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Horoscope For 2022 Is Here!

Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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Horoscope For 2022 Is Here!

Yearly Horoscope Predictions for 2022 are Here!
Find out what the coming year has in store for you.

Based on astrology and reading of Zodiac Signs and Nakshatra, the prediction for various possibilities during 2022, is given below. It helps to understand the possibilities and take care and how to manage opportunities as well as challenges. Asttrolok, the world's number one astrology portal brings you detailed rashifal of all signs.


Planet mars shall enter in Sagittarius in the latter half of the month ie. 16th January which will be favorable from a financial point of view. On April 13, Jupiter will transit in the Pisces sign in your twelfth house and Rahu in Aries sign in the 1st house on March 17. On April 29, Saturn will transit in the Aquarius sign in the eleventh house, and on 12 July it will transit in the Capricorn sign in the tenth house after becoming retrograde.

The native will have significant output in many aspects of life. Important decisions about the future shall be made and at the beginning of the year as per 22 Aries horoscope, the native will become wiser and look at things from a different perspective. The beginning of the year is perfect for creativity, visualization, meditation, the discovery of yourself and your potential. The second half will implement the ideas visualized so far.

This period will be fruitful for professional growth. Natives should work hard in the first half of the year to accumulate enough funds, as, at the end of the year it helps to serve themselves. You have to invest more time in your work as a result you will not be able to provide quality time to your family. Those unmarried will meet interesting people. With better family health, things will also improve for you. However, you will neglect your health and you must learn to relax with a new type of exercise, or hobby.

Sun in Capricorn on 14th January will ensure that in 2022, natives shall have an intense desire to climb the corporate ladder. Stopping at nothing to reach success and status. Venus in Capricorn at February end native will treat love issues cautiously and seriously. Not interested in short-term love as they consider it wasteful. In March, venus, mercury, in Aquarius will prove beneficial for business and trading.

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Venus makes a prominent Dhan yoga which will see a wealth accumulation. Professionally good time, with job offers. In April Jupiter in Pisces shall bring opportunities for increased wealth and prosperity. In may, Venus in Aries will create one of the best periods for love life as you will feel beautiful and popular than usual.

In June, Mars and Jupiter's conjunction is the perfect time for starting anything new that requires initiative, energy, and courage. The solar eclipse on October 22 can make you feel insecure and anxious but at the same time help you in achieving goals.

Easier to make decisions and replacement of uncertainty with inner balance. By the end of the year, Mercury retrograde brings the potential for communication and technology. Possible nervousness, travel delays, lost times. You can also expect to dwell on things and reminiscence about the past, and, unexpectedly meet people from the past. Yoga, healthy eating, exercising, all help improve your general health. The healthy year with no prolonged illness if taken proper care of.


  1. Offer chameli or jasmine oil and sindoor to Hanumanji every Tuesday
  2. Use red color tie and hanker chief as these can give luck
  3. Install mahamrityunjaya yantra at home and worship daily
  4. Donate bananas on Thursdays at the place of worship
  5. Keep fast of Thursday 


The natives are bound to attain average results in various aspects this year. With the transit of mars on January 16 in Sagittarius luck will favor major aspects in the field of career and profession. Also with Saturn in the 10th house, multiple sources of income are possible. With several planetary movements taking place in April, you will be accumulating wealth and money. However, ups and downs will be seen from August to October this year. With the transit of Jupiter in the 11th house in Pisces from April, you will spend lavishly.

The establishment of good relations with seniors is possible. June – Venus transits in one of the best times of the year. Easy for spreading love and receiving affection. More attractive and charming. Favorable time for creative work. In October Jupiter shall bring opportunity for increased wealth and prosperity. Should be a period of spiritual and religious growth. Take care of not becoming too confident during Jupiter retrograde. By the end year, Saturn can represent a post-turning point for the native. If ambitions are scattered, please reassess your goals. Some compromise may be the best option. Confidence and enthusiasm will return after this. You can start building a new foundation. October to December are favorable for your children.

