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<strong>How This Rakshabandhan can Give Your Brother Prosperity?</strong>

Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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<strong>How This Rakshabandhan can Give Your Brother Prosperity?</strong>

These Techniques Will Bring Your Brother Prosperity.

  • Raksha Bandhan commemorates brotherly love. It is popular in India and celebrated in almost every home.
  • Raksha Bandhan is on Full Moon in Shravana or Saawan. The sister puts tilak on her brother's head and ties a rakhi around his wrist. She asks god for his well-being and safety. As it's held in Shravana month, the event is also called "Shravani."
  • In 2022, Raksha Bandhan falls during Bhadra Kaal. Avoid this time and tie rakhi at the shubh muhurta described in this blog.
  • Rakshabandhan is celebrated across India and has various names in various subcontinent regions.
  • Northern India sisters tie rakhi and wish for their brother's success. In exchange for a gift or money, the brother promises to protect the sister in dire times.

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When is Rakhi?

  • Raksha Bandhan, 11 August 2022
  • Purnima Tithi begins August 11, 10.38 am
  • End of Purnima Tithi: 12 August, 7.06 am
  • Abhijeet Muhurta: 12:6 pm - 1:57 pm
  • Amrit Kaal: 6:55 am-9:20 am
  • Brahma Muhurta: 04:29 am-5:17 am

Rakhi 2022 Time Bhadra

  • From 5.17 pm to 6.18 pm on August 11, Bhadra Poonch
  • At 6.18 pm to 8.00 pm on Rakshabandhan, Bhadra Mukh
  • At 8:51 pm on Rakshabandhan, Bhadra ends.

Raksha Bandhan

The rituals of Raksha Bandhan have strong values and unconditional love. It honors siblings' bond. A brother without a sister or a family without daughters realizes the value of sisters today. The day honors sisters and enhances the position of women in society. Festival promotes love, comfort, and safety. Globally, this festival promotes peace and togetherness.

Rakshabandhan rituals

Raksha Bandhan fervor begins weeks before and the sisters are excited. They buy rakhis or holy threads to tie to the hands of their brothers. The brothers also buy their sisters gifts.

To begin the celebrations, the sister arranges a thali with roli, chawal, sweets, rakhi, Diya, flowers, etc. The sister sets a chowki or platform with rangoli.   She ties a rakhi and gives sweets to her brother.

The sister asks god for her brother's well-being and takes his commitment of lifelong care and affection in exchange.

The meaning of Raksha Bandhan

  • A few parts of India also have a Pitru Tarpan or ancestral sacrifice ritual on this day. Pitru tarpan conducted on this day is said to appease ancestors. On this day, fire sacrifices are also performed. In Uttaranchal, Rakshabandhan is a religious festival. Sacred Yagya is performed to praise religious souls like saints.
  • Temple priests tie rakhi on worshippers, who give them Dakshina. In Maharashtra, it's called natural Purnima, and worshippers offer coconut to Lord Varuna.
  • In South India, sing bhajans, and conduct holy Yagya. This practice frees us of past karmas and misdeeds. We vow to obey the right path for a successful life to purify our souls.

Rakshabandhan mythology

Rakhi was first mentioned in Hindu mythology. In Bhavishya Purana, suras and asuras fought. Lord Indra, leader of the devatas, fled as demons led the battle. At that time, Indrani spotted him and tied a Resham thread on his hand while reciting a mantra. Full moon in Shravana. This silken thread helped Lord Indra conquer asuras and reclaim his kingdom. From then on, Shravan Purnima became a day of safeguard and victory.

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Mahabharata reference

In Mahabharata, the festival's holiness is mentioned. Lord Krishna cut a finger while killing Shishupal, so Draupadi wrapped it in cloth. In return, Lord Krishna pledged to safeguard her in trouble. All remember how he guarded Draupadi against the Kauravas.

Tie Rakhi according to Zodiac Signs

  • Aries

For Aries, a red rakhi is auspicious. Even yellow or orange rakhi will bless your brother. Kesar tilak his forehead.

  • Taurus

Tie silver and white silk or cotton thread. A roli tilak and rice.

  • Gemini

Tie Green colored or Chandan rakhi for your brother. A turmeric tilak works.

  • Cancer

A pearl or white Resham rakhi will give your brother progress. Apply Chandan tilak to your brother's forehead.

  • Leo

Yellow or fuchsia rakhi with turmeric or roli tilak on the forehead.

  • Virgo

Put a green or white Resham rakhi on your brother's wrist. Turmeric and Chandan tilak can be used.

  • Libra

Tie a blue or white rakhi. Use kesar tilak.

  • Scorpio

Tie a pink or red rakhi and put roli on your brother's forehead.

  • Sagittarius

Tie a yellow rakhi for Jupiter's graces on your brother. A turmeric tilak will do.

  • Capricorn

Tie a blue colored rakhi and apply Kesar tilak.

  • Aquarius

Tie a rudraksha or yellow rakhi. Apply turmeric to his head.

  • Pisces

Tie a yellow-colored rakhi and put turmeric on his forehead.


This Rakhi, celebrate the festival of sibling-love with utmost happiness with the help of these astrological tips. We hope that this Raksha Bandhan brings immense joy, prosperity, and happiness into your and your brother’s lives.

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