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Discover What's In Store For Your Sign During December

Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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Discover What's In Store For Your Sign During December

Based on astrology and reading of Zodiac Signs and Nakshatra, the prediction for various possibilities during December 2021, is given below.


Business and Job – You will face challenges from your enemies and, for that, you may be in tension. Do not take any hasty decisions. Politicians may face disappointment.
Natives who are in a job can get offers in new areas that can make their future bright. Take decisions with careful consideration.

Education and Career – Parents of students would be unhappy with the child’s education and there is the possibility of the students’ friends misleading them. Those who are preparing for competitive examinations may get success. Those awaiting results are likely to get good news.

Love and Family Life – If you are in a relationship you will get full support from your partner and the relationship becomes stronger. If single, you will get into a relationship that will become strong and may fructify into love. Married people can get happiness from their partners and resultantly, attraction may increase between them. Trust by family members towards you shall increase. Children will give you respect and complete the jobs given by you to them.

Health – You will be in your full energy and zeal because Jupiter’s 5th aspect will be on your third house. Those suffering from old diseases will get rid of them. You
will put in great efforts.

Remedies – 

  1. Take proper rest along with work.
  2. Eat fresh food no stale food.
  3. On Tuesdays recite Hanuman Chalisa
  4. Feed poor and needy people
  5. Do yoga and meditation
  6. Lucky number 4


Business and Job – This month shall have mixed results for you. Pay attention to your business and do not get stressed. Your market value shall be good due to your good behavior and everyone would be happy with you. Those in politics shall face new challenges and experiences. Those in service will find a solution to their old problems and the load shall be lesser.

Education and Career – Tensions are likely due to competitive examinations. Be calm and you will get good results. Engineering students would be unhappy with their batch mates. Jupiter's 9th aspect on the 6th house will help in competitive examinations as indicated.

Love and Family Life – Romantic mood with your partner in month beginning. You will understand each other better. If unmarried, the right time to propose to your partner. Proposals shall come from the maternal side.

Health – The second week is very important in respect of health issues. Despite a comparatively easy workload, tensions will prevail. Things will come under control in the third week and you would feel normal.


  1. Do yoga and chant ‘om’ for keeping good health.
  2. Recite Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesdays
  3. Feed cow, dogs, and birds
  4. Feed needy people
  5. Lucky number 7

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Business and Job – Good month on the economic front. Investments shall bear fruits and profits. There would be new business deals and businessmen. Those in jobs shall get success over detractors and also possibilities of promotion are there. Due to Jupiter’s 5th aspect of Lagna, be soft in dealing with people.

Education and Career – Gains through fewer efforts. However, students should not waste time arguing and instead respect elders and teachers. Those preparing for government jobs are likely to get success due to the 9th aspect of Jupiter on the 5th house.

Love and family life – Differences with partners shall get resolved. There will be increased understanding. If single, someone may be in love with you but will hesitate to inform you of the same. Do hot be harsh with anyone. People waiting to get married will find success.

Health – If suffering from earlier disease, you have to be careful this month too. Get checked regularly. Month beginning is not good for health. Need to be mentally stable. With Jupiters 7th aspect on 3rd house, be careful about health issues.

Remedies –

  1. Sportsmen should be careful of some major injury.
  2. Remember Hanumanji before announcing some major important matter.
  3. Meditate before sleep.
  4. Lucky number 3


Business and Job – There will be some ups and downs in business and can suffer some losses. Keep alert and keep an eye on your enemies. Those in the creative field will get some opportunities. Media people will be in a little tension. Government employees shall travel.

Education and Career – Students are not likely to get desired results, and that may cause depression. Students must interact with their teachers and discuss their problems. Do not get involved in arguments. Those in preparation for government examinations are not likely to succeed.

Health – The start of the month will require a lot of hard work which may leave you weak. Use your energy and power carefully. More so that you can use your energy and power in a proper way and proper place.