You will find it easier to develop beneficial health routines from mid to year-end. If addicted to food or bad habits, you will conquer them easily. Keeping weight stable is a major challenge. Stay disciplined.

Remedies :

  1. Wear opal gemstone in silver or white gold after consulting an astrologer
  2. Sky Blue lamp on study table for concentration and focus in studies
  3. Offer food to married women on Tuesday

Distribute food to 

  1. workers at building construction sites
  2. On Friday donate batasha, sweets, sugar. 


From the year beginning, Saturn would bring negotiation in agreement in your life. If desiring things to happen without wasting time, focus on what is achievable and what is fair. Do not ask too much, and set limits instead. Mars's position this year might bring difficulty in love relationships in January. Native would have the impression that you are trying to be tied down in April. Venus and Mars in Aquarius appease things by inspiring more detached feelings. August will offer you the enjoyment of pleasure as Venus will be in Leo. If you are royal and 100% in your relationships, you will have perfect relations till year-end. Saturn will be in the 8th house as a result this year you will meet a lot of new people and codify them as per the potential. Some of them might not remain in your life.

Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius in the first half shall require you to demand higher from others. Quite the opposite to encounter a lack of cooperation, willingness, and flexibility from others. Venus will bring conflicts with people you care about. Everything can start from moral principles and ethics. In January Jupiter in the 9th house puts you out of your comfort zone to create growth opportunities. In April the transit of Jupiter in the 10th house will bring opportunities for increased wealth and prosperity. New adventures will expand your horizon and broaden your outlook. In June Venus in Taurus is one of the best periods for love life. Good time for creating work, shopping, financial matters.

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In August – September mars in Taurus give an abundance of assertiveness required for new projects. During this time, your expense may be high, but also you can be very constructive and productive. By year-end, Saturn in the 8th house brings achievement and recognition. Could be a
good time for buying and selling real estate or renovating your house. Throughout the year, economic life will be with luck and fortune. This year's health is an issue due to Saturn in the 8th house at year beginning and the placement of Ketu in the 6th house. Should be aware of food and living habits. Otherwise, the movement of the planets that diseases relating to blood and ear can disturb you.


  1. Wear Panna or emerald in gold pendant after consulting astrologer
  2. Worship lord Shani on Saturday
  3. For Success in business keep a red vase in the south direction of the business place
  4. For job keep a piece of the whole turmeric in yellow cloth in office bag
  5. For a prosperous marriage decorate with red and yellow shades


During the year as per cancer 22 horoscope, Saturn will bring natives major limitations in expressing profound and lasting feelings that mark the life of the person for eternity. Jupiter will facilitate access to information and will help the natives to formulate new ideas. Perfect time for reading, writing, and signing up for newspapers and magazines, learning to drive, study a foreign language. However, Jupiter may create some obstacles and work, daily routine, and health.

In January due to Saturn in the 7th house, you might feel workload. Mid-January health matters will be the center of focus. Take care of financial matters also. In February you will be active with a focus on home, family, and private life due to the aspect of Jupiter on the house of family and home. In April the transit of Jupiter in the 9th house will keep you focused on home and career development. Best remedy – plan travel to someplace. In May Mercury turns retrograde. Leading to backtracking in career. Important to realize that people need to think things through and this may be one of them. In July Saturn moves in the sign of Capricorn and your physical health show definite improvement. You will have the time now to get some tonic and preventive treatments that would boost your vitality. In October, with mars transit in Gemini, you will find yourself in a peacemaker role. It will also take time to restore your health this month. Dip into your immune system that can come in October due to Mars transit in the 12th house.

By year-end, your life will be clearing unwanted clutter and unwanted activities. Very useful to set financial goals with your partner. Overall Jupiter transit in Pisces this year after April native would be able to exceed their limits to prove to the world outside. A good time for relocating if in mind for long. The year beginning will give average health results. There can be a problem due to air-borne disease due to Jupiter in the 8th house. Take regular exercise of yoga and pranayam. Later the health would be well. You have positive thoughts and good health because of benefic aspects of the planets on the ascendant.

