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Are you in a Job or Career dilemma? Consult an Astrologer now!

Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 30 Aug 2023
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Are you in a Job or Career dilemma? Consult an Astrologer now!
A person's career is a big part of what kind of life they're likely to have. In this competitive environment, a decent and stable career is essential. We all understand that developing technology creates career obstacles. These problems can determine the security and stability of a job.

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Who knew in the 1990s that computing would become so dominant? Who knew mobile communication would transform information transfer?

Nobody could have predicted the discoveries in current medical science. To survive technological changes, we must make the correct job selection at the right moment. How can one foresee the future when choosing a career or making a job changeover that will benefit one's future career?

Vedic Astrology is an ancient and heavenly science that discloses an individual's fate for all elements of his/her life. It also suggests practical, highly effective ways to fix things that could change the course of one's life for the better. The area of astrology that addresses careers is referred to as career prediction or employment prediction. Career astrology!

Career Astrology studies what a person's planets and stars mean for:

  • Native's ideal career.

  • Major career shifts.

  • Career-growth-optimal industries.

  • Work-related travels.

  • Expected professional promotions and raises.

  • Favorable time for a job switch.

  • Competitors' impact on careers

When a career is seriously damaged, take precautions:

A native's Career Horoscope decodes such unpleasant conditions. This career horoscope outlines one's entire career. It reveals the native's career destiny. A skilled career astrologer decodes your difficult karmic structure from former lives based on your career horoscope.

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What qualities should a career horoscope contain, according to a career astrologer?

  • The Sixth House

A career astrologer analyses a native's 6th house to see what the planets say about their job/career chances. An individual's career domain may be severely harmed by the placement of planets in this house which indicates unfavorable outcomes for the native.

Here, it's important to note that a career astrologer also looks for malefic planets that affect the 6th house or planets that are in the 6th house but are in the Nakshatras that are controlled by malefic planets. If the 6th house ruler is in the 8th or 12th house, it causes career tension.

  • Ascendant/Lagna Lord

Astrologers often seek occupations based on the ascendant/Lagna and the power of the ascendant/Lagna lord. If the ascendant is afflicted by negative aspects and conjunctions, the whole horoscope's strength is lessened, causing issues and impediments in every area of life, including work. Moreover, a weak ascendant lord weakens the entire horoscope.

The ascendant lord shouldn't be in the 6th, 8th, or 12th houses because it weakens a native's employment and finances.

  • The 10th House

The 10th house is the career house in the natal chart. It also denotes a native's name and popularity or career or professional authority and position. A powerful 10th house indicates promotion and positive employment developments.

Although Rahu (North Node of the Moon) is generally regarded negatively, its placement in the 10th house is thought to offer unexpected strength and prominence.

  • Doshas

Dosha means a "Flaw."

Certain planetary alignments generate doshas in astrology. These doshas can harm a person's career and wealth. Kaal Sarp Dosha is one.

This one dosha is the most hated name in astrology since it inhibits all the positives symbolized by the favorable planets in a native's horoscope and delivers severe misery and irrevocable bad luck, especially in a native's job and finances. Identifying and treating such harmful combinations before they damage you is vital.

  • Transit Analysis

It determines when to make key decisions, like switching careers or jobs, for optimal success. Identifying an unfavorable transit phase warns you so you can delay any career-related steps.

  • Your True Characteristics

Career astrology or job astrology helps you figure out what your true nature is. We say "true" nature since it doesn't matter what nature you're forced to take up by outside circumstances; your true inner nature is the most important factor in determining how deeply you want to be involved in the field of career path that you want to have a career in. In areas where you're truly passionate, you'll succeed.

  • Numerology

A Career Astrologer employs another remarkable science known as Numerology. Numbers emit cosmic vibrations that shape our fate. Numerology reveals lucky numbers and periods before an interview or application. Name number adjustment can also change the wheel of destiny in unimaginable ways.
Why Asttrolok?

Asttrolok's Professional Astrologer lets you find the most career opportunities. Asttrolok has decades of experience aiding people globally by recommending strong cures to change their fate. When it comes to employment prediction by astrology, consult Asttrolok!

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