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Do You Have A Kundli For Trips Abroad?

Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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Do You Have A Kundli For Trips Abroad?
The question, "Is it feasible to know about overseas travel from a horoscope?" Is one that the majority of us have. Are there omens for international travel in the astrology chart? Yes, is the response. Indicators and planetary alignments in the Kundli can be used to predict international travel. Let's look at what astrology means by international trip.

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Zodiac Sign Categories in Astrology

There are three main sorts of signs in a horoscope, so it's important to comprehend them before learning how to discover them or figuring out what planetary positions are favorable or unfavorable.

  • Mesha, Karka, Tula, and Makara are movable signs or Chara

  • Vrishabha, Simha, Vrishchika, and Kumba are Sthira Rashi or Fixed

  • Mithuna, Kanya, Dhanu, and Meena are dual signs or common

Understanding the horoscope's indications of overseas travel requires consideration of the aforementioned factor.

Moving signals, or Chara Rashi

These indications do not remain in one location. Additionally, they frequently undergo rapid alteration. Therefore, when planets are placed in these signs, the likelihood of alterations is greatly increased. For instance, moving, changing jobs, traveling abroad, changing countries, etc.

Fixed signs or Sthira Rashi

These astrological signs dislike moving. They are fixed signs, as their name suggests. Thus, they frequently remain steady in one location.

They are therefore useless when it comes to travel or settlements abroad.

Natives with more planets in the Sthira Rashi do not relocate frequently or change jobs. Stars in fixed signs so prevent the possibility of traveling abroad.
Dual Rashi indicators or common signs

They can offer brief international travel. You may regularly travel overseas if you have multiple planets in dual signs. Each trip, though, will only last a brief time.

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Important houses for international travel in astrology

The following horoscope houses are thought to be crucial for international travel.

  • The union of the 10th with the 4th house is significant, as per Brihat Parashara It states that international travel is possible if the ruler of the 10th house associates with the 4th house. Additionally, if the 4th house lord is strong, astrology also predicts international travel.

  • The aforementioned combination is backed up by other books and Additionally, they value other houses such as the 7th and 9th. Few authors also advise taking the 12th house into account when traveling abroad.

  • To look at international travel in a horoscope, we should take into account the combination of the 4th, 7th, 9th, 10th, and 12th houses, as well as their lords.

  • Other significant residences and combinations related to international travel.

  • Other factors besides the ones listed above could also result in travel abroad.

  • When traveling abroad, the 8th house is quite important. However, astrologists give the house a lot of thought because it is believed to be unlucky.

  • Strong connections between the 8th house, which is ruled by a beneficial planet, and the 11th house may result in unexpected earnings On the other hand, it could also lead to mental tensions and pressure.

  • The 7th, 9th, and 12th houses will always be the main areas of concentration for any international journey. Rahu's position cannot, however, be ruled out. Rahu is regarded as a strange planet. Traveling abroad will be beneficial if Rahu is correctly placed in the yog or if a beneficial planet aspects Rahu.

  • The people, however, may experience issues when traveling abroad if Rahu is not placed correctly, is aspected, or is in combination with a malefic planet.

  • Many astrologers claim that there is a greater likelihood of traveling abroad if the 7th, 9th, and 12th houses are Chara or dual sign Rashi. It is also accurate in many instances according to my experience and what I have seen.

Astrology for international travel: Value of Mahadasha and Antardasha

Looking at planetary placements alone is insufficient to provide an answer to the question of why someone would travel abroad. Therefore, we must also take the Dasha into account. In actuality, we must take Dasha's relationship into account.

The person will travel for academic purposes if the 9th lord is connected to the 4th or 5th house or its lords.

The travel, however, will be for a job or travel related to a job if the lord of the ninth house makes a relationship with the lord of the tenth house. Additionally, international travel will be tied to employment (work for a company/travel sponsored by the firm) if the sixth house is associated with yoga.

Astrologically speaking, overseas travel is indicated when the 7th house is connected to the 9th or 12th house. Additionally, it will be done for professional reasons. It might be for a global alliance or to grow commercial operations abroad.

However, as I already indicated, Rahu is taken into account for international travel. Therefore, in astrology, it denotes international travel if he is connected to the 7th, 8th, or 12th house.

If you only take into account the planets, some of the planets' Mahadashas may also be to blame for international travel. Thus, according to astrology, the Jupiter Dasha, Rahu Dasha, Ketu Dasha, and Saturn Dasha all portend international travel.

For international travel, you should take into account the 7th, 9th, 10th, and 12th houses, their Dasha or period, and Antardasha. The 6th and 10th houses should not be taken into consideration separately, though.

Most people's greatest travel aspiration is to leave their home country. Few want to stay outside and further their studies; few seem to stay for a few years and earn money. They might be there for personal reasons, to work or study overseas.

However, the most crucial query that the majority of us have is, "How favorable is your destiny for that?" Astrology has the answer!

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