  1. For good health wear red coral in gold on ring finger after consulting an astrologer
  2. For better academic results sit in the east direction while studying
  3. For better business activity do plantation in education institutions and temples
  4. For marriage, related issues avoid black and grey shades
  5. Offer food to a handicapped person
  6. For job betterment, daily meditate while chanting “MAD” om for 5 minutes


On January 22 Saturn will bring plenty of luck, optimism, expansion, and a lot of cheerfulness in work capacity. Jupiter can bring new interesting and tempting opportunities in the first nine months of the year. However, act cautiously, level-headed, and without haste. This year Jupiter will enter Pisces on 13th April in the 8th house and Rahu in Aries in the 9th house on April 12. Saturn would enter Aquarius in the 7th house on April 29 and on July 12, it would transit in Capricorn again in the 6th house after becoming retrograde. From last week April to mid-July, there will be joy in a family event. Married, the year will be fine but you may suffer more mental stress due to the health of your spouse. In February, Leo natives will manage to resolve tensions and establish harmony.

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When Mars turns retrograde between Sept – November, Leo native may encounter some real problems in managing emotions constructively. Venus in 2022 will bring a boost of energy. This will amplify your desire to express your feeling for love and romance for a truly special person. Some Leo natives may accept the challenge: someone from work, your circle of friends can draw your interest. In March, there may be a chance for promotion in job. This month, focus more on health and avoid excessive strain.

In April, financially in month beginning native should not spend recklessly make any investment or speculation. Between March to may your aspiration of seeking admission to any professional course can be fulfilled. Regarding relationships, you have to move cautiously. In June and July, natives should not jump to any decision without proper thoughts in the professional sector. They may regret it later. Some Leo can pay a debt while others can receive an unexpected amount of money or inheritance in July. This year you will be physically fit but due to negative thoughts in mind, you will feel tired. There will be the effect of air and bile in your body.

Some health issues like eye swelling, blurred vision, or headaches can trouble you. You may also be worried about your children’s health. Native who are single can get into new love relationships, those in a long-term relationship could receive marriage proposals. In September natives may look for new jobs or focus their attention on personal business. By year-end, it will be your favorite period. You will spend your energy at work and also rekindle flame and passion. In November December it is time for natives to take proper diet, exercise, spend more time relaxing and resting. Stable health conditions from January to April. Thereafter disease related to BP, viral infection, or indigestion may occur. Major disease or injury during traveling is indicated therefore take extra care. Good food habits and a healthy lifestyle will keep you in good health.


  1. Worship lord Shani on Saturdays
  2. Married couples are required to remain calm, peaceful, harmony and warmth in married life
  3. Always consume some sweet item and then partake inauspicious event or go for important work like job, business meeting.
  4. Keep good relations with Brother in law, son in law and nephew.
  5. Speak truth. Never lie to anyone. Ensure fulfilling of promise and assurances



This year Jupiter will transit in the Pisces in the 7th house on 13 April and Rahu will transit in the aries in the 8th house on April 12. On April 29, Saturn would transit to Aquarius in the 6th house, and on July 12, it would transit to Capricorn again, the 5th house after becoming retrograde. Poor health conditions may affect your work life and this will not last. The beginning of the year is going to be hectic with pending activities or you will have many tasks. The year will bring great hope for you. Seems that money, property, fame success will be waiting for you this year. January to March, learning new things will be activated and you will go ahead in science and research.

You will be friends with new persons. Unmarried can tie a knot this year. May – June, you will likely complain of sunstroke and dehydration. You can resume a professional training course. You will stay focused on your old life even if compromises are there. July – august your performance would be indirectly linked to your performance of colleagues and superiors and how good you get along with them. September – October will bring a good source of inspiration in the form of friends and relatives for you to gain money. Take advantage of free time to relax and rest. Take a short vacation to charge positivity.