Love and Family life – If you are in a relationship you can propose marriage so that the relationship may get stronger. Married will get full support from their partner.
Those awaiting marriage can propose.

Remedies –

  1. Give importance to brown color
  2. The lucky number for the month is 8
  3. Recite Hanuman Chalisa every Tuesday
  4. Lucky number 8

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Business and Job – With Jupiter in the 7th house, this month, economically, is very good. You will reach great heights in business and get good results. Those in jobs can settle old disputes. New project estimated at month-end.

Education and Career – Mid-December sun shall transit to your 5th house resulting in students feeling threatened by studies and tensions of the pressure of studies. Talk to your parents and discuss your problems. New opportunities for MBA and M.Tech students. They should grasp these opportunities. Those readying for competitive examinations will get positive results in the 3rd week of the month because of the sun transit in the 5th house.

Love and Family life – There could be some misunderstanding with your partner which however shall get resolved quickly and shall increase bonding. Unmarried will find someone and will also get a response, and, love affair will develop.

Health – Some major issues can arise in the month beginning. Can be avoided if you are alert. In the 2nd week, nerve-related issues may occur.

Remedies –

  1. Give preference to pink color
  2. On Tuesday recite Hanuman Chalisa 3 times.
  3. Take a healthy diet
  4. Lucky number 1` should be preferred


Business and Job – Challenges from opponents will be there and losses also. So you should behave properly with your customers and avoid new deals. If in argument, patch up. That will be beneficial for you as Jupiter is transiting in your 6th house. Preferably avoid any arguments as this is the house of disputes. Natives on the job, support from colleagues is forthcoming. The image will be positive in the office. Do good social work and, you shall get success due to the 6th house which is the house of social service.

Education and Career – If you have joined college recently, you will be unable to concentrate on your studies and, your parents shall be unhappy due to this. You could be in an argument with your father. Those preparing for competitive exams will get success and can get the job also as Jupiter in the 6th house.

Love and Family Life – Likely to get in an argument with the partner. Be patient otherwise, the situation will worsen. If unmarried, chances of proposals from the maternal side but the same shall not last.

Health – Small ailments can take serious shape. Be careful and get yourself checked regularly. Saturn transit in your 5th house in Capricorn is not good for stomach-related issues.


  1. The lucky number is 5.
  2. Wear yellow color this month
  3. Recite Hanuman Chalisa every Tuesday
  4. Feed needy people


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Business and Job – New opportunities but a wary eye is required on opponents as losses and occur due to them. In the marketplace, however, your good behavior shall be appreciated. Government employees can have opinion clashes with their seniors. Those in search of a new job shall get it.

Education and Career – With Jupiter in the 5th house, students shall find new paths. These will be helpful in future success. You should be polite and avoid all arguments and spoil your image. Engineering and computer students shall get new opportunities. If preparing for government exams, you will do anything to ensure success and, the outcome will be positive.

Love and Family Life – Married can have issues with partners but matters will be resolved quickly. You should do something new for your partner. Those unmarried will not get a response.

Health – As Jupiter shall transit from your 5th house, there could be acidity problems. As the sun shall transit from 3rd house, mid-month, you would feel laziness. Take precaution from cold also.


  1. The lucky color is blue
  2. Do yoga and exercise in the morning for fitness
  3. Give preference to number 3


Business and Job – Expenses of business will increase. You will have an idea to do something new and expand your business. As Jupiter shall transit from the 4th house, you will get support from your family. Those in government jobs will do some traveling and will go to another city. Chances of argument with someone. Self-employed will be satisfied.

Students And Career – If studying some other area besides normal studies, you will find success. Your colleagues will be happy with you. Someone from your family will guide you.

Love and Family Life – Those in a relationship may find other attractions causing friction with your partner as well as loss of attraction with your current partner. Married people will enjoy their married life and can get some good news. If unmarried, proposals will come but, your mother will not be interested.

Health – In the month starting you will get headaches and shall also be tense and restless. Control your emotions.

