of Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter in the 7th house. 

Love and family life: Good for those in love. Jupiter, lord of the 5th house will be in conjunction with Mercury in the 7th house. Sweetness will remain in love life due to this. Both will try to understand each other's words and feelings. Due to 5th house lord Jupiter being in the 7th house, lovers shall succeed in convincing each other for marriage. Such lovers may end up marrying each other. Married life will happy with harmony and trust in each other. In midst of busy life take out time for your partner.

Health: Very good month. Saturn, Mars, and Venus will be present in the 6th house. This combination of planets will help in removing major ailments. Likely to be stress-free mentally.  Accelerated Mars will give you physical strength and cure all diseases. Along with a healthy body, personality will also become unique which will show the ability to fight all ailments. You should decide your routine and adopt a disciplined lifestyle. Likely to be more serious than ever about nutritious food. A healthy body shall have a positive effect.


  1.       Recite Aditya Hridaya Strotra

  2.       Offer water to Lord Surya regularly

  3.       Wear yellow clothes on Thursdays

  4.       On Tuesday distribute Prasad of jaggery and gram. 


Career: Normal month. Problems could occur due to the transit of 10th lord Mercury in the 6th house. Some ups and downs in the workplace. A dispute in office likely. Careful in dealing with colleagues. However, due to the complete aspect of Jupiter posited in the 6th house, in the 10th house, conditions will be favorable for some. Normal time for those in business. Those doing business abroad will have gains. Sudden success due to transit of Sun placed in the 7th house in 2nd half of month.

Finance: Good time. Venus, lord of 2nd house, will stay posited with Saturn and Mars in the 5th house. Due to these financial conditions are better and gains visible. The full vision of Venus Saturn and Mars in the 11th house, progress in the business venture. Accelerated Mars in the 5th house will bring success in projects. Possibility of good profits in business.

Education: Auspicious results for students.

Love and Family Life: Troublesome for love. Venus and Mars will be conjunct with Saturn in the 5th house. So, there may be conflicts between married.  Take care of differences. You will suffer if you are adamant. Second Half of the month with the transit of Sun in the 7th house, some improvements are possible. Attitudes can change. Married life will have troubles in month beginning. Challenges due to the arrival of Jupiter, lord of the 7th house, in the 6th house. The conjunction of Sun and Mercury may cause difficulty in married life. Minor disputes can escalate but in the second half of the month, the atmosphere will change and a happier married life possible.

Health: Moderate. Get relief due to the presence of Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter in the 6th house. This yoga of planets can free you from major diseases. Minor ailments can trouble. Keep track of the weather. Avoid fried or outside food. 2nd half of the month is better. Improvement in health of elderly. Someone in the family fighting disease shall get better.


1.       Worship Radha Ji and Mata Saraswati on Wednesday

2.       Worship Ganesh Ji and offer dhurba


Career: Trying time. Mars Venus and Saturn's full vision on the 10th house will exacerbate the difficulties. Employed will need greater efforts. Numerous issues in the job may arise. Some people may spread rumors about it. Obey senior officers and bosses. Carelessness can tarnish an image. The difficulty for those managing business. You will need to work diligently to expand your business. Consider not expanding business currently. New investment opportunities could arise but exercise caution. The primary objective is to strengthen the existing businesses. Conditions will improve in 2nd half of the month. Opportunities shall gradually become available.

Finance: Jupiter and Sun combination will remain in the 5th house. Mercury shall spend 1st week with them. Income will increase. The employed ones’ income will also increase. The government-related people will receive the money blocked. Must exercise a restrain in spending. 2nd half of the month work will progress with the assistance of a life partner. Financial benefits are possible. Some difficulties due to Sun transit through the 6th house.

Love and Family: Favorable times for love. Saturn, lord of the 5th house, will occupy the 4th house. Also, the 5th house shall be ruled by Jupiter Mercury, and the Sun. Result – any conflicts will end. Growing mutual trust. Couples will make effort to understand each other's emotions. More time together Is possible. Married life should be happy. Mars, lord of the 7th house, will remain in the 4th house in its accelerated form. Excellent for married couples. Mutual awareness of each other.

Education: Students' interest in studies will be good due to the presence of Jupiter in the 5th house.  

Health: Favorable. Jupiter lord of the 6th house will share the 5th house with the Sun. Health will improve. Enthusiasm in mind and discovery that you are physically fit. Pay close attention to diet. Morning walks are beneficial. Minor ailment shall go. Father's health will improve with the Sun entering the 6th house in the 2n half of the month. Pain and stress shall also be removed.


1.       Worship ishta Devi

2.       Donate white objects every day

3.       Feed gram daal to cows on Thursday


Career: Excellent times. The Sun as the ruler of the house of action will be in the 4th house with Mercury and Jupiter during 1st half of the month. Favorable situation. A complete vision of the field of action on the 10th house. Excellent time for those in the private sector. Recognized for work in an office and possible additional responsibilities. Excellent time for changing jobs. An offer is forthcoming. Promotion possibilities for the government sector. Employed will have more success in 2nd half of the month. Good times for businesses and businessmen. Rahu in the 7th house will result in the development of new plans and carry them out. Expand business through this connection. Motivation is there for investing In business.

Finance: Strong time. Jupiter's placement in 4th house circumstances will remain favorable. Employed shall benefit financially. Job advancement will increase income. Must exercise restraint in spending. You may be required to spend time at home due to circumstances. Mother help in financial matters. Profit will accrue to those conducting business. Profitability in old and new business. Benefit from Sun transit in the 5th house in the 2nd half of the month. Public sector people will also receive finance. New job opportunities will bolster your financial situation.