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By year-end, you will need to take care of your physical health. Avoid excessive efforts but also avoid too much rest. Keep a balance between the two. Be strict with your budget when it comes to the indulgence of parties as it is not on your side financially toward year-end. A lot of health issues this year will need more attention to lifestyle and develop a proper style to treat poor health. Injuries this year are likely. You may indulge in exercise to enable body fitness. You can also opt for yoga. As for mental health, you may not feel any major disturbance this year. Stress-related and other matters will be there. You may have to get external emotional support at a point.

Remedies :

  1. Wear Panna or emerald in gold after consulting an astrologer
  2. Worship lord Shani every Saturday positively
  3. Wear a pure gold ring on the ring finger of your left hand
  4. Avoid blue clothes
  5. Do not shift the place of worship at home frequently.



On April 13, Jupiter will transit in the Pisces in the 6th house and Rahu in Aries in the 7th house on April 12. On April 29, Saturn will transit in Aquarius in the 5th house, and on July 12, it will transit in Capricorn again in the 4th house after becoming retrograde. The year beginning will bring happiness and joy in all aspects of life. In year middle, you are advised to focus on family relationships, communicate more often with your loved ones and solve everyday issues.

At the same time, hard-working representatives will make good money in the mid-year. January you will be active and meet new friends. There will be closeness in the family. From February to June, and again from September to December, you have to pay attention to any documentation. Any person can show interest in buying movable and immovable property so you should consult with elders of the family before buying or selling. Favorable to get economic benefits if starting new work. After august financial matters will be average. You can be involved in conflicts with your parents during this time. You have to be cautious. There may be some issues in relationships.

If you have started a new job, stay cautious and remain responsible. It would be best if you also stay vigilant about health. Last quarter is cautious about health and it is advised not to show any carelessness about your health. Taking rest along with work will keep you fresh. Success will touch your feet and it is time to prove your worth. Year 22 is lucky for the libra native. Saturn will be in the 5th house of Aquarius and you shall start from the base and there be newness of all sorts. Changes and opportunities are plenty. However, do not over-exert yourself and maintain a low profile during the year.

Around mid-year mars would be transiting in the 10th house of cancer so there would be lots of gains owing to career. Jupiter would bless you with relocation or promotion that has been your for some time now. Rahu in the 8th house may bring unwanted expenses. Be cautious of financial spending before April 12. January to April Saturn will be in your 4th house. Might create some disturbance in family welfare and happiness occasionally. Minor health issues this year. Diseases like viral and indigestion could affect but not for long. Chances for injury this year. Exercise and take complete control of body fitness.


  1. Strengthen venus by wearing diamond or opal after consulting an astrologer
  2. Help needy as much as possible.
  3. Go to the Shani temple on Saturdays. Distribute black gram
  4. Do not misbehave with anyone especially colleagues this year
  5. Give wheat flour to ants
  6. Spend some time in service of cows and get the blessing of young girls


On April 13 Jupiter would transit into Pisces sign in the 5th house, and, Rahu would transit in Aries in the 6th house on April 12. Saturn would transit in Aquarius on April 29 and July 12, it would transit to Capricorn again in the 3rd house after becoming retrograde. Year beginning, you would like to live a comfortable time with a passion for life, ideas, and dreams. It will be a period of success in February and many important and influential people will be present in your environment.

In April and may, you can be a little pessimistic but life will return once again on right track. During this time, you should have all the courage needed
to work hard to defeat your, enemies. You will need to pay much attention to partnership work. You will grow up emotionally in may therefore do not be impulsive in a relationship with a partner. In June and July, it is recommended to exercise more, adopt a healthier lifestyle. Leave no outstanding bills and loans for July. For your career progress, you will get the support of family members. This year we are waiting for a big success to come to an end. After may, time is good for career.

September and October, you will find methods to improve energy levels such as recreational activities. You can also plan on a tour with family members and friends to celebrate success. By the end of the year, natives will set off with a new energy level which they have not had so far. Improvement in energy level more active. Excited for 2023. Full support of relatives so native will move ahead in the right direction. Overall relaxing period for people. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, would be posited in favor of the native. The planet placement will give you comfortable living all this year. Saturn in Aquarius causes delays in your forward motion.

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Rahu will be in the 7th house in year beginning which might interfere in your love life or marriage. Great year on the financial side and great potential also. Saturn will bring many changes in physical and mental well-being. Many ups and downs in mood and general health. The physical workout will give peace of mind. Personal and professional commitments may affect your health and cause worry to you.


  1. Perform shiv Rudra Abhishek
  2. Apply saffron tilak on your forehead
  3. Offer milk to the banyan tree
  4. Stay away from deep water and drinking wine etc
  5. Take care of health as arthritis may be a cause


On April 13, Jupiter would enter Pisces in the 4th house and Rahu would transit in the aries on April 12. On April 29, Saturn would transit in Aquarius in the 3rd house, and on July 12, it would again transit in Capricorn in the 2nd house after becoming retrograde. In January, there may be unforeseen events for the natives so it is required to face the same boldly. February would be a good time to write down creative ideas and start a new venture. March – April, you may be feeling stuck in your career. Be consistent with your performance as it will bring you some benefits like a promotion or salary increase by month-end.

Try to be more flexible and try to understand the feeling of partners this month as they will feel the need to be loved and understood. May – July are months you need to save and stay away from impulsive decisions. A surrounding environment will boost morale and your physical and mental state will be good. August – September are good times for strengthening your relationships resulting in a more intimate connection in conjugal happiness. Mid-September can bring great financial expenses. In the last quarter of the year, it is time to take some time off work and relax. The native will enjoy a good period financially if they spend wisely. You will enjoy it a lot in December.

You will find inner peace and will be free during this period. Overall year22 will be auspicious for natives as it will be supported by the energy of Jupiter all year long. Career might face some ups and downs this year. Saturn in Aquarius will strive to bring out some stability around. It will guide you in insecure moments. Saturn restricts your display of emotions, love, and affection, in marriage and relationships. This would be quite a realistic period for most natives. You will be able to meet your long-headed goals and ambitions. A much better year than the past few years as you will be very successful in your career pursued for this year. Students will do well. They will reach new heights in the profession with the help of seniors. Overseas travel is on cards. Overall financial standing will be greatly enhanced this year as Saturn will be posted in the 2nd house of Capricorn.

Ketu in the 12th house might bring minor ailments. An average year for health. Prior engagement and social activities will restrict your consumption of food in time. This might cause health deterioration. Must retain punctuality and regularity in respect of daily routine and diet. Do not be careless in this regard as Rahu in the 5th house might cause diseases related to the stomach.


  1. Plant people tree in a park or temple far away from your home and worship every Thursday.
  2. On Saturdays donate black sesame seeds, black cloth, urad dal, mustard oil, and iron.
  3. Read Ramayan or ramcharitmanas by Maharishi Valmiki daily.
  4. Feed for birds daily and participate in social work and charity regularly.
  5. Wear a ring of pure gold on the ring finger of the right hand.


On April 13, Jupiter will transit in Pisces in the 3rd house and Rahu will transit in Aries in the 4th house on April 12. Saturn would transit in Aquarius on April 29 in the 2nd house. On July 12, Saturn would transit again in Capricorn in the 1st house after becoming retrograde. January – will be perfect as you will be physically fit. It is advised, in January, to plan your budget in prioritizing expenses for the year because mid-month can bring expenses related to dear ones. February – march – Love life is good. Many will find true love.

The practical sense will be helpful so shine in personal and professional issues. Numerous occasions to excel in a career in February. May – June – favorable for the romantic meeting which could lead to serious relationship or marriage. June – significant increase in energy and vitality level. September – October – Enjoy more freedom to explore professional stability and you will have the support of your colleagues. In October best to take care of health and avoid carbohydrates and high-calorie foods. By the end year, teamwork will bring you many advantages and will offer the possibility of relocation or change in career if you are willing. Year-end would also bring expenses related to travel, vacation or hobbies as this is a favorable period. Overall, as a result, great things may be achieved this year and hard work and persistence will earn a reward. You might be loaded with seamless work its benefits will prove to be enormous.

his year you will be more focused on ensuring stability and security in life. It is advised to make adjustments, patience and understanding would be required for it. As the year moves on you shall solve all issues, problems, hindrances, troubles. Health at year beginning in the presence of Rahu in 5th house with the transit of Saturn will cause problem or disorder related to head. It is advised to take caution, eat healthy food and modify lifestyle to keep good health. With Exercise and routine, will remain stress-free this year.