Remedies – 

  1. Number 2 is lucky
  2. Daily meditate for 20 – 30 minutes
  3. Preference to given to mustard color
  4. Feed poor people from time to time.


Business and Job – Positive signs this month with support from friends. Any ups and downs shall be resolved quickly. Positive image in the market with everyone happy with your behavior. Support from seniors is there if joined a new job. They will also help you in the future. Government employees however shall be in some tension.

Students and Career – Keep your mind stable and do not let tensions overcome you. You are likely to get into a fight with other students leaving your image tarnished. Do not argue with anyone and give respect to elders. Your family member will guide you if you are in college to your benefit. Those preparing for competitive exams will get success.

Love and Family Life – The relationship with love/partner should be simple so that the relations become stronger. In case of misunderstanding discuss freely. Find time to talk about your love life with someone you can trust in the family.

Health – Diabetes and TB patients must be careful. Take proper diet and timely. Health would be an issue this month. Possible illness due to Rahu transiting in your 6th house of disease.

Remedies –

  1. Lucky number of the month of 7
  2. The lucky color is grey
  3. Keep a normal, daily routine and do yoga in the morning.


Business and Job – There will be opportunities to start new ventures. Month-end will bring profits. These can be used for expansion. Careful about money transactions. Self-employed may face challenges as Saturn is on Lagna. Tensions shall prevail. Seniors will not be happy with employees on the job.

Students and Career – School students shall concentrate on games. Senior students shall get a chance to do something for themselves. Career doubts shall clear. Those preparing for the competition will find success. Due to Jupiter's 5th aspect on the 6th house, natives would get work in some areas.

Love and Family life – Love affair will be good and, you will be sincere to your partner. Your partner shall also be with you. Unmarried people will be disappointed. They will have to wait for some more time.

Health – This month, health is good. In the middle month, avoid rich food as the sun will be transiting in your 11th house, and from there, its 7th aspect is on your 5th house which is the house of the stomach. Obese people may have some problems but not for too long.

Remedies –

  1. The lucky number for the month is 9
  2. Luck color is white
  3. Preferably partake in homemade food
  4. Feed needy people on Saturday.


 Business and Job – Profit and savings are indicated. You may try to expand your business too and you will discuss the same at home. Those in jobs can argue with colleagues. Do not get involved in any kind of fight as it will spoil your image. 

Student and Career – Month is very good for students and they will get proper guidance from some family members. Please listen to the advice as this will be helpful in the future. You shall take proper decision for your career as Jupiter is transiting on your Lagna and from there, its the aspect is on your 5th house. Those trying for competitive examinations would be successful. 

Love and Family Life – The partner's health will not be very good so take care. Do not give stress and keep your partner happy. If you are single marriage proposals through social media are possible.

Health – Issues of muscle and nerves can bother you. Be careful of accidents mid-month as a Saturn is transiting in your 12th house.

Remedies –

  1. The luck number is 6
  2. Give preference to green
  3. On Saturdays light mustard oil lamps in a temple and look your image in the oil.
  4. Feed dogs and cows.   

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Business and Job – Month-end some losses are indicated in business. Those in politics will search for new opportunities but they will be disappointed. Those in jobs will become restless and not interested in current job, and, can be in an argument with colleagues too. Control your emotions and avoid hasty decisions.

Students and Career – Students shall get good marks in exams. They will be interested in creative activities and do something new. Those in higher education will get support from their mates. Good news for those preparing for competitive exams.

Love and Family Life – Love life will be good but in mid-month, there would be issues that would be resolved by themselves. Third-person may create a problem so be alert for any conspiracy. Unmarried shall get proposals from the maternal side.

Health – Healthy in 1st week of the month. However, while no major issue in the balance month, there could be some issues of weather change, cold, and cough.

Remedies –

  1. Lucky number 2
  2. Orange color good for the month
  3. Be careful of fever, cold, and cough. Do not partake in cold food
  4. Recite Hanuman Chalisa every day.

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