Love and Family: Prove advantageous time for those in love. Jupiter lord of 5h house will conjunct Mercury in the 4th house as a result with love mate will be stronger. Trust in one another shall grow. Couples shall recognize each other's strengths which will also strengthen their feelings. Individuals can make marriage plans. Trying time for married couples. Tensions will increase with Rahu in the 7th house. Avoid controversies and control voice. Eloquence has the potential to alleviate marital bitterness. Spend time with your spouse and also take a vacation.

Education: Jupiter lord of the 5th house will share the 4th house with Sun and Mercury. Result – students’ interest in studies shall increase.

Health: Mars 6th house lord is in an exalted sign which benefits you. Relieved from health problems. Major diseases shall also be taken care of. The health of elders is largely unaffected. Ketu placement in zodiac minor complications can occur. You may be afflicted with common normal diseases. Do not disregard the weather effect. Attention to food required. Eat of time and exercise.


1.       Recite Sunderkand on Tuesday

2.       Feed gram and jaggery to monkeys

3.       Give stray dogs something to eat.


Career: Favorable times. Mercury lord of the 10th house will enter 3rd house along with Jupiter and Sun. Efficiency at work shall increase. Employed shall enjoy their jobs and will garner respect from co-workers. Officials may assign you additional responsibility on the basis of your performance. Sun endows individuals with strength and courage. May receive a favorable job offer. Promotions in 2nd half of the month. Prosperous for businessmen. Get benefits from earlier business decisions. Business shall improve and expand. You will succeed in doing business in foreign. Foreign trade is expected to be robust.

Finance: Favorable times. Mars with coexisting with Venus and Saturn in 2nd house of wealth. The financial situation shall be stable. Yoga will result in financial gain. Good time to invest in the stock market as Venus lord of 1st house is located in the 2nd house. Success in the stock market seen. Do not invest rashly. Expansion of business possible. Sun transit through the 4th house in the 2nd half of the month shall booster your financial background. Businesses can generate a lot of profit. Also, shall benefit from business investment. Repayment of loans shall be done. New contacts in the business world.

Love and family life: The beginning of the month is favorable for those in love. Benefited from Mars exaltation. Additionally, as the Sun and Jupiter, and Mercury are in the 3rd house, favorable times. You can also take short trips with your loved mate. A strong relationship with mates is developing. Many can decide to marry their love mates. Those in trouble in marriage for an extended period of time can have relationships repaired. There will be a plethora of good marriage prospects. Excellent time for married life. Harmonious relationships in marriage.  

Education: Students shall gain confidence as Mars the 5th house lord will be conjunct with Venus in the 2nd house.

Health: Good times. Rahu will be in the 6th house. Additionally, Venus, the lord of the 6th house will be in the 2nd house with Saturn and Mars. Possibility of health issues. Intensely focused on work and will pay little attention to food and beverages. Your health may then deteriorate. New diseases are also possible. You are advised to take nutritious food and adhere to timings. Walk and exercise regularly. Pay special attention to the mother’s health. 2nd half of the month will see a shift in circumstances that will benefit your health.


1.       Worship Lord Vishnu

2.       Recite Vishnushastrnaam every Thursday

3.       Keep fast on Thursday

4.       Feed flour to ants on Saturday. 


Career: Excellent times. Venus lord of the 5th and 10th houses will unite in the 1st house with Saturn and Mars. Additionally due to Saturn's complete vision in the 10th house, favorable circumstances. Noticeable in the workplace. Promotion is possible to employ. Seniors shall be convinced of your efforts and this can elevate your status. Excellent time for job seekers. 2nd half of the month, Sun transit through 3rd house and its 7th aspect on 9th house shall pave way for those working in the public sector. Promotion opportunities for government employees also. Conducting business will take a new direction. Either start or invest. Anticipated business success.

Finance: Prosperous time. Mercury and Sun shall conjunct with Jupiter in the 2nd house. This will provide you with financial benefits. Mars, lord of 11th house, is exalted in 1st house. You will be prosperous financially and improve your earnings. Stuck money shall be retrieved. New business opportunities shall produce positive results. 2nd half of the month will further bolster financial security. Unnecessary expenses eliminated and financial success possible. Advised to establish a budget for house and stick to it. It will help in saving money.

Love and Family life: Normal time for love. Rahu in the 5th house can result in estrangement from lovers. Advised not to focus on trivial matters. Venus, lord of the 5th house is conjunct with Saturn In the 1st house. You may develop an ego. Ego conflict can cause friction between lovers. Howeve,r many will share pleasant moments with love mates. Concentrate on your partner's positive characteristics. Avoid thinking negatively about him or her. Extremely beneficial for married. Existing conflicts resolved. Increase in understanding between each other with both understanding value of each other. In pending court cases, it will end. Old quarrels shall be resolved and cooperation will increase. Devotion to the spouse shall grow stronger.

Education: Rahu in 5th house, a beneficial yog is created for students’ studies. Mars lord of 5th house is in its exalted sign-on Lagna.

Health: Beneficial for health issues. Mercury lord of 6th house will conjunct with the Sun in the 2nd house and you will be rid of family diseases. Serious illness of family member shall be cured. Elders' health shall improve. You may experience difficulties with your own health. Minor ailments. Be cautious of weather effects – cold cough and flu. Consume nutritious food and allow the body to rest. Avoid long-distance travel.


1.       Donate blue garments


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