Gemstone report: A guide about gemstones and associate planets

Catching a glimpse of a beautiful gemstone has often made me wonder about its use and utility besides its exceptional beauty. The gems are precious and semi precious stones found naturally in the earth’s crust, mostly mined out or can be extracted from lava rocks. However, these rocks might not be the most pleasing, but after cutting and polishing, their natural beauty comes out.

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There are more than 200 types of gemstones worldwide. There is always a top deal in every business, and so is the gemstone market. Some stones are high in demand because of their beauty and rarity. In astrology, each gem is associated with a planet; astrologers believe that gemstones can absorb light rays from the planets in the form of energy. Additionally, these stones can help us absorb these energies if we were to wear them on designated fingers according to Vedic science and astrology. According to astrology, the nine most beneficial and powerful gemstones are associated with nine planets in the solar system.   These nine stones with their astrological benefits are mentioned in the gemstone report ahead:

Ruby for the Sun

The source of light of our solar system is connected with this bright red gemstone. Astrologers suggest the Sun as a planet that provides power, command, and prowess. 

Ruby is known to keep negativity in check and enhance a person’s command, prowess, honor, and esteem.

Opal, White Sapphire, and Diamond for the Venus

Venus is the only planet designated with three stones, of which diamond is the least preferred because diamonds can be found in various colors and are expensive compared to the other two. It is also believed that diamonds transfer some negative energy. Venus is known for love, harmony, pleasure, happiness, and strength. Wearing Opal, white sapphire, and diamond benefits your personality growth, better exposure, and opportunity. Opal can cure poor eye health and also helps in improving immunity systems.

Emerald for Mercury

Emerald, known as “Panna,” is linked to Mercury. Wearing Emerald boosts creativity, finances, public speaking, health, intellect, and marital relations. Mercury is famous for increasing high-spirited energy, intellect,  harmony, and happiness. Emerald is said to improve a person’s speech issues, attention span, and memory.

Red coral for the Mars

Mars is known to be of very distinctive red color planet showcasing courage, confidence, and composure.  Red coral or “Munga” is the gem for Mars; it is known to give energy, courage, power, confidence, and calm composure. This stone helps people avoid health-related issues, clashes, property-related issues, and fights.

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Peral for the Moon

The moon is said to balance mental peace and health.  Peral is a beautiful white gemstone that has an association with the moon. Peral helps in providing confidence, mental peace, and emotional stability. Also, help in keeping negative thoughts and imagination away.

Blue Sapphire for the Saturn

Saturn is often feared in astrology as it is the God of justice. However, responsibility, authority, ethics, value, and virtues are integral parts of its character. Blue sapphire helps in improving discipline, focus, dedication, and routine.

Yellow sapphire for the Jupiter

Jupiter is famous as an auspicious planet, give your fame, fortune, good health, and calm composure. Yellow sapphire or Pukhraj is said to bring prosperity and wisdom; it protects against accidental death. Yellow sapphire induces good health and longevity.

Hessonite for the Rahu

Rahu is infamous as a shadow planet that adversely impacts your charts. Rahu is not in the solar system; it is observable during an eclipse. Rahu will bring confusion, dissatisfaction, and obsession. Rahu will target good things in a person’s life if positioned incorrectly. To overcome harsh impacts, one can wear a Hessonite Or Gomed after consulting an astrologer. Gomed, an orange-brown to red-colored gem, will help deal with negativity and evil effects arising from Rahu’s impact. In addition, improving the financial condition brings prosperity and pleasure to mind and the body.

Cat’s eye gems for the Ketu

Ketu, if placed correctly, is quite a beneficial planet, bringing prosperity, health, and defense against death caused due to the effects of poison. Impacts of negative Ketu can be poor throat health, bad habits, weak body. You can wear cat’s eye gemstones known as Lehsuni and Vaidurya, a lemon green colored gemstone and a brownish dark and light-colored gem that promotes spiritual incline, intellect, wisdom, and connection with the divine. Also, this will brings more confidence and good health.

Gemstones are a source of energy to your mind and soul; they power up your spirit and channel your body with energy from the planets. This gemstone report has all the basic knowledge that one needs to know about gemstones. If you are interested in learning more about gemstones, astrology, and Vedic science, and for more details, visit India no. 1 astrology institute and check out Asttrolok on social media platforms.

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