  1. Worship Lord Ganesha and offer him Dhruva and modak.
  2. Recite Shri Ganpati Atharva shreesha strotra.
  3. Chant Hanuman Chalisa of Tuesday.
  4. Donate blanket to poor on Saturday.
  5. Wear Durga yantra around your neck.


On April 13, Jupiter will transit in the Pisces in the 2nd house and Rahu in the Aries sign on April 12 in the 3rd house. Saturn will travel in Aquarius in 1st house on April 29. In July it will transit in Capricorn sign again in 12th house after becoming retrograde. January – February will bear favorable times to develop good relations with others, especially new ones.

It is advised that you need to be cautious with these relations. The love life of Aquarius will be improved in February. This is as compared to the previous month. March – April –pay attention to health. Proper diet and physical exercise is a must. June – July – do not get too stressed. Try to control impulses. Communication and sincerity are key elements in your relationship that can make you move forward. September and October are the months when tactfulness and diplomacy will do wonders in your career.

Relationship with clients is the key to survival. With a month passing, you will obtain a promotion, salary increase, and recognition. By year-end, you might enjoy success although there might be some undesired expenses. Advised to avoid food rich in fat as it can cause harm to your digestion system as Saturn will be in the first house. Good sign for love, freedom as they want to do everything in their ways and style. Year 22 is the time to work hard with honesty and utilize the golden time. Lots of new happenings or auspicious events will be celebrated in the family. Friends and relatives shall be happy and supportive in the future. Need to save money for stability in finance. Follow the principle of peace and harmony.

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There will be a period when you would like to change your job as the present position may not be very satisfying for you. Advised that keep patience and search for some freelancing work. This will help you with some extra money. If you are seeking a job due to problems related to seniors, stay away from conflicts and maintain good relationships with seniors. Students wanting to go abroad to pursue higher education will have a good chance. Those planning to own property in a foreign land or making large investments are advised to stay cautious during the year and make proper inquiries before investing. Health-wise stress is indicated. There are chances of minor ailments which may mostly be caused by poor digestion. Health issues may also affect work. Pay more attention to mental health. Adopt a new hobby. Take proper diet.

Remedies :

  1. Worship lord Shani regularly
  2. Offer food to saints, ascetics, and needy children
  3. Visit Bhairon temple on Sunday
  4. Use more black gram, Bengal gram, black pepper in a food
  5. Respect needy and labor class people and if possible help them. 



On April 13, Jupiter will transit in Pisces in the 1st house. Rahu in Aries in 2nd house on April 12. Saturn in Aquarius in 12th house and on July 12, transit in Capricorn again in 11th house after becoming retrograde. January is suitable for a new job. Your profession and business partnership shall benefit. Your enthusiasm will be excellent to attain the desired professional achievements such as promotions and trips. February will bring some conflict in the relationship with a few changes. But try to maintain value and tradition. March – April, you can plan for some long-term investment.

Greater involvement is required in more activity in work if they want to succeed in professional life. Advised to maintain a regular diet and routine for a better energy level in April. It may well be time to invest in real estate. Pay more attention to details before signing deeds. June your metabolic rate is going to be excellent. Make sure you eat fresh and stay away from junk and processed food. As Jupiter will be in 1st house. In September – October, it is possible to meet your soul mate. Do not be hasty and know all pros and cons before entering into relationships. Recommended not to diversify, and focus on 1 or 2 projects only. By year-end balanced approach is required in all financial plans. Investment from p

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