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Items at the doorway to attract Ma Lakshmi

Created by Asttrolok in Astrology 11 Sep 2023
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Items at the doorway to attract Ma Lakshmi

In Hindu culture, Ma Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity, is revered and celebrated. It is believed that welcoming her into your home can bring blessings of abundance, fortune, and well-being. One way to invite Ma Lakshmi is by placing specific items at the entrance of your house. In this blog, we will explore the auspicious items and practices to attract Ma Lakshmi's blessings into your home, ensuring your abode becomes a hub of positivity and prosperity.

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1. Traditional Diyas (Oil Lamps)

Traditional oil lamps or
diyas are a symbol of light, positivity, and enlightenment. Placing ideas at
your home's entrance not only illuminates the path but also invites the divine
presence of Ma Lakshmi. Light the diyas every evening during your prayers to
welcome her blessings into your home.

2. Rangoli Designs

Rangoli is an art form
where intricate and colourful designs are created on the floor using rice
flour, coloured powders, or flower petals. These designs are not only visually
appealing but also symbolize the welcoming of guests and deities. By decorating
your entrance with vibrant rangoli patterns, you create an inviting and
auspicious atmosphere for Ma Lakshmi.

3. Green Plants and Flowers

Placing green plants and
flowers at your entrance not only adds natural beauty but also symbolizes
growth and abundance. Consider using money plants, basil (tulsi), or marigolds
to create a lush and welcoming entrance. Water and care for these plants regularly
to keep the energy vibrant.

4. Om and Swastika Symbols

The Om symbol represents
the ultimate reality, while the Swastika symbolizes good luck and
auspiciousness. You can place these symbols at your entrance to create a sacred
and spiritually charged environment. Wooden or metal Om and Swastika wall
hangings are readily available and can be hung or placed near the entrance.


5. Ma Lakshmi's Idol or Image

The most direct way to
invite Ma Lakshmi is by placing her idol or image at your entrance. Ensure it
is positioned facing inside the house, symbolizing her entry into your home.
You can also adorn the idol with fresh flowers and offer daily prayers to seek
her blessings.


6. Red and Yellow Decorations

Red and yellow are
considered auspicious colours in Hindu culture, representing prosperity and
happiness. Use these colours for your entrance decors, such as door hangings,
torans, or even door paint. These vibrant hues will welcome Ma Lakshmi with
open arms.

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7. A Clean and Tidy Entrance

A clean and clutter-free
entrance is essential for inviting positive energy and prosperity. Regularly
sweep and clean the entrance area to ensure it remains welcoming and devoid of
any negative energy. Ma Lakshmi is believed to favour clean and organized


8. Coins and Currency Notes

To symbolize financial
abundance, you can place coins and currency notes near the entrance. It is
believed that Ma Lakshmi is drawn to these symbols of wealth. Ensure they are
arranged neatly and respectfully, signifying your readiness to receive her blessings.


9. Water Feature or Fountain

Water is a symbol of
purification, flow, and abundance. You can incorporate a small water feature or
fountain near your entrance to invite Ma Lakshmi's blessings. The sound of
flowing water is believed to attract positive energy and prosperity.


10. Red Kumkum and Turmeric

Red kumkum (vermilion)
and turmeric are considered sacred and are often used in Hindu rituals.
Applying a small tilak (mark) of red kumkum and turmeric paste on the forehead
of visitors or family members when they enter your home is a sign of welcome
and blessings.


Conclusion: Welcoming Prosperity with Open Arms

By incorporating these
auspicious items and practices at the entrance of your home, you can create a
sacred and inviting space for Ma Lakshmi to shower her blessings of wealth and
prosperity upon your household. Remember that your intentions and devotion play
a significant role in the effectiveness of these rituals. Regularly perform
prayers and maintain a positive mindset to amplify the energy of abundance and
positivity in your home. With Ma Lakshmi's grace, your abode will radiate
prosperity and well-being for all who enter.

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