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Do you worry constantly? Here is the reason.

Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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Do you worry constantly? Here is the reason.

Vedic Astrology's various negative doshas might cause complications. Guru Chandal Dosha is a negative horoscope dosha. If you don't succeed, are financially unstable, lose often, don't see results despite hard work, are restless, or life doesn't go as planned. Kundli Guru Chandal dosha!

Know what are the remedies of Guru Chandal dosha. Get an online astrology consultation with a professional astrologer to find the answers to your questions.

What is Guru Chandal Dosha?

Jupiter-Rahu/Ketu conjunctions cause Guru Chandal dosha. Online Kundli can detect this dosha. Jupiter is a dev guru and Rahu/Ketu chandal. Guru-chandal dosha results from their union.

How will a chandal affect a sattvic or religious teacher/guru? Jupiter, the most benefic planet, feels the same with Rahu or Ketu. These opposed planets don't get along. Jupiter, being benevolent, suffers more.

Is Guru Chandal Dosha always bad?

Any birth chart house might produce Guru Chandal dosha. It depends on the star sign in the Guru Chandal dosha house in a Kundli. This dosha mainly harms the natives, although it can also help. Ketu and Jupiter are in favorable positions in the natal chart. Astrologers can distinguish Kundli doshas as positive or negative. Jupiter and Ketu in a good house and sign can still be beneficial. Rahu with Jupiter always causes problems, regardless of sign or house. The native benefits from "Ganesh yoga" Chandal dosha. Pt. J.L. Nehru perfectly exemplifies Ganesh's yoga.

Are Rahu and Ketu's effects on Jupiter the same?

Jupiter with Rahu or Ketu has different results. Rahu, a materialistic planet, causes overwhelming aspirations for earthly pleasures. Rahu also inspires immoral sexual cravings. To satisfy his sexual demands, the person will enter into an illegal relationship. Rahu's head symbolizes many desires. Because Rahu has nobody, whatever you feed him is less. Rahu never stops wanting more because of it.

Ketu, a demon, is sattvic and brings people to spirituality. Ketu's headless torso. Since it's blind and headless, it's directionless. Ketu investigates everything. Thus, inward exploration reveals life's truth. Rahu represents materialism, whereas Ketu represents spirituality.

Jupiter represents the most favorable planet in a birth chart. The ascendant lordship might make it malefic. It's still the luckiest planet. Jupiter is the karaka for religion, knowledge, wisdom, righteousness, good fortune, obligation, altruism, marriage, and children, among other positive attributes. A person's birth chart benefits from strong Jupiter! Astrology courses can reveal other remarkable life facts based on planetary alignments.

Jupiter's sattvic nature is damaged by Rahu and Ketu's demonic qualities. Jupiter's birth chart position is hampered by affliction. Ketu matches Jupiter in spirituality and religion, but not otherwise.

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Guru Chandal dosha planets' traits

Jupiter-ruled women are deeply spiritual. They're obedient and perfect in every role. She is an excellent wife and mother. Jupiter-strong men are honorable and moral. They care for their family and serve others. They rarely argue or speak harshly. Jupiter-ruled people are peacemakers and mentors.

Rahu is primarily associated with filth. It's fascinating that Rahu-influenced women like cleanliness. They enjoy luxury. They lavishly spend if other things sustain them. Rahu's immorality attracts women even after marriage. Rahu selfishly sensualizes male indigenous. They like all women. They may marry beyond their caste and have extramarital affairs.

Ketu provides natives with self-esteem and independence. Ketu-influenced women are autonomous and self-made. They may divorce or die young. Native men are pious and philosophical. They seek deeper meanings yet are unfaithful. These like widows and divorcees.

Guru-Chandal Dosha Characteristics

  1. The house's position and sign determine whether the dosha is beneficial or bad.
  2. Astrologers determine the dosha's malefic or benign nature by Jupiter's position.
  3. To comprehend Guru Chandal dosha, the finest astrologer must examine other planets.

What effects does Guru Chandal Dosha have?

  • Restlessness, irritability, and financial instability.
  • Religion declines, and the person frequently mocks it. Sometimes they follow different religions.
  • They never follow social conventions. They reject stereotypes.
  • Education and professional issues may arise.
  • The native is always job-hopping.
  • Native behavior exhibits indecisiveness.
  • Arguments between father and scholars.
  • The native may experience complex health issues, particularly high blood pressure, anemia, asthma, malignancies, liver issues, chronic constipation, etc.
  • Natives are restless with negative thoughts.
  • Natives become obstinate.
  • There is a danger of being imprisoned.
  • Tendencies toward unethical and immoral behavior.

Guru-Chandal Dosha remedies

  • The person should conduct Guru Chandal dosh Nivaran puja.
  • Vishnu is worshipped.
  • After astrological consultation, wearing proper rudraksha is useful.
  • Jupiter-Rahu-Ketu gemstones may assist.
  • Ketu and Rahu's negative impacts can be mitigated by worshipping Lord Ganesh and Goddess Sarasvati.
  • Don't despise the poor. Give them proper respect.
  • Respect elders, Brahmins, erudite, and all teacher-like personalities.
  • Donate Jupiter-Rahu-Ketu articles. Donations should only be made after seeing an astrologer determine which planet needs donations and which needs gems.
  • To mitigate the planets' negative effects, recite Guru, Rahu, and Ketu mantras